49. The Elixir (1)

Yu Qingya’s initial diagnosis when she first fell ill, was said to be due to the drastic changes in the weather, but unexpectedly, Yu Qingya hadn’t yet recovered, and Yu Laojun really fell ill due to a similar cause.

Due to this reason, the entire Yu family started wearing plain clothing, and no one dares to wear bright ones, nor go out to appointments, or show a smile.

After the banquet, Yu Qingjia became famous because of the Zither Piece, Chang Hongqu, and many people couldn’t forget about it even after they returned home.

Some people tried to reproduce the piece, but they couldn’t get it right and couldn’t play it with the same momentum as Yu Qingjia did on that day.

The name of ‘Yu Beauty’ and ‘Poppy Beauty’ soon spread rapidly again throughout the city along with her Zither piece, and many banquet invitations were sent over to Yu Qingjia like snowflakes.

Fortunately, Yu Laojun fell ill, so Yu Qingjia was able to take advantage of it, and used it as an excuse to refuse the invitations.

Her original intention wasn’t to become famous, not to mention that Murong Yan was also involved, and accompanied her to play that piece.

She didn’t want to take the risk, and put him in any danger, just so she could spread her name.

She plans to stay out of sight for a while, and hopes that maybe next year, when a newcomer becomes famous, everyone will forget about her existence.

Yu Qingjia dressed so plainly these days, and spent her time alongside the other younger generations of the Yu family in serving the sick.

Yu Laojun is her great-grandmother.

She has a long line of grandchildren and great-grandchildren below her. This is a great opportunity for these people to show their filial piety, so they did their best to serve the sick, leaving Yu Qingjia, who wasn’t really interested to not get her chance.

However, even though she and the others don’t have a chance to serve Yu Laojun Face-to-face, it’s still one thing for them to not have their own turn to serve, and another thing if they don’t show up.

Even if they have to stand outside like a log, they also have to go through the process.

Yu Qingya’s face was pale.

She handed the spittoon to the servant girl beside her, and hurried to the outside of the courtyard to get some air.

After being exposed to the fresh, flowing air outside, the sudden pain in Yu Qingya’s brain finally got better.

However, the system did not understand the situation at all, and a rigid voice suddenly sounded off timing,

「Host, your points are still negative. If it stays negative for 90 days, the No. 067 Female-Matching system will…」

“Enough, don’t talk about it.”

Yu Qingya coldly told it to stop, of course she knows that after 90 days she will be completely eradicated by the system, but the system, regardless of time and place, regardless of occasion kept reminding her of this matter, and it’s really very disgusting.

She lost her focus and stared at the rustling dead branches in the courtyard, and after a long time, she asked,

“Is it because of the elixir I gave her, that Yu Laojun fell ill?”


‘So it is.’

When she heard the system’s response, although she had already expected it, she still felt a surge of anger.

She took a deep breath, tried to control her tone, and asked,

“Didn’t you claim that the system’s products are the finest of quality? Why is there a problem with your elixir?”

「It’s not that my elixir is faulty.」

The system’s voice is still monotonous, and because its tone lack any Oscillation, that it became even more chilling,

「The system provides the elixir without any quality defects, all the causes are due to your own doing, my host.」

After Yu Qingya heard the reason, she simply felt that it was nonsense, she sneered, and really followed its words and asked,

“Oh, is that so? Then, what’s wrong? What did I do?”

「Host, the elixir provided by the system does have the effect of strengthening the body and prolonging life, but it’s only a health care medicine, it doesn’t make people immortal. In order to show off your medical skills and produce medicinal effects as soon as possible, the dose you have given to Yu Laojun was far beyond the recommended value. Since then Yu Laojun’s intake of elixir has been constant, and her dying body suddenly found its nourishment, her body and organs gradually got used to this nutrient. So once interrupted, her organs that have formed a dependency can no longer return to their original barren state. This is the reason why multiple organs will accelerate their failure, and the outward manifestation is that Yu Laojun fell ill overnight and suddenly became weaker.」

After listening for a long time, Yu Qingya suddenly became stunned,

“But you did not tell me about it before! You never said that this elixir will cause the person using it to form a dependence…”

「This has been common knowledge in the latter days, so if the host did not ask, then the system will assume that the host already knew about it, and will not do more than introduce its effect.」

Yu Qingya was suddenly triggered,

“But I didn’t know! You said it yourself! This is the ancient times, how can I know this….”

「Host, the system will not answer any personal questions.」

Yu Qingya was furious.

It was during that time, that she got the assistance of the system, she was eager to accomplish something, and attract the attention of Yu Laojun as soon as possible.

She wanted to stand out from the crowd of younger generations, so she secretly added the elixir redeemed from the system shop into Yu Laojun’s water.

She also thought that this daily dose of elixir will not be a long-term solution, but Yu Qingya never thought that the use of this elixir would make Yu Laojun’s body deteriorate.

In her eyes, this elixir is almost similar to the spirit spring water in the story of fairies and immortals. Drinking too much won’t have any effect, right?

However, the outcome is completely out of Yu Qingya’s expectations.

She stood in the dry cold wind, and felt her temples throbbing again.

After the effects of the ‘Music Prodigy’ wore off, her mind started throbbing like after an overdraft, as if a saw was stabbing and grinding inside her brain, she had a splitting headache, and the system also manipulated her body, which actually added a lot of burden to it.

With the two added together, she was not able to manage to keep herself up that night.


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