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52. Keeping Watch (1)

Yu Qingya had Yu Qingjia stay by her side, but when it came to the glorious and meritorious part of feeding the medicine, she always steal that opportunity to perform again, this is why the entire day, all the work was obviously done by Yu Qingjia, but the credit was all on Yu Qingya’s head.

This kind of treatment is not uncommon inside the compound of a wealthy noble mansion.

This is what most older maids often do when they try to bully the newcomers to the mansion.

Everyone’s eyes were full of pity when they looked at Yu Qingjia, but Yu Qingjia herself remained quiet, did not fight, did not grab, she only showed a submissive look.

During this period of time, all Yu Laojun did was raise her eyelids to sweep them a glance, then spend the rest of her time lying on the bed with her eyes closed, apparently in a posture of turning a blind eye at what was happening.

After seeing Yu Laojun’s uncaring attitude, Madam Li speculated for a moment, and guessed that Yu Qingjia’s contradictions with Yu Laojun earlier made her displeased.

That’s right, the letter was obviously written by Yu Wenjun, even if it was written to Yu Qingjia, but Yu Laojun is an elder, and the elder wants to come and see it, so what’s wrong about that?

Madam Li was also curious about what was written in that letter, and wondered what Yu Wenjun said in it.

He really didn’t care about her, his main wife.

He didn’t even dare to say a single word.

Madam Li understood Yu Laojun’s inner thoughts and guessed that Yu Laojun also wanted to take this opportunity to give Yu Qingjia a good beating, so that Yu Qingjia would know not to think that once Yu Wenjun comes back she had someone to back her up, so she would be able to run wild.

After all, the Yu family is still under the control of Yu Laojun.

The more she thinks about it, the more she becomes confident, but when she looks at the daughter left behind by Madam Yu, she becomes very upset.

Madam Yu used to always be on top of her, and now her daughter is causing trouble for Ya’er.

Of course, Madam Li knew that Yu Qingya had fallen ill last time she came back because of Yu Qingjia.

Yu Qingjia made such a huge wave in front of everyone by playing the zither, making Yu Qingya lose face for the second time.

Madam Li critically looked at Yu Qingjia and was really upset.

After Yu Qingjia went outside to change the water and brought it in, Yu Qingya took it and touched it, and said,

“How did you do it, it’s cold again.”

When these words came out, the whole room went quiet, even the maids could see that Yu Qingya was deliberately looking for trouble.

(T/N: These idiots didn’t learn their lesson. If something happens to Yu Qingjia, Yu Wenjun would definitely murder them all, not to mention Murong Yan?)

After Seeing this, Madam Li also said leisurely,

“It’s just serving medicine to the elders, such a simple thing, can’t the Sixth Miss do it well?”

This mother and daughter pair sang in the same tune, as if Yu Qingjia had really done something treacherous.

Yu Laojun’s maids are a bit uncomfortable, the Fourth Young Miss is at least the same generation so they can still tolerate it, leaving aside that the First Madam is a generation older than the Sixth Young Miss, but Madam Li obviously knows that she doesn’t have an elder to protect her.

Madam Li relies on the fact that the Sixth Young Miss does not have a mother, nor a grandmother to stand up for her.

If the master Yu Wenjun is here, will Madam Li dare to say this?

When Yu Qingjia heard this, she didn’t say anything, but just lowered her head and made amends, she tried to be as meek as she could be,

“I’m the one who was clumsy. I am very sorry for the trouble I have caused the First Aunt and Fourth Sister today. First aunt and the fourth sister have been serving the sick for several days, so it must be a heavy burden for them. Why don’t I come and watch the night for my great grandmother tonight.”

Yu Qingya turned around and looked at Madam Li, they both locked eyes for a while.

Yu Qingya then said with false sympathy,

“How is this okay, you are still a junior, how can I, as a sister, let you come to keep watch…”

“It’s my blessing to be able to keep watch for Yu Laojun. On the contrary, my fourth sister and aunt have been going around here for so many days, so just rest well tonight.”

A smile suddenly crossed Yu Qingya’s lips, and then quickly covered it up.

She was still pretending to excuse herself, but when Yu Laojun heard it, she then spoke lightly,

“Madam Li and the Fourth girl has been serving me for so many days, I have seen all your hard work, I know your filial piety, but your own body can’t be exhausted too much. I’m not the kind of person who is overbearing and tyrannical and not sympathetic to her juniors. Since the Sixth girl said she would take over your shift, you should go back and rest tonight. Since it’s already so late, and the road is cold, there is no need for you to toss and turn, so why not just sleep here with me?”

Hearing Yu Laojun’s words no doubt everyone was surprised, Madam Li was flattered and said with false fear and trepidation,

“How can this be good, what if we disturb the Elder…”

“What is there to disturb?”

Yu Laojun said,

“We are all family, anyway, the bedding is already ready-made, let the maids make a new bedding for you, and you can sleep here with me for one night.”

It is a great honor to share a meal with an elder, and it is an even greater honor to be left behind to sleep by an elder’s side.

Madam Li and Yu Qingya stood up and thanked Yu Laojun, their eyes and eyebrows filled with uncontrollable joy.

Yu Laojun sleeps in the largest room, and there is another room beside the green curtain cabinet. Although the lighting was not good, the bed, and curtain were still well-made, and Madam Li and Yu Qingya were going to sleep there.

Although they were staying here with Yu Laojun like before, they had to sleep in the inner room, which was completely different from sitting on a small couch to keep watch.

The maids went in and out to replace the brand new beddings inside, and Yu Qingya deliberately stopped when she passed by Yu Qingjia and said with a smile,

“Sixth sister, I’m going to rest first, you’ll have to work hard for Yu Laojun tonight.”

Yu Qingjia also smiled and said,

“This is all I should do.”



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