‘Is it because it’s too hard?’


If it’s too hard, there’s no room for peace of mind, and it’s hard to have faith. In Cleta’s case, she successfully got caught up in the festive atmosphere and children’s activities during the hectic moments.


If they had talked alone in a calm atmosphere, Grace might have failed.


‘Maybe something similar to what I feel in the annex.’


Thinking this way, she understood. The longer she stayed in the annex, the more she was consumed by a sense of depression.


Grace hugged her pillow tightly and got up abruptly.


“Okay, I’ve made up my mind.”


When Grace made up her mind, a determination, unlike anything the “Madam,” Sally was familiar with, emerged. 


Sally asked anxiously.


“What? What is it?”


Sally looked at Grace with a lot of fear.


“I have to go and meet them.”




“Is there a gift that is not too expensive, but difficult to refuse because of its sincerity, and doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable when you receive it?”


Sally’s face turned blue at Grace’s serious concern.


Different imaginations popped up in Sally’s head. Sally shouted to Benjamin in her mind. “Master, where are you? Get down on your knees and apologize or something! I don’t know what’s happened, but maybe Madam will change her mind! I’m glad she doesn’t want to hurt herself, of course, but!”


“As expected, I have to make it myself, right? I even made pressed flower papers with the flowers His Highness gave me last time.”


Sally wanted to cry. She didn’t even know who the gift was for, but why give something made with the gift her husband gave her?


But she couldn’t stop Grace. It had been over a year since Sally started serving Grace, and at this moment Grace looked the most lively she had ever seen her.


She had never looked so bright and cheerful before.


Although a few weeks ago, Grace had looked severely confused, her tone of voice had been inconsistent, and her emotional fluctuations seemed more serious than before.


‘They say after a storm comes the good days.’


But they didn’t mention the good day was because of other things. Sally really wanted to cry.


Leaving Sally, who was on the verge of tears, Grace picked and chose the prettiest pressed flower paper. And after some consideration, she decided to give two bookmarks as well. One was intended as a gift for mothers and the other to share with their child.


‘Because they might not even want to talk to me.’


They had already declined, so having a long conversation after going to see them might make them feel uncomfortable.


Including money could also make people uncomfortable. Grace also grabbed the leftover tea bags she had made for Cleta and started writing the letter with a greeting about the weather.




Catherine’s days are exhausting.


She works until midnight, barely has time to shower and sleep, and then wakes up again in the early morning to go to work at the restaurant.


In the morning, she prepares the ingredients and constantly washes dishes once the work begins. She didn’t even have time to eat a proper meal, so she quickly devours a sandwich she made during her short break, which has become hard over time, and heads back to work.


No matter how heavy the objects she was asked to move, or how unfair the tasks she was given, she couldn’t complain. It was the highest-paying job she could get.


‘How did I end up here?’


The head chef looked at Catherine with disdain. She was pretty but aloof. She didn’t know how to be charming and was rather blunt.


He didn’t even intend to hire Catherine in the first place because she was a woman. Thinking that the job was too demanding, he initially planned to hire a physically stronger man.


He said Catherine wouldn’t last even a year, but if she lasted one more month, then she could also last for a year. So Catherine persevered despite the odds.


People who looked down on her would laugh at her and on her days off she would buy gifts for the child waiting for her.


That day was no different. She finished work late at night and went home to her small, cramped room in an old building. She had to send money to the orphanage where she left her child, so she had no choice.


The soundproofing was poor, so she had to be careful when climbing the stairs.


As Catherine carefully climbed the stairs, she noticed a letter and a small package in her mailbox in front of her room.




The only letters Catherine received were bills. She had sent letters to her child’s biological father, but the only response she received was in someone else’s name, saying that he wasn’t there.


Catherine laughed when she saw the contents of the package, which was related to a business proposal suggested by the orphanage teacher last time.


“I wonder if she’s some rich lady or a noble lady.”


It must be one of the two. Catherine sneered. Cleta was kind and trusted people easily.


They probably persuaded kind-hearted Cleta to join their hobby. Catherine thought pessimistically.


And then, if she gets tired of it, they’ll just throw her away? Catherine had no intention of being swayed by such impulsive emotions.


Catherine tried to tear up the letter without even looking at it. But she couldn’t.


A very pleasant scent came through the gap in the letter.


Just for that reason, Catherine couldn’t tear up the letter.



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