Chapter 66 Part 2:  Fake

It was a monster.

So, where did it go now?

Who was it, a fake pretending to be the real thing?

In the silence, everyone harbored the same fear— The vague fear that the person next to them might be a shapeshifting monster and attack them at any moment.

In the midst of it all, Pyo Yeon-Won remained silent, his concerns were elsewhere.

Strange voices kept pouring into his head.

It was a droning, headache-inducing sound.

Obviously, it’s an inaudible sound, but he felt like he was hearing a noise as if he were alone in a street market.

「Things are getting interesting.」

「No one seems to know! They must not have seen it!」

「We all know, don’t we?」

「That guy over there, in a blue shirt, and black horn-rimmed glasses.」

「He’s a fake.」

「No one knows it!」

「Funny, funny. Fufufuf~」

He heard a light chuckle.

Pyo Yeon-Won couldn’t help but sneak up a glance.

There was only one man in a blue shirt and horn-rimmed glasses, and he was looking around with a frightened expression on his face.

He looked naturally innocent.

‘Is he really a monster?’

Should I trust these mysterious voices?

「What? Look at him!」

「He’s looking at the fake!」

「Does he know something?」

As the voices chattered, Pyo Yeon-Won casually turned his head away.

「It’s weird, it’s weird.」

「Isn’t it?」

「Yes, it’s weird.」

「It’s him… 」

They whispered in a low voice.

「I think he can hear us. 」

I don’t know how long we’ve been traveling with Kang Woo-Jung, and I don’t know how many monsters I’ve killed until I finally stand in front of a building.

I don’t see any humans, only stupid monsters.

Bang, bang, bang,

A series of gunshots were fired, and then a snapping of the neck.

“We’re going to have to spend the night in this building.”

“That’s better.”

There would be monsters inside and outside the building, but it would be more comfortable to spend the night indoors with walls on all sides and a ceiling.

“Let’s see if there are any survivors in this building.”

Even if we couldn’t save them right away, we could at least give the other Hunters an idea of our location with the other radio we had.

“I’ll go with Sang-Jun. Seo-ha you go with Yeon-Ho. We’ll start on the first floor, you guys at the top. If you see any students, be on high alert, and don’t forget your secret codes.”


“What about you?”

Hye-Won asked Kang Woo-Jung.

“We can’t just leave you here, I’m sorry to say this, but we can’t rule out the possibility that you’re also a monster. Me or Seo-ha, you decide which one you want to follow.”

“I–I’ll… follow her.”

He sounded exhausted, he’s probably somewhat fed up with the monster massacre in front of him.

Well I can understand him.

We’ve been moving around quickly, and he’s an ordinary person so he won’t be able to keep up easily.

“Alright Seo-Ha, take care of him then, and I’ll see you later!”

“Yeah, okay!”

Luckily, the elevator worked.

We headed to the fifth floor.


When the elevator doors opened, the fifth floor was very quiet.

There weren’t even any monsters lurking around.

“Let’s go around this way. We need to make sure there are no survivors inside, so open each door one by one, and if they’re locked, pry them open in pairs.”

“I wish you could remember that I’m a healer.”

“You can’t break down doors?”

“How can I?”

Even though he’s a healer, he should still be able to pry open a door.

‘Maybe he’s too weak.’

I thought, but I didn’t say it out loud.

“Then just find a student!”

I shouted and tried to turn the doorknob from a nearby corridor.

As luck would have it, most of the classrooms were open, so there was no need to pry them open.

“Looks like no one’s on the fifth floor.”

“Let’s go downstairs.”

As we made our way to the stairs, we suddenly heard a loud shout from somewhere.

“It’s you! You’re a monster! Don’t you dare run!”

It was like the sound of living students.

However, the content of their conversation was somewhat unusual.

I made eye contact with Jo Yeon-Ho for a moment, then we immediately rushed out.

“Hey, wait!”

I was a bit ahead of Jo Yeon-Ho. But I couldn’t let that stop me.

I headed to the source of the sound and saw a large lecture hall.

I tried the doorknob, but it didn’t budge.


「Cour, Cor…」

I quickly cleaned up the pesky monster and fired another shot at the doorknob.


The doorknob shattered and the door slowly opened.


There was a faint smell of blood.

I held my gun tighter and peered inside.

“Uh, Hunter?”


About ten students were gathered in the lecture hall, but the reason for the bloody smell was…

“Yes, Hunter! Ooh, they’re here to save us!”

“Yes, it’s a Hunter!”

‘What the hell is this…’

I was having trouble managing my expression.

There were a couple of students lying on the floor not breathing.

They weren’t attacked by a monster.

The door was locked in the first place.

There are obvious signs of being beaten…

And It was obviously done by humans.

“What the hell did you do?”

The students averted their eyes at my question.

“That’s because…”

The students were hesitant to answer, but then someone suddenly spoke up.

“They said there’s a… Monster hiding around us.”

He spoke up, but his voice sounded like he’s dying.

He started gagging and spitting out blood.

His face was covered in seven layers of bruises.

He was about to become like the students lying on the floor.

He limped out, looking like he’d been beaten to a pulp.

“Funny… I mean, just look who the real monster is…”

I had a pretty good idea of what was going on.

“Uh, I had to, there’s a monster in here, but I don’t know who it was, and… We can’t all die together!”

“So… It’s a good idea to go on a witch hunt and beat them all up together?”

Everyone fell silent at my words.

I couldn’t bring myself to say anything.

It was a horrible scene.


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