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Chapter 50
Sending Her Back to Qi Mansion

Qi Shui’er became a real couple with Lunatic King in the King’s residence. Every day she accompanied him in a life full of lust. He actually made her dizzy, and she had to admit that this damn man was good at this!

She can only lie on the bed now. She is very dizzy, oh. As soon as she got up, this damn stallion stuck inside her! Ah, she wants to vomit!

Qi Shui’er remembered that he had many women. My mother, is it need so many women to satisfy him? Then won’t I be very short-lived in the future?

Dang, this kind of horse used to live among several women. Now he comes only to me. I need to build an iron body to survive, ah!

Tomorrow is the wedding day! In the evening, Lunatic King reluctantly asked people to send Qi Shui’er back to Qi Mansion.

He smiled smugly. From now on, this Qi Shui’er will have to become his royal consort. She can’t escape even if she has the chance. Even if she wants to, she must have the strength to say it, ha ha ha!

“Okay, my royal consort, my wife, now you go back to Qi Mansion and wait for me to pick you up. After we have performed the ceremony tomorrow, you will be my wife.” Lunatic King provocatively said.

Dizzy, this broken King, will he die if he doesn’t provoke me? Qi Shui’er glared at him, and her anger was out of control!

“You’re wrong. I’m going to escape. As long as I have an ounce of strength, I’d escape! Who wants to be your royal consort?” Qi Shui’er said.

Aiya, even when she has no energy, she still has so much talk. Lunatic King looked at her angry face and wanted to laugh. He said: “Little girl, run away! I will see where you escape this time! You better be good and wait for me to pick you up, behave.”

Mother, I am not a kitten. What do you mean by “good”? Qi Shui’er was even angrier and said: “I want to escape. I’ll escape to Yanmi Pavilion to become a hooker. I’ll take customers every day! Let’s see if you still have the face!”

Damn woman, you want to anger this King to die and become a widow? Lunatic King waved his hand angrily and said, “Go, go, go, carry her back. You two don’t come back tonight. Keep an eye on her in the Qi Mansion, don’t let her run away again.”

“Yes!” His men said. This job seems to be easy, but it’s not easy at all!

Then, Qi Shui’er returned to the Qi Mansion. As soon as she stepped off the sedan, Mrs. Qi came up to grab her hand and cried out. This dead girl, if she escaped, then the entire Qi House would die! She does not understand!

“Xianxian, woo, my good daughter, don’t you scare Mother again.” Mrs. Qi cried. Fortunately, the day before yesterday, the King had someone come to report that he had found her daughter and ordered Qi Mansion to prepare for the wedding. They thought the King was joking. He never saw her daughter’s face! But the King said her daughter was in the King’s house. When the couple themselves visits the King’s residence, someone stops them from meeting her, afraid she will escape again. The King never saw her daughter’s face but still wanted to get married. Now that her daughter was back, Mrs. Qi had a lot of things to say!

Mrs. Qi feels very sad. She has not yet come from the joy of seeing her daughter again, yet she will be married tomorrow. As a mother, I still have a lot of wedding notes to tell my daughter. She’s going to become someone else’s consort!

“Mother, I’m exhausted. I want to sleep.” Qi Shui’er said. She hadn’t slept well in the past few days at the King’s mansion, and now that she was back home, she had to get a good night’s sleep!

How could Mrs. Qi let her go? She was like an undercover agent sent by the Lunatic King, pestering Qi Shui’er about those things she should pay attention to when she gets married. Once she started talking, she kept talking, buzzing like a bee, annoying Qi Shui’er so much that she wanted to cramp up.

“Mother, my good mother, let me go. I’m tired. I want to sleep!” Qi Shui’er said with her hands locked.

“No, you will get married tomorrow. You will be a laughing stock if you don’t know anything!” Mrs. Qi took her hand and said. Although she does not like her daughter to marry this King, her marriage is related to dozens of lives in the Qi Mansion. She also had to resign herself to fate. The last time she fled, many relatives had come to cut ties with them, fearing that the emperor would blame them.

Dizzy! If I let her speak, won’t she talk three days and nights? Qi Shui’er rolled her eyes, and now her eyes were fighting.

“You must remember, oh. When you return to the royal family, you are the royal consort. The royal consort must have the appearance of a royal consort…..”

Mrs. Qi was talking, but next to her came the sound of Qi Shui’er’s snoring.

T/N: Just a bit of info, the way Qi Shui’er says ‘dizzy’ is like cursing but in a gentle manner.

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