Chapter 48
Teasing Her

“Uh, I was just looking for some water. Don’t you know? You don’t even have a glass of water in this room. Don’t know what those servants are doing.” Qi Shui’er said as she picked up the empty water jug. Please read this @salmonlatte.com.


The Lunatic King laughed outright. This woman is a living treasure, ah, an extraordinary one. She even thought of that kind of excuse. He held back his laughter, covering his mouth with his hand, cleared his throat, and said: “Cough, yes. I have to see who is lazy. They didn’t even prepare the water for the consort and make you go outside to look for it.”

“Hey, stop there. It’s enough!” Qi Shui’er complained. He was laughing at me.

“What, annoyed and angry?” Lunatic King said. He looked at Qi Shui’er. How come she’s so funny? While looking at her, he waved his hand and said, “Come here.”

Qi Shui’er looked at him. Staring at him, what does this guy want to do now? Look at his face! I know he can’t be a good guy!

“You, what are you calling this grandmother for?” Qi Shui’er looked at him and said, “You, come here!”

Shit, because you’re the King, everyone has to listen to you? No way! Qi Shui’er gave him a blank look.

The Lunatic King smiled at her. This woman doesn’t accept losses.

“You decided you want me to go over there?” The Lunatic King chuckled.

“Nonsense, why should I go over but not you?” Qi Shui’er rolled her eyes.

“Well then, I’m going over there.” The Lunatic King put away his smile and rose from the bed to go over. But as soon as he got up, the blanket fell off his body, exposing his naked body in front of Qi Shui’er, and she looked at him with her mouth agape.

This, this, this pervert! Qi Shui’er’s mouth trembled as she looked at Lunatic King. He was an exhibitionist! How can a king have this fetish?

“Hey, you, you! Don’t come over! Or, or I’m going to shout.” Qi Shui’er stammered.

The Lunatic King looked at Qi Shui’er unhappily and said, “It was you who told me to go over, and now you won’t let me go over. What do you want from me exactly?” He was singing inwardly. This dead woman! Scare you to death!

“Then, then you go back to sleep.” Qi Shui’er hurriedly said. Damn, I don’t think you’ll be that obedient, acting like a grandson.

“Oops, oops, foot, I twisted my foot.” Lunatic King looked at Qi Shui’er pitifully and called out.

The Lunatic King grimaced in pain, then rested his whole body on Qi Shui’er. Mmm, she smells so good.

“Hey, you! Which part of your foot? Then can you sit down? You’re so heavy.” Qi Shui’er called out. This man is really impolite, ah. He put his whole body on my body. Doesn’t he know that he is very heavy? Qi Shui’er helped him up with difficulty.

“It’s all your fault. If you didn’t call me (人家) over, I wouldn’t have twisted my feet.” The Lunatic King flattened his mouth and said pitifully. But, he was laughing in his heart.

Me, me (人家, 人家)! This sissy even calls himself ‘me’! He doesn’t even know how disgusting it is! Qi Shui’er mumbled. Look at him! Not a single thread on his body! Is he has no shame?

T/N: Lunatic King imitated how Qi Shui’er calls herself (人家)

“Then, then I’ll help you back.” Qi Shui’er had to say. Hey, I really should not ask for that bit of dignity!

“Well then, you be careful.” The Lunatic King flattened his mouth and looked at her.

Deadman, keep acting for me! Qi Shui’er looked at him. This man is pretending. Qi Shui’er saw the smile in his eyes.

Qi Shui’er wanted to let go of him, but the man was like glue, tightly attached.

“Hey, how can I walk when you’re so close!” Qi Shui’er shouted. His whole person stuck to her body. He was so heavy! How can she walk?

Lunatic King was close to her side, smelling her fragrance. Surprisingly, he felt another sensation, his thing unconsciously erected. I really have a strong desire for her.

Qi Shui’er blushed, his root against her small buttocks. This dead pervert is disgusting! So frustrated!

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