52. Keeping Watch (3)

Fortunately the maids are now busy packing up and on their way to sleep, so not many people noticed outside, Yu Qingjia took Murong Yan into the courtyard very smoothly, but when they were about to enter the door, they bumped into a maid, and the maid was obviously surprised by Murong Yan’s appearance, Yu Qingjia vaguely introduced him,

“This is Lady Jing.”

The maid also did not dare to ask any further, so Murong Yan entered the courtyard almost unimpeded.

People of Yu Laojun’s age sleep early, and Yu Laojun’s bed curtain had been lowered so no one else dared to make a sound, and the entire room fell into a deep silence inside and out.

The maid left the lamp for Yu Qingjia, her eyes could not help but sweep towards the person beside her, and retreated with an astonished expression.

When the maid left, the house fell into a complete silence all of a sudden, and you could vaguely hear the wind outside through the window ledge.

The feeling of being left behind at such times is particularly obvious.

It was already early winter, and everything was particularly bleak, the cold night was threatening to unravel, and everyone was sleeping peacefully.

Only she was left inside the dark room.

At this time, Yu Qingjia was especially grateful for the person beside her.

Even though she strongly refused him to accompany her earlier, deep down in her heart, she was still very moved.

Murong Yan first looked at the extraordinarily thin sheet that was moved to Yu Qingjia, and then slowly looked around, focusing on Yu Laojun’s bed.

Yu Laojun’s bed curtains are all dull grayish brown, and the faint bulge of an old person lying inside looks particularly weak.

It seems to have no power to protect itself at all.

Murong Yan’s fingers twitched slightly.

At this time, Yu Qingjia’s voice came from beside him.

She took a deep breath, held Murong Yan’s hand, and asked in a low voice,

“Are you cold? It’s so windy outside, why didn’t you remember to wear another layer of clothing when you went out?”

Murong Yan’s fingers were suddenly held, his eyes flashed, and finally his fingertips returned to calm.

He still had to remain inside the Yu family mansion for two more years after all.

If Yu Laojun suddenly died, he would have a chance to escape, but it would be extremely difficult for Yu Qingjia to explain what happened.

Yu Laojun seemed to have heard Yu Qingjia’s words, and immediately coughed and asked for a drink of water.

Yu Qingjia could only go forward to offer water, but when the teacup was brought to her, Yu Laojun let her take it away without even taking a sip.

Yu Laojun’s voice was old and muddy and it could be heard through the grayish brown bed curtain,

“Who is that?”

“It’s Jing Huan, she was the one who came back with me from Qingzhou before, and my father also mentioned about her, explaining the matter in his letter.”

Yu Qingjia deliberately mentioned Yu Wenjun, hinting that Yu Laojun should not be bold enough to find trouble with Murong Yan.

After hearing that it was only the concubine, Yu Laojun casually responded and stopped caring.

Her cloudy eyes stared at Yu Qingjia and said,

“Since you want to serve the sick, put away your mind, what time is it, and you still talk?”


Yu Qingjia bowed her head and listened to the lecture.

After helping Yu Laojun to lie down again, Yu Qingjia returned to the couch, then she saw Murong Yan’s expressionless face, with his eyes extremely gloomy.

Yu Qingjia held his arm and gave it a small shake.

Murong Yan was indifferent, Yu Qingjia was a little anxious, she was afraid that he might do something if he stays in a bad mood, then all her efforts today would be in vain.

Yu Qingjia approached him, but she didn’t want to make a sound, so she could only plead with her eyes, and stare at him.

She also made a soft ‘Shh’ gesture with a finger pressed in front of her lips.

Murong Yan looked into Yu Qingjia’s eyes, but he still couldn’t refuse her.

Yu Qingjia listened attentively to the sound, and when she heard that Yu Laojun was finally breathing heavily and seemed to be about to fall asleep, she immediately walked to the bedside of Yu Laojun, without any intention of taking it lightly, and enthusiastically covered her with the quilt.

Yu Laojun had a shallow sense of sleep.

So when she suddenly heard the sound of hurried footsteps while half asleep, and saw someone moving next to her ear.

She woke up immediately, and when she opened her eyes, she found that it was only Yu Qingjia.

She was holding the quilt in her hand, Yu Qingjia looked at her in surprise,

“Yu Laojun, why did you wake up?”

After seeing Yu Qingjia’s movements, Yu Laojun was really annoyed,

“What are you doing?”

“Cover you with a quilt… The fourth sister said that I will have to get up every half an hour to take care of you and come to cover you up with a quilt.”

That’s what she said, but which young lady of the younger generation doesn’t tuck their elders in gently, and without making any noise?

Do they dare to wake up the elders just to cover them up?

Yu Laojun was very angry, but she couldn’t say anything about it, so she could only say in an unpleasant tone,

“If you make so much noise, even the king of heaven will be woken up by you. You are already so old, can’t you even do this?”

When Yu Qingjia heard these words, she immediately knelt down and apologized, but when she backed up, she accidentally knocked over the brass lamp stand next to her, and the metal fell to the ground with a loud bang.

The maids inside and outside were immediately awakened.

Even the lights in Yu Qingya’s room were turned on, and she asked,

“What’s the matter, Laojun?”

“It’s nothing, it’s just Laojun teaching me the rite of filial piety, several sisters need not be alarmed.”

Although she said this, since the master is giving a lecture, how dare the others sleep?

The maids, and ladies sleeping in the outer room immediately dressed up, the people outside saw the main courtyard lights lit up, and thought something big had happened, so they also hurriedly shook each other awake, and rushed over while carrying the lamp over.

In this operation, everyone was tossed around.

It was okay not to dress up, but once you sleep in the warmth of the bed and then be awakened in a rush, Only the person experiencing it can understand the pain.

Now all of them are unkempt, their hair scattered, and they are constantly being bombarded by the cold winter night wind around them.

Goosebumps immediately burst all over their body.

Their bodies were trembling, and they all gathered together in the room in panic, each with a face as pale as a vegetable.

But sadly for them…

Yu Qingjia’s aggressive retaliation had only just begun.


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