Today marks the beginning of school life in earnest.

In the game, the date changes in an instant, but for Cassandra, it is a day as long and heavy as it is in the real world.

There is no time to waste when she thinks of what lies ahead.

The time limit is the graduation party.

She has three years, or so she thinks. ……

The image of a servant carefully combing her hair is reflected in the large mirror with her own image.

The blonde hair, straight down to her waist, is surprisingly beautiful, even to herself.

To increase the glamour, Cassandra has her hair done in a half updo with layers of artisanal braiding.

This is a hairstyle she could not have done on her own. Cassandra’s hair in the game was like this, though.

She realizes that it would be impossible without a maid who does her hair every day.

Blondes look good with any kind of hair style, but she is glad that the villainess in this game did not have vertically curled hair!

That would definitely take an unbelievable amount of time to do.

Grateful for this small fortune of hers, she looked at her reflection in the unnecessarily large mirror.

An indescribable feeling came over her.

Let’s not stare at our own reflection in the mirror.

It would be a shame though, especially since she had been reincarnated as a beautiful girl.

To distract herself, she decided to think about her plans for the day.

The first and foremost thing on her mind in this world is, of course, the prince.

He is the last boss of this world.

She assumes that the foundation of the story, in which the hero is the saint and the prince is the last boss, has not been compromised.

If the prince in this world is not the last boss, then there is no problem.

If the prince doesn’t become the last boss…

The prince rejected her softly as he did yesterday, as well as the fact that he left quickly, saying that he had something to do, despite the fact that he had been surrounded by female students until recently.

It could be that the prince is extremely shy.

Or the punch line turns out to be that he simply doesn’t like Cassandra and doesn’t want to get close to her!

If that is the case, there is a happy ending in which no demon appears and the world continues to spin in an orderly manner.

Cassandra is shocked by the prince’s treatment of her and collapses in bed. And that would be all.

If the hero does not become a saint and the prince does not fall into darkness, peace will be maintained for the time being.

That assumption is too wishful thinking, and we still need to do something about the prince becoming the last boss.

Even if the prince is not the last boss, he will be manipulated to continue his misdeeds if the cause of his being the last boss is not eliminated.

She hopes to avoid such a future in which the prince continues to carry a bomb that will one day turn him into a demon.

“…… ‘The Seed of Malice’……….”

A voice leaked out as the word came to mind.

The prince also wants to believe that he didn’t willingly go on a rampage of evil deeds.

When the prince appears in the beginning after the second round, he is this wicked man who oppresses his people behind the scenes with a fresh smile on his face! A Psychopath with a beautiful figure! She thought as she looked at the screen.

But she wonders if the prince she met yesterday is currently doing horrible things like bribing, murdering, and burning down facilities. She highly doubts it.

The lack of emotional ups and downs is certainly suspicious.

The fact that he keeps Cassandra away from him is also a gray area for royalty, depending on how you look at it.

It is difficult to judge from his attitude alone.

The word that comes to mind as the root of all evil in the story, then, is something like the seed of malice that appeared in the game.

The prince turns out to be the mastermind, and with an animation showing him summoning the demon, we enter the final boss battle.

‘The seed of malice was controlling the prince! The demon has taken over, it’s not Arthur anymore, it’s the calamity that has been reawakened in this world!’

The lover who stands with her shouts, pointing at the black hideous creature.

If this continues, the demon will devour the entire kingdom and terrorize the world.

We must stop him! Even if he is the prince of this kingdom……!

With a heroic voiceover, the protagonist raises her sword, which shines with a holy radiance.

What was known for sure was that demons, like demon kings, are objects of terror and can only be defeated by the holy sword, which embodies the power of the goddess.

Only saints can manifest and use the holy sword.

Apparently, the seed of malice is a cursed tool, and those who are planted with it are manipulated into trying to summon a demon.

The source of power needed to summon the demon is human misfortune and negative emotions. The prince had been seeking for it and had been tormenting people behind the scenes.

The prince, cornered, is eventually completely taken over and assimilated by the demon.

Although not mentioned in the game, if we assume that the last push of the negative emotions necessary to to summon the demon is the prince’s own despair, anger, sadness, fear, and regret, then what a helpless story. Isn’t the prince too pitiful?

So those horrible things were done by the prince!, or something like that.

She didn’t imagine that much because it was after the shock of all that happened.

She was right in her previous life when she decided to deduct a lot of points for the prince’s lack of salvation.

The result is that the prince transforms into a demon, a hideous creature, and the protagonist confronts him with the holy sword.

If she could defeat him, she would be the hero who saved the country as a saint.

If the parameters are perfect, the protagonist will be praised by the people and go to the true ending where she will stand as the queen.

Together with her lover who became the prince consort, the protagonist will rule the country and achieve super success in life.

If the parameters are not enough, she becomes a symbol of the country as a saint who saved the country and lives with her lover for a long time.


Due to her bad habit of skipping events after the second time, her memory of the last part of the game is also quite vague.

This is because she has run out of energy trying to manage the parameters and flags….

The player is also tired from the battle against the prince after overcoming various obstacles.

It’s no wonder she celebrated after reaching Sirius True ending after all the hard work.

That said, she should have carefully thought about it.

Admittedly, she didn’t think too much about it. she emptied her head and filled it with nothing but love.

Even if you want a massive and magnificent setting like an adventure novel in an otome game, if you are going to elaborate on it so much, you should add more romantic events!

If she wanted to immerse herself in a full-fledged fantasy world, she would read books in that genre.

To be honest, did they make the prince the last boss in order to make him a dead man? she can’t shake the suspicion that this is the case.

That said, if she looked for it, she might find a rough spot somewhere.

Isn’t that where she could take advantage of it?

She has to find the holes in the script, the rough edges of the setting.

…… She needs to look into it for that reason.

What is the seed of malice?

She can’t plan countermeasures based on a word that is as elusive and fluffy as fog.

What does the “seed of malice” look like and when is it planted in the prince?

Who will plant it?

Is it already in him ………?

Cassandra’s expression hardened.

The elderly maid, who had finished doing her hair, was looking at her with fear that she might be reprimanded.

“I’ve chosen vermilion as the color for the hair clip. Please let me know if there is anything you don’t like.”

“There is no problem. Thank you for your hard work.”

She quickly checked the finished product and nodded. There was nothing asymmetrical or out of place.

She can’t correct it herself, so there is no reason for her to complain about a few things.

Now Cassandra remembers her pompous behavior of two days ago, and she wants to cover her face.

If she continued to act like that, there was no way she could resist the compulsion to play the “villainess” game.

Cassandra’s first mission is not to become a “villainess” who might be banished by them at the graduation party.

And if she is inadvertently unable to save the prince, what good is the knowledge of her previous life?

“Miss, here are the baked sweets. Please take it.”

The beautiful package is filled with sweets baked by the cook of the mansion.

She nodded, “Thank you,” and tucked them into her bag, which was already prepared on the table.

A faint sweet smell wafted through the air.

Of course, these baked sweets were for Rina, as a thank-you for the sandwich she gave her yesterday.

If she had been a girl who understood girls, she could have surprised Rina by baking cookies to thank her for her kindness.

Unfortunately, she has never been in a kitchen in this world.

She can’t make sweets without a recipe,……, and she feels ashamed of herself for being so clumsy …….

If she had a professional cook make a highly perfected sweets and bring it to her, she might find it troubling to receive it, so she asked him to make it a simple baked sweets.

Since she instructed him to bake a large number of small baked sweets, they should be enough for Rina to share with the triplets if she gave them to her.

Remembering her smile, Cassandra’s heart naturally lightened.


When she entered the auditorium, which had been opened for the underclassmen, her eyes met those of one of the triplets, who were forming a circle in a friendly manner.

With a small wave of her hand, she walked up to them.

“Good morning, Rina-san. And…”

Naturally, the two girls who were talking together and who had the same face as Rina’s also came into view.

The two of them looked at Cassandra, tense and tight-lipped.

The girls had been living in the countryside until a few days ago, and if she suddenly spoke to them, they would be at a loss for words.

The fact that Rina spoke to her was a miracle in itself.

As she looked at them, she was the first to notice the difference between now and yesterday.

All three of them had ribbons of different colors in their hair.

It was a good idea to use different colored hair ornaments to make them easier to distinguish from each other.

Although she can tell them apart by their faces, facial expressions, language, and gestures. Cassandra is probably the only classmate who could recognize such features at this stage.

“I would like to introduce you to my triplet sisters, Rize and Rita.”

Rina pointed them out with her palm in turn, and they bowed their heads.

The fluffy chestnut hair is charming, the opposite of Cassandra’s, which made her even more envious.

“So, The one with the red ribbon is Rize-san, and the one with the yellow ribbon is Rita-san. I am Cassandra Rendall, please let me join you. I would like to thank you again for your concern for me the other day, Rina-san.”

Both of them quickly touched the fluttering ribbons on the side of their heads.

Rina is wearing a blue ribbon and has a calm atmosphere.

“It suits you well, too, Rina-san.”

Rize, who is wearing a red ribbon, breathed out a loud “ah~~” as she was soothed by the slightly embarrassed Rina.

“I thought that a young lady from a great noble family would probably look down on us anyway, but, I am relieved to see that you are not a bad person and it was just like Rina said. Cassandra-sama, it is nice to meet you too.”

“Oh no! Rize, did you really believe the rumors? Rina’s character assessment can’t be wrong.”

She is a bright girl who points at her sister while making fun of her in such a way.

Her yellow ribbon is the perfect color for her image. They are the quintessential sisters, they know exactly what they’re talking about.

Then she turned to Cassandra and bowed deeply.

“Cassandra-sama, my name is Rita. I am sorry that I am not able to greet you properly like Rina! But I am very happy to talk to you, Cassandra-sama.”

“!” at the end of every sentence, just like in a normal high school girl’s speech which made her feel relieved.

This “normal” is a good thing.

School life can be described as a mini social world.

In a space where only polite words like ” Good day to you” fly around all the time, it is rare to meet someone like Rita who is so open and honest that you don’t have to take any precautions.

Jake is proud of his position as a knight, having been given a sword by the king, but he is also tired of the cramped lifestyle that comes with his status as the heir to the Lombardo marquis family.

His avoidance of female companionship is particularly noticeable.

He is often approached by girls who are full of calculations just because he has a good face or is of good status. On the other hand, he is fed up with all the quiet girls who just wait to be asked out.

He is a knight, so he is a gentleman when the occasion calls for it, and he doesn’t take it lightly.

The protagonist is particularly fond of this side of Jake, the ‘normal boyishness’.

Jake treats her the same way he treats most of his classmates, and he likes her because she talks to him from the same point of view as him.

The combination of Rita and Jake is truly a classic youth story.

This is a full-course youth template packed with all the best parts of a student story that will send tingles down your spine!

He stays up late training for swordsmanship and horsemanship, takes shelter from the rain, and then, when they are inside the equipment warehouse, the door is locked from the outside and the two spend the night alone together. And so on and so forth, his list of event recollections should be almost filled. (I think the author here talks about the place where you can see the previous events that happened and their pics and what not.)

It is such a sweet and sour story of the two of them that even makes you feel like you are reading a shoujo manga.

She recalls it and tries hard to hold back a grin.

It would be extremely suspicious if she grins here. The aura of the protagonists has made her too relaxed.

“Rize-san, Rita-san. Please do not be afraid and treat me normally. You are going to be my classmates from now on, and you will not be able to rest if you are tense with me.”

It is rare to find someone as adaptable as Rina.

Her character has the highest initial parameter of grace and it is easy to increase it in the game.

Perhaps that is the reason.

There is no way to see the numerical values, so she has to rely on her memory regarding the internal settings.

She doesn’t know at this point if such memories will ever be useful.

“Rina-san, thank you for the delicious sandwich the other day. I was also touched by your thoughtfulness in bringing my bag.”

“I thought it was too forward of me, but I am really glad that I had the courage to do it.”

The sandwich is definitely from the dorm cafeteria.

She had gone all the way back to the dormitory and then came back here because she was worried about her lunch. As expected, she is kind.

“I know it’s only a formality, but I brought you this as a thank-you for yesterday. Please enjoy it with everyone.”

She took a bag of baked sweets out of her bag and held it out in front of Rina.

She accepted the package in her palm, her eyes black and white, or rather pale.

“Thank you!”

The aroma immediately identifies it as something sweet.

“Wow” the three girls cheer.

Their eyes sparkle and they look happy.

The heroine’s dazzle is tripled, and this is rather intense.

Cassandra looks on calmly.

Each of these three will find someone to love, and nine times out of ten, it will be the targets.

When she thinks that they are going to work hard to get them, she has a rather complicated feeling.

Rather, shouldn’t the targets come to capture the protagonists?


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