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09. The Prince and the Big-Breasted Man (3)


Translated by: 𝐸𝓇𝒾


Margaret’s swords were based on her intense power, consisting of paegeom1패검 (覇劍) – the most universal form of sword sought after in swordsmanship. and chunggeom2중검 (重劍) – a sword that values and prioritizes strength and power. It emphasizes that each movement made with the sword can be a lethal strike, carrying significant impact decisive and deadly impact.. Even the largest of men struggled to parry her two-handed sword, which was a head shorter than theirs. On the other hand, just by looking at Lady Evelyn’s well-defined muscles, one could tell that she was skilled in wielding kwaegeom3쾌검 (快劍) – refers to a type of sword known for its agility, speed, and precision in combat.. The combination of master and disciple, with completely different personalities, bloomed beautifully in an unexpectedly exquisite manner, in a way that was beyond imagination.
He was extremely astonished that his mother, who had a completely opposite personality to Eve, was able to draw out Eve’s potential to this extent in a short period of time. Castel, while admiring Eve’s talent, also realized that Margaret had progressed even further than when they last met several years ago.

At one point, Eve’s new attack scattered rapidly again. Castel, without even turning his gaze, blocked the incoming strikes with his sword. However, the expected weight did not come. Castel instinctively moved, feeling a chill creeping up his neck, and swiftly deflected the imminent strike towards the back of his neck. It was almost an instinctive move.


The well-sharpened lump of metal was sliced through like soft tofu. As the explosive sound rang out, the formless and hazy aura that had been seeping over his skin like mist dissipated and vanished into the air.

Eve quickly threw away her sword and rolled on the ground, evading the sword strikes unleashed by Castel’s explosive momentum. It was quite an ugly sight, but had she not done so, her neck would have been severed along with her sliced sword.

The dust that had been stirred up by the aura, like a raging storm, gradually settled. Eve, now drenched in sweat, knelt on the training ground with her face covered in dust, gasping for breath. In the distance, her sword lay haphazardly, halved. Castel, realizing that he had gone too far, stiffened in an instant.

With a pale complexion, Castel hurriedly sheathed his sword and approached Eve.

“Are you alright, young lady?”

“Ugh, I told you not to use sword aura…”

“I truly apologize. It was my mistake. Are you hurt anywhere?”

“Phew, I’m fine. Just pull me up. More than that, my body feels weak, probably because I was startled. Could you help me up?”

Castel checked Eve’s condition with a hint of anxiety, then hesitated a moment at her request before reaching out and grabbing her arm, pulling her to her feet. Eve subtly leaned against him, pretending to seek support, and discreetly grazed her hand against the man’s chest. The perfect sensation of a well-proportioned blend of fat and muscle could be felt even through the clothes.

‘Ohhh! Ohhhhhh! This is it! This feeling! This bulkiness! The best of the best! I give your big chest an A++ grade!’

The man, observing Eve as she deliberately made groaning sounds while hiding a sinister expression, once again apologized with a dark complexion.

“I apologize. I never expected an attack from that direction.”

“It’s okay. I’m actually glad that I was able to push Sir Castel this far. Oh, by the way, is it okay if I call you by your name?”

“Of course. But more importantly, are you really okay? Your hand seems to be trembling.”

“Oh. Haha! It seems like my muscles got tense from trying to withstand your powerful strength.”

While Castel, in a state of confusion, remained unaware of where Eve’s hand was touching, the Crown Prince and Alberic, who had been observing the sparring between the two from a distance along with their guards and attendants, hurriedly approached them.

“Are you alright, young lady?”

“Evelyn, are you okay?”

“Ah, yes. I’m fine. It’s just that my muscles were startled a bit4This has a double meaning. Something along with, ‘I’m just surprised with (his) muscles.. These things happen a lot during training. I’m perfectly fine, so both of you need not worry.”

“I’m deeply ashamed. Even though it was a sparring without using aura… It was my mistake due to my carelessness.”

“Eh, it’s not like that. It just means that my surprise attack was effective.”

“You were so adept at hiding your presence that it was truly astonishing. However, I cannot deny the fact that I disrespected you, young lady. I apologize.”

Despite uttering the word ‘astonishing,’ Castel had a remarkably calm and stoic expression. However, Eve noticed his pupils trembling, realizing that he was truly surprised.

He was a man who had been raised as a knight to the core. Even though she was a fellow knight, the fact that he almost caused harm to a woman due to his mistake seemed to deeply affect his sense of duty and guilt as a knight.

Eve erased any hint of a smile from her face and spoke firmly.

“I’m truly fine, Sir. Isn’t this kind of mishap a trivial matter for a knight? Perhaps, do you apologize excessively to the other knights present here for mistakes that occur during training?”

“… Ah. I apologize.”

In response to Eve’s piercing question, Castel quickly grasped the point where she was most offended and sincerely apologized in a genuine manner. Indeed, among the male leads in the game, he was the one who had the most modest personality and embodied the true colors of a proper male lead. Eve brightened up again and smiled in response to his prompt apology.

“If you’re really sorry, then treat me to a meal next time.”

“… If you let me know the date you prefer, young lady, I’ll try to clear my schedule as much as possible. Is there any particular food you prefer or dislike?”

Eve tightly suppressed the laughter that was about to burst out as she saw Castel responding to her lighthearted joke with a serious face. At that moment, Edward, who had been quietly observing the two, smoothly intervened.

“Well, for now, shall we move indoors? Your clothes are quite disheveled, so you have to straighten your appearance and retouch your hair, young lady.”

Edward, with a captivatingly beautiful smile and a twinkle in his eyes, extended his left arm. Eve’s eyes widened at his textbook-perfect and natural escort pose, but soon she quickly moved away from Castel, brushing off her body and shaking off the dirt and dust.

“Ah… the sweat. Oh no, it must be because I rolled on the dirty floor…”

“Oh dear, I must have appeared as a sensitive man who pays attention to such trivial things. I’m ashamed.”

“N-No, it’s not like that. Let us go!”

As she looked at Edward, who was whispering, 「You should accept my help while I’m talking kindly」, with a smile on his face, Eve meekly placed her right hand on his crimson uniform.

‘Ugh. Look at him, liking me more because I hate him. Crazy bastard…’

Edward looked at the dusty young lady being escorted with zero awkwardness on his face, then reached out his right hand and gently wiped the dirt from Eve’s right cheek with his fingers.

As everyone present witnessed his cautious action as if handling something precious, they collectively held their breath and blinked their eyes. Of course, including Eve.

‘Huh? Huuuuuuh? Ehh? Huh? What the-?’

“Come, let’s go.”

Pushing everyone into a state of shock, Edward naturally escorted Eve into the Crown Prince’s Palace. As she clung to his arm, Eve had a constant stream of question marks swirling in her mind.

‘Huh? This? Why? What the hell? What’s going on? An OOC5Out of character? Isn’t this completely out of character? HEY, developer! Come out!’

“Let’s go.”

The reactions of the servants following behind him, and Alberic and Castel, were no different. The two subordinates briefly exchanged glances with each other and quickly followed their master’s footsteps.


‘What the hell,’ Eve thought as she rinsed her hands and face in the water in the hand-washing bowl, having hastily changed in the empty room with the help of the court ladies, wiping the sweat from her body with a damp cotton cloth and borrowing a new, plain white cotton shirt, similar to the ones worn by male attendants in the palace, and changing into it.

‘Am I going crazy? What’s going on? Did a bug occur when the game transitioned to 3D? You were the ‘Silver-tongued Prince’! Why suddenly act so friendly!?’

In the game, Edward, the Crown Prince, who displayed a trash-like personality, was nicknamed the ‘Silver-tongued Prince.’ Strictly speaking, he wasn’t just a prince, but the usage of ‘Prince’ in his nickname instead of ‘Crown Prince’ has a better nuance to it.

As can be expected from an explicit vocabulary, Edward was a man with a knack for smoothly uttering words that touched people’s hearts with his gentle smile. If Basilio was responsible for turning the game into a ravage gore, Edward made a significant contribution to turning it into an adult-oriented 29+ content. Edward’s eloquence, as he casually poured out provocative words and insulted 「Eve」, was so impressive that it was worthy of admiration.

‘That guy, with that face, has the audacity to make those cruddy sexual jokes… Anyway, these well-educated bastards are getting worse…’

The Edward in the game that Eve remembers was a character with a kind appearance, but his gaze was colder than the northern wind. Whenever Eve, in the game, tried to grab even a corner of his clothes in desperation from the torment she endured, he would slap her hand away and treat her with contempt.

‘Even though he would approach Eve with a look of disgust in his face and once in a while show a dark gloomy expression, he would go to the underground prison and embrace her, and then leave… Anyway, I can’t understand him… Could there be any untold stories or hidden setups in the game? If so, I’ll really kill those damn developers and go to heaven.’

Edward’s route primarily followed the pattern of explicit content. It was a story of being roughly stripped and experiencing various things that one couldn’t even speak about.

“However, you’re not a dog, you lunatic.”


“Oh, no, it’s nothing.”

In response to Eve’s muttering, the woman handing her a dry cloth asked in return. Eve laughed awkwardly and wiped away the moisture running down her face and chin with the cloth.
“But I wonder if it’s due to the obsession keyword. Well, it’s a relief that there aren’t any scenes where I have to deal with multiple extra characters…’

Even though Edward acted sane, he turned crazy when he saw Eve interacting with other people. He couldn’t even stand Castel, who had grown up with him like a brother, caring for Eve, so he ended up setting a trap, eventually killing him. It was an incomprehensible level of obsession.

If she pushes Edward away completely, he will falsely accuse Eve and practically brand her as a slave almost like a lifeless object, completely ostracizing her socially.

However, accepting Edward didn’t lead her to happiness either.

If she chooses the option of silently hugging and comforting Edward as he descends into the underground with a sorrowful face, she will enter the normal ending where she becomes Edward’s mistress. From that day on, Edward no longer gives Eve contraceptive pills, and soon she moves to a separate palace with his child. However, he does not propose to Eve until the end. Eve is referred to as the Crown Prince’s courtesan, and she continues her life of confinement, with the only difference being that her location has changed from a prison to a palace.

‘What’s funny is that after having a child, his visits became infrequent. Eventually, 「Eve」 fell into the scheme of the Empress, and quickly fell into ruin, and「Eve」 was executed because she was the lover of the Crown Prince and carried his child… If only she hadn’t had the child, she could have survived. It’s clear that they killed her because of the succession issue. Even though the child was an illegitimate child, the child had the blood of the royal family, and was therefore not spared. What a shitty story, really. This crazy, fucking crappy game…’

Eve, spewing profanity about the game, put on her vest and coat and stepped outside. When Eve was escorted back to the Crown Prince’s office, there was a subtle silence hanging in the room.

She didn’t know what conversation had taken place, but Edward alone, smiling to himself, was unmistakably a workplace superior abusing power. Eve’s speculation wasn’t far off.

“Looks like the person in question has arrived.”

“Yes? Are you referring to me?”

“No, not at all. Come over here and have a seat.”

Eve sat down on the cool walnut-framed sofa on one side of the office, as indicated by Edward’s gesture. On the table, in front of each of them, were clear, indigo teacups adorned with golden colors, each containing steaming hot tea. As Eve took her seat in the vacant spot where the teacup was placed, she turned her head to the side and noticed Alberic’s gaze fixed on her with a somewhat complex expression on his face.

  • 1
    패검 (覇劍) – the most universal form of sword sought after in swordsmanship.
  • 2
    중검 (重劍) – a sword that values and prioritizes strength and power. It emphasizes that each movement made with the sword can be a lethal strike, carrying significant impact decisive and deadly impact.
  • 3
    쾌검 (快劍) – refers to a type of sword known for its agility, speed, and precision in combat.
  • 4
    This has a double meaning. Something along with, ‘I’m just surprised with (his) muscles.
  • 5
    Out of character
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