Chapter 52
Miss’ Whereabouts

The King approached the fake bride angrily. This dead woman is really not afraid of death. How dare she help Qi Shui’er? But he was even angry because he thought he had already done everything right, but how could she still be able to run?

The King was waiting for the bride to speak. After waiting a long time without hearing her voice, he was so angry that he rushed to her and removed the red veil covering her head. My mother! Qi Shui’er could also think of this thing! A cloth clogged the bride’s mouth, her eyes were black and red, and her face was red like a monkey’s butt!

The King, who was still angry just now, finally couldn’t help but burst out laughing this time. He laughed so hard that he was almost out of breath. My mother, Qi Shui’er is really capable! Well, only she can come up with such a solution.

Lunatic King took off the cloth in the mouth of the substitute bride, and she knelt as soon as she freed.

“My King, spare my life! My King!”

This substitute bride then told the original story. It turns out that she is Qi Shui’er’s maid called Fangzi. When Qi Shui’er asked Fangzi to marry on her behalf in the morning, she refused. Qi Shui’er had no choice, so she knocked Fangzi unconscious and helped her to put on the wedding dress, and then it became the situation that the Lunatic King just saw.

The Lunatic King called his men out, gave them a few instructions, and went out. Lunatic King laughs angrily, but after a while, he calms down. He still has to go to find Qi Shui’er. Qi Shuier, haha, dead woman! The more difficult you are to chew, the more I want to chew!

Where is Qi Shui’er at this time? This woman, who is unafraid of death, has returned to the Yanmi Pavilion!

At that moment, the Yanmi Pavilion became restless. The chicken that flew away has flown back! It was none other than Qi Shui’er!

Qi Shui’er stood in front of the dizzy Mama. This woman is back! Is she did not marry the King? Since the King took Qi Shui’er back three days ago, she has been on tenterhooks, not daring to speak, and forbidding the girls inside the pavilion from spreading the news, fearing that their heads would fall off!

“Uh, uh, King, King.” Mama stammered. Today is the day of her marriage to the King, oh. But she appeared here, her head is so dizzy, oh!

“King? What King? I want to tell you I want to work here!” Qi Shui’er folded her arms.

Sweat! Come to hang a nameplate? Mama wiped her face as she watched Qi Shui’er. This time she is dead, dead, dead! After experiencing the pleasure of sex, this damned woman is strutting around!

“Uh, I think you’ll have to go back and discuss it with your King.” Mama piled up a fake smile and said. She cursed this dead woman in her heart. Her courage is really great, ah. You are not afraid to die, but I am, ah. Did you try to kill me by coming here?

Qi Shui’er was not afraid this time. Hahaha, she felt very pleased when she thought of that dead stallion’s face after seeing the fake bride.

Although she found that the couple’s sexual intercourse is not so terrible, umm, even a little like it, and the damn stallion King is demanding, the whole process is still fascinating. So, why did she run away? Qi Shui’er also does not know. She only felt she couldn’t let the Lunatic King effortlessly marry her. This dead man is a playboy to death. Those women in the house can be used to open a Yanmi Pavilion!

She had considered jumping from the window to escape, but this dead King arranged many servants around the flower palanquin. Well, it’s probably to prevent her from escaping! Hmm, I’m sure it’s impossible to run directly, so what’s the best thing to do? But after she thinks about it, with the Lunatic King’s ability, he will find her eventually. Thus, she came here to extinguish the Lunatic King’s reputation.

Mama couldn’t make Qi Shui’er change her mind because she made a nameplate and hung it up herself!

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