Won felt a shadow cast overtop of her. When she opened her eyes, a large body completely covered hers.


“What are you… Ugh!”

The hand she raised to push the man away fell back onto the bed. The man stared down at her without even a smile. A chill ran down her spine as she felt like prey being watched by a beast before it pounced. She could only glare at him.

“What are you doing?”

“You already know.”

His answer made her blood run cold.

“Why are you acting like you don’t?”

He brought her hands together above her head, crossing them in an X, and pressed down with one of his own hands. Her hands were now clasped together and pressed by one of his. 

With his free hand, he cupped her cheek, murmuring, “It’s okay, you’ll like it. I’ll make you cum.”


“You’ll be begging for more in no time.”

His hand swept across her back and undid the hook of her bra in a flash. Won was taken aback by the skillfulness in which it was done; he didn’t need to see it, he only used his sense of touch to take it off. Before she could wonder how he was able to do so, a hand invaded her breasts and her mind went blank.

He gave her breasts a light squeeze as if he were sizing it up, and cursed.

“Wh- Why are you doing this?”

There had to be a reason. This man wouldn’t do this out of nowhere.

‘There’s got to be something going on.’

The man she has seen so far, the man she knows…

“Can’t you tell? You’re so naive.”

A sneer tugged at the corners of his mouth and he added, “You’ve been fooled by me.”

Her heart felt like it dropped from her chest to her stomach. Won stared at his face, frozen in shock. A terrible chill ran through her body; she felt like she had been doused in ice-cold water.

‘What did I just hear?’

She was dazed. He didn’t say anything complex, but her brain short-circuited and refused to accept it. The sentence was so simple and the meaning was so clear, so it couldn’t be misinterpreted.

“You were… in cahoots from the beginning?”

She asked even though she already knew the answer. She tried not to show her agitation but felt like her heart would burst from betrayal.

“I was. You’ll never escape this ward.”

At his declaration, Won felt something shatter inside her. Trust? The broken trust was part of it, but it wasn’t the only thing.

A menacing column of flesh loomed beneath her as she was engulfed by the feeling of falling into an abyss.

“I’ll continue to make love to you, like a pretty toy.”

The great mass of flesh stretched her opening to its limit as it mercilessly plunged in.

* * *

In the early 1970s, an American clinical psychologist named David L. Rosenhan challenged the psychiatric profession. He checked himself into a psychiatric hospital alongside seven acquaintances. The eight acquaintances were composed of a graduate student, a pediatrician, a psychiatrist, a painter, a housewife, and three psychologists, including Dr. Rosenhan. The gender ratio was three women to five men, all of whom had no history of psychiatric disorders and lived normal lives.

On the agreed-upon date, they scattered across the United States and checked themselves into various psychiatric facilities. They practiced beforehand how to hide the pills under their tongues and secretly spit them out in case they were forced to take sedatives.

The eight patients answered all the pre-screening questions truthfully, with the exception of their names, occupations, and a singular symptom. They were to say they hear a ‘thumping’ sound in their ears. They chose the word ‘thump’ because, at the time, there was no published literature about a patient hearing such a sound.

After entering the facilities, the eight participants were to claim they no longer heard the voices and acted like normal people. The experiment began with the question of whether or not doctors can accurately distinguish between fake and real patients in a psychiatric hospital. The result, and answer to the question, was a resounding no.

The participants answered all questions truthfully, with the exemption of their symptoms, names, and occupations. However, their normal pasts were distorted to fit the diagnoses of the doctors, and their normal behaviors in the asylum were twisted to be a byproduct of their diagnosis.

For example, Dr. Rosenhan dutifully followed the rules and kept a research journal in the hospital, but the hospital deemed his daily writing to be part of the “megalomania” symptom of schizophrenia. The same was true for the other fake patients, who were coerced to tell the medical staff they had a mental disorder and were subjected to psychiatric medication as a result.

The eight participants were in the hospitals for an average of 19 days, the highest being 52 days and the lowest being 7 days. Seven out of eight participants were diagnosed with schizophrenia. The other diagnosis was bipolar disorder (manic depression), and their reason for discharge was the “temporary recovery of symptoms” rather than a full recovery.

Dr. Rosehan summarized and published his findings in the January 1973 article “On Being Sane in Insane Places,” in Science.

 The sudden bombshell sparked outrage and backlash within the psychiatric community. One hospital went so far as to outright deny the findings and suggested a follow-up experiment to Dr. Rosehan. They wanted him to send fake patients to their hospital over the following three months to determine if they could pick them out. He accepted their challenge.

Three months later, the hospital announced that out of a total of 193 patients, they found 41 fake patients sent by Dr. Rosenhan, and suspected another 42 patients. When confronted by confident hospital officials, Dr. Rosenhan responded with only one sentence.

“I’m sorry, but I never sent fake patients.”

* * *

“Please save one person.”

“What do you want me to do?”

“… I need you to infiltrate a psychiatric hospital and escape with the person who is wrongfully imprisoned there.”

Recalling the earlier conversation, Won pulled a photo out of her wallet and looked at the target’s face one last time.

The man, dressed in a suit and staring ahead, had unkempt hair, a slight gleam in his eyes, and was more handsome than most actors. It shouldn’t come as a surprise since his mother was an actress who once dominated Korea with her beauty.

“The unlucky heir of K Group.”

He was a child born out of wedlock after the President of K Group had an affair with the beautiful actress. The whole country knew about it. It was one of the more popular things to gossip about in various social circles, so if someone didn’t know about it, they were definitely a spy.

The heir of K Group. They may not know his name or face, but everyone knows he is an illegitimate child. The man in this photo must have been an unacceptable insult to the President’s wife.

When the President died, his wife must have checked the heir into a psychiatric facility as if she were waiting for that moment. It is said that a warrior’s revenge is never too late, even if it takes ten years. However, the magnitude of her grudge sent chills down Won’s spine. Aside from that, the hapless heir in the photo shall be saved.

Won has rules for her work.

First, she doesn’t take requests that involve murder. If it’s necessary for her to fulfill her mission, she’ll do it, but not if it is an assassination or planting a bomb.

Second, she doesn’t accept requests that involve seducing people. She doesn’t care if they are handsome; she doesn’t use her body to flirt with men, but that doesn’t mean she’s okay with women, either.

Third, do not refuse requests for help. Requests for help include protection, rescue, or something else along those lines, not some bullshit like help hijacking an airplane.

The current request didn’t violate any of her three rules, so there was no reason to deny it.

‘Rescue the Prince trapped in a tower.’

Well, it isn’t bad. For one, it is a handsome man, not a bald guy, so it will be a feast for her eyes during the mission.

“I’ll save you, Prince Charming.”

Dryly speaking to the man in the photo, Won pulled out a lighter and set the photo on fire. After watching the photo be completely reduced to ash, she stomped out the remaining flames with her foot and exited the bathroom.

The men in orange jumpsuits that were waiting outside approached.

“We’re going to restrain you now.”


After Won’s nonchalant permission, the men tied her hands and gagged her mouth.

It would look strange if she went to the psych ward of her own accord and asked to be admitted. It would be best if she were in a setting where she was abandoned by her family and forcibly admitted. With the consent of two guardians and a formal diagnosis from a psychiatrist, a person can be admitted regardless of their opinion. The heir of K Group was probably trapped inside a psychiatric facility in this way, as well.

It is unlikely a person with a severe mental disorder will be agreeable as they go to the psychiatric hospital, so there are services to force the patients to the ward. These are the so-called “private paramedics;” they are unidentified, part-time workers who are neither paramedics nor certified emergency responders. Their job is to kidnap those who don’t want to go to the wards and drag them there like dogs.

The men restraining Won were agents of an organization that hired private paramedics to perform the kidnappings.

After loading Won into the vehicle, the agents set off for their destination.

“We’ll be there soon. Good luck with your recovery.”

“It’s been an honor to have helped you this far.”

The car stopped. The agents, transformed into their private paramedics’ personas, roughly pulled Won out of the car. Won feigned a violent resistance and took a closer look at her surroundings.

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