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Episode 28


“Wow, Floa is really tall.”


“… Is that a compliment?”


“Yes, it is.”


Isn’t it better to say “tall” rather than “short” like Persis said to me?


Floa politely lifted me up with both hands on my belly.


“Is this good?”


“Please spread your arms wide. It looks prettier when the sand covers you like that.”


“Haven’t you tried it before? 


I blushed and looked away at her remark as if asking how she knows so well since it was my first time at the beach.


‘Well, I’ve tried it in South Korea before…’


I made excuses while watching the seagulls flying far away for no reason.


“Of course, I haven’t done it before. I imagine that spreading my arms wide would look more beautiful than folding them.”


Luckily, Floa didn’t suspect anything.


“Yes, indeed. Spreading your arms wide does seem more beautiful.”


“Is that so?”


It was then that I finally met his gaze and began working in earnest.


Using the large shovel Floa had made, I dug and covered him from head to toe in the sand until his body was completely concealed.


I wiped the sweat off my forehead and felt proud.


“It’s complete, Floa.”


“I can’t even move.”


“Don’t lie, you can easily blow away the sand with your magic in a second.”


“I can’t do that after you went through the trouble of covering me.”


Just as he said that, a boy who looked about my age, walking alone on the sandy beach, came into view.




A handsome boy with curly silver hair and cherry-colored eyes.


As the boy approached Floa and me and passed right in front of me, I couldn’t take my eyes off him.


… What is it? I felt a sensation of an old memory stirring in my mind.


‘Something seems like it’s about to come to mind… Ah!’


I successfully recalled that old memory.


The memory was a line from “Persis’s Adopted Daughter.”


《 What should I do, Persis? I miss my son. I’ve always felt that way, but today, I can’t bear not seeing him. I would give anything if I could find my son. I would sacrifice anything, even my life. Why can’t I find him? Why won’t the gods help?》

It was a line from a scene where Heint, drinking alone with Persis, shed tears while thinking about his lost son.


Then Heint said:


《 I miss him so much… Our Milo.》


Yes, that’s right! Milo!


When the name of Heint’s lost son came to mind, I blinked my eyes rapidly. I immediately called out that name to the boy.




The boy continued walking forward without much of a reaction to my call, distancing himself from me.


“Who is Milo?”


Floa asked, but I couldn’t answer as I was solely focused on the boy.


Did he not hear?


Thinking that he didn’t hear my voice, I followed after the boy. Floa, buried in the sand, anxiously asked.


“Where are you going?”


Despite the question, I grabbed the boy’s shoulder and followed him. The boy finally stopped.




Thump, thump. The thought that I might have found Heint’s lost son made me tense, and my heartbeat accelerated.


When the boy with curly hair turned around, I could meet his cherry-colored eyes.


Cherry-colored eyes. Cherries may be common, but people with eyes that resemble cherry pits are rare. The only person I had seen in this world with cherry-colored eyes was Heint, making it even more unique.


This child had those eyes. And even silver hair like Heint.


I was about 70% certain that this boy was Heint’s lost son.


“Milo, right?”


The boy looked about my age. With long eyelashes and fair skin, he gave off the feeling of a young prince from a fairy tale.


The boy stared at me intently and shook his head.


“It’s not Milo?”


His hair color and eye color were exactly the same as Heint’s. How could it not be him? I wondered if it was because he was too young to remember.


Perhaps sensing my disbelief, the boy countered my suspicion.


“… No, it’s not.”


Despite his haughty appearance, his voice was quite gentle.


“Do you happen to remember living in the mansion when you were younger? It was when you were very young, so maybe you don’t remember?”


“… I think you must have mistaken someone.”


“Are you really not Milo?”


“No, I’m really not.”


With his firm denial, I had no choice but to conclude that this boy was not Milo.


“Sorry, I must have mistaken someone.”


“It’s okay.”


Feeling uneasy about mistaking someone, I averted my gaze and noticed a seashell in the boy’s hand.


“Is that a seashell?”


“Yes, it’s a seashell. 


The boy extended his hand, showing me the seashell. It was a pastel-colored seashell, a size that fit in an adult’s hand, with shades of pink, purple, and sky blue.


“Wow, it’s beautiful. Did you find it here?”




At that moment, I also had the thought of finding a pretty seashell like the boy and taking it home.


“Please give it to me.”


“Give it to you?”


Without hesitation, the boy reached out his hand and handed me the seashell.


“Oh? Are you giving it to me?”


Instead of answering, the boy nodded his head. I was surprised and asked again.


“Can I really have it? It’s hard to find such a beautiful seashell.”


“It’s okay. I want to give it to you.”


The boy smiled and said; I felt sorry for staring at the seashell for no reason.


“Oh, I didn’t stare because I wanted it…”


“It’s okay. I can come here often, so I can find another one.”


So, does that mean… does he know that I can’t come here often?


I was about to ask how he knew that I couldn’t come here often, but I felt like I might sound like an outsider, so I simply expressed my gratitude.


“Thank you. I will treasure it.”




The boy nodded and continued on his way, turning his back. I stood there, staring at the boy.


Should I tell Heint that I saw that kid?


A boy with silver hair and cherry-colored eyes, similar in age to Heind’s lost son.


However, the boy firmly asserted that he was born and raised here.


Then he must not be Heint’s son.


I shouldn’t unnecessarily inform Heint to give him false hope.


I fiddled with the seashell and returned to Floa. He was still covered in sand.


“Who were you talking to?”


“Some boy. His hair and eye color were the same as Lord Nazet’s, so I asked if he could be the lost son of Lord Nazet, but he wasn’t.”


“I see. I was surprised when you suddenly left without saying anything. I was considering whether I should dig up this sand mound and chase after you.”


“I’m sorry. I just left without saying anything because I thought I found Lord Nazet’s son. But you stayed here without disturbing the sand mound?”


“It’s because it’s the sand blanket you made for me.”


“Hehe, you can come out now.”


Floa stood up and flicked her finger, instantly getting rid of the sand that had stuck to her body.


“That child is not Lord Nazet’s son. It’s not uncommon for hair and eye colors to be the same.”


You’re right. With so many people in this world, how can everyone have different hair colors and irises?


“What’s that?”


Floa pointed to the seashell I was holding.


“The boy gave it to me. He declined saying it was okay, but he said he wanted to and gave it to me. Isn’t it pretty?”




Unlike me, who was smiling happily, Floa’s face darkened slightly. It seemed like something didn’t sit well with him.


In an instant, he turned her body towards the sea.


“I’ll go to the sea for a moment. Stay here.”


“Why the sea?”


Floa disappeared without answering my question.


Where did he go, leaving young me alone?


As I searched around to find him, three seconds had passed.


Poof! Floa reappeared in front of me.


…holding a giant seashell.


“W-What is that?”


I widened my eyes and pointed at the giant seashell with my index finger.


“It’s a gift for May.”


“A gift… for me? I’ve never wished for such a giant seashell.”


“I’m giving it to you just because I want to.”


With a dazed expression, I received the giant seashell from Floa. It was even bigger than a watermelon.


I looked at Floa with a bewildered expression.


“Do you have a competitive spirit? A competitive spirit of wanting to give the biggest seashell?”


“A competitive spirit? No one can be a rival to me.”


Floa smiled gently, but his words were far from gentle.


“In the future, don’t accept gifts from foreign men. They all have malicious intentions.”


… Malicious intentions?


“Aren’t I under mental magic? It’s magic so that the other person never suspects that I’m a woman. But what kind of dark thoughts do you have?”




Floa didn’t speak a word, as if he agreed with what I said.


“…. mental magic is not as complete as other types of magic, so sometimes the power of the magic can weaken. If the opponent has greater magical power, the mental magic may not work.”


“Even so, it’s not right to give such a dark-hearted gift to a young child like that.”


“I think he just gave it to me because I’m around his age and he thought it would be innocent.”


“Anyway, from now on, don’t accept gifts from foreign men. I’ll rescue you from any situation.”


I couldn’t say anything and just breathed out a sigh.


“Okay, I understand.”


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