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08. Unexpected Encounter (5)

Translated by: 𝒥𝒶𝓂

“You’re nothing more than a worthless mutt. If it weren’t for your father’s good fortune, what would you be? You think you’re so important with your swollen ego, huh? If you weren’t the boss’s only son, I doubt your lackeys would have served you.”

“Hmph……! Hmph……!”

“Where do you think you can expose me with your bullshit? Today is the day you’ll really regret it. I’ll tear you apart, just wait and see.”

Having casually revealed a man’s most intimate secrets, Eve moved her hand slowly, her fingers slipping inside the back door between his buttocks with a squeak.

Eve, after removing her damp linen gloves and tossing them aside, pulled out a neural interface prosthetic from her pocket. She unbuttoned her pants and carefully attached the prosthetic just below her navel, pressing the button firmly. In a state of alert readiness, the sensation felt through the prosthetic seemed even more intense than what she had experienced at the Secret Shop.

“You can be so stiff now, but I’ll make you cry your ass off in no time.”

Eve whispered in a drunken, languid voice, and shifted to douse the imitation sex toy with the last of her perfumed oil. She caught a glimpse of the faint floral scent again, but before she could feel it, the slow, heavy dildo rubbed against Basilio’s buttocks.

“K……! Ugh! Uht! Huuu!”

“Wow……. Fuck, this is so disgusting…….”

Eve slowly moved her hips, rubbing the thing below her waist over his soft flesh. As if it were her own skin, the sensations from outside the imitation sex toy traveled unfiltered to Eve’s brain. Eve shuddered slightly in anticipation and excitement, lazily rubbing the tip of the simulator against his hole.

She sensed that something was different from a moment ago, and Basilio’s body began to thrust again. Eve, briefly impressed by his defiance, didn’t hesitate to force the toy into her hand and shove it inside his closed ass.

“Ugh, it’s tight……. Loosen up, you punk……!”

“Kuk, agh……!”

“Ugh, crazy. Relax, good boy, relax.”

She could barely get a word in from the front of the line. Feeling the pressure travel through her nerves with more force than she’d ever imagined, Eve rolled her eyes and slammed down hard on the man’s ass.

She winced as a series of corresponding rubbing noises emanated, and the muscles that had been clenching her imitation penis tightened and loosened. Eve timed it well, slamming her hips into him as his body relaxed slightly.


Eve felt the body beneath her go rigid. In an uncomfortable position, taking the thick, hard imitation cock down to its roots, Basilio’s body began to convulse involuntarily from the pain that threatened to split him apart.

“You’ll feel better after a few strokes……. Or not.”

Eve climbed on top of the man’s body and crushed his head to the floor, using her other hand to lift his waist. The man’s face was crushed against the hard bare floor by Eve’s forceful touch, and he accepted her with only his buttocks raised.

Unbeknownst to him, tears streamed down his face as he experienced agonizing pain coursing through his body. The whites of his eyes, visible in passing, were bloodshot to the point where the entire eye appeared a deep shade of red.

All he could feel was pain, humiliation, and an inexplicable feeling of painful pleasure.

“If you’re good enough, I’ll let you touch my cock and fuck me once. Until then, it’s only the back, okay?”

Her voice, languid and soft as hell, rang in his ears. Basilio closed his eyes tightly. This place was a perfect hell.

“Ah, kuet, ah, ah! Ha……!”

“Ha……. What a view. What do you think, do you like it?”

“Mmm, hmm……, ahhhh!”

Sweet moans erupted from the man’s mouth with each forward thrust of Eve’s hips. The shirt that had been covering Basilio’s mouth was now lying a good distance away.

He felt like the flesh on his inner walls was being ripped away as the big, thick, heavy thing slid out of his hole. Then again, as it slammed into his stomach with a crushing bang, he felt the horror of feeling the skin of his stomach pierce through. It felt like he was being hit in the back of the head with a flaming iron bat. He was terrified that he was going to die.

But all the while, the man’s penis stood upright on his stomach, dripping clear fluid onto the floor like tears. The instinctive fear of being chewed alive by a giant beast became an oddly pleasurable sensation.

Suddenly, the thick imitation cock slammed back into his gut with a thud. Basilio sobbed like an animal, rubbing his hot cheeks against the cold floor. He didn’t want to feel it, but he was aroused by the tyranny of being forced to open his backside. For a man who had spent his entire life as the alpha male of his pack, it was an agonizing time.

The only sounds in the room were the squeaky, wet rubbing of flesh against flesh and the low, husky voice of a man panting in pleasure. Deep inside the man’s body, the oily balm that had been rubbed into him over and over again mingled with the serous fluids that had oozed out of him, squeezing and leaking through the cramped crevices of his interlocking hole and toy. His cock throbbed as the thick thing rubbed against his insides, tingling and scratching at the lining, stimulating the most pleasurable spots over and over again. It was almost painfully pleasurable.

“So, how does it feel to get a boner from being fucked in the ass by a girl you’ve never met before, huh?”

“Hu, ugh…! Stop, please…!

“Ah……. Your hole is so tight……. That feels good, doesn’t it? It feels good to me, too. Hot, soft, like this.”

Grinding his teeth against the thrusts of the waist deep inside him, Basilio couldn’t help but let out another moan. The deft stroking and rubbing of her fingers against only the most pleasurable spots proved that she hadn’t just coveted a man’s backside once or twice. The woman behind him was good, he had to admit.

“Keut, heuk…..! Ah! Ah……! No….!”

Eve found it amusing that a man who could spill his flesh whenever he had a moment to spare would soon howl with his tail between his legs at the slightest slap on the ass. Each time his prostate was crushed hard, he emptied his head and let out an involuntary cry.

Eve’s thrusts became faster and deeper. He could see the muscles in Basilio’s thighs tense and harden. Perhaps, soon. Eve laughed softly and stroked the tender flesh of his inner thigh, continuing her burrowing into him. The sound of flesh grinding against flesh, sighs of excitement, and sweet cries filled the room.

“Ahh, heok! Ah! Ungh, uht….!”

“Do you think you’re going to cum? Look in front of you, you’re about to burst.”

“Huh……. hut, no, ugh……! No, yah……! Ahhhh! Ahhhh!”

“Men are such poor animals……. They whimper in protest, but they melt at the mere touch of their prostate. This is an unusual state of agony.”

“Hngh, ahhh, ahhh……!”

“Like this, whoa……. You like it when I fuck you like this. You like it when I fuck you like this You like it when I fuck you up your ass hole, huh?”

“Huh, huh……, Ungh, kuh, huh……!”

“Okay, you’re gagging. You’re drooling all over yourself, dirty.”

At Eve’s taunt, the man groaned and seemed to say something, but with his cheeks crushed to the floor, it was hard to make out. Eve laughed in amusement and dug her heels in even harder. Instantly, the man’s head snapped back and his back arched, followed by the sensation of the lining of his hole twitching and tightening through the tool. Eve slowed her hips and tilted her head downward. She could see the white liquid splattered across the floor.

“See? The stuff you spilled on the floor. I never touched you in the front, only the back. Isn’t it great, you have a talent for getting fucked in the back?”

“Hmm, ah……. Haa…….”

“You know, the rougher you handle it, the harder your cock gets?”

Eve whispered sweetly, then grabbed a fistful of Basilio’s back hair as he dropped his head to the floor and gasped for air after a single cum. He squirmed for a moment, as if to protest, but was eventually dragged away by the hair. They landed on the bed where they’d kissed before rolling away.

“It was in you, actually. The fantasy of being held down by someone stronger than you, of being roughed up and messed with.” (Eve)

“You sound like a dog…….” (Eve)

“Didn’t you notice how your backside was so tight with every spanking, how your cock was throbbing every time I pounded it into your ass, how you whimpered every time I spanked your ass because you didn’t relax, you weren’t even conscious of it, were you?” (Eve)

“Ugh…….” (Basilio)

“What do you think, let’s do it one more time? I’m going to pound your asshole with a toy and make you feel so good you’ll feel like dying.”

Basilio’s face flushed with anger and humiliation, but with two cracked ribs and a crushed ankle bone, there was nothing he could do. If he had at least been physically stronger, things might have been different. Eve’s lips formed a deep arc as a glimmer of despair and resignation appeared on Basilio’s face.

It was only after a long moment of stunned silence that the man managed to break free of her grasp. After watching him sway beneath the bridge for a while, Eve tasted his mouth again and slipped out of his body.

Roughly gathering her things, Eve re-buttoned the shirt she’d unbuttoned and straightened the front of her pants. She glanced at the dark-skinned man lying motionless on the bed and picked up her jacket, which Basilio had tossed into the far corner of the floor.

She dusted off her clothes, pulled them on, and pondered for a moment.

‘This is going to be a mess if I let it go.’

The problem with being drunk is that you can’t see what’s in front of you, so you go a little overboard. She didn’t do a lot of damage to her surroundings, but once she realized an attack was coming, she didn’t take kindly to it and beat the crap out of her opponent. It was one of her bad habits that needed to be broken.

‘I’ve gotten my ass handed to me many times in the past by weaklings who didn’t know what they were doing……. Ugh. I can’t change my habits, I’m going to die and come back to life like this.’

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