Grace wanted to say stop, but her mouth only stuttered, and no voice came out. Tears just welled up.


After a while of struggling, she finally managed to make a sound.


“…S-Someone help….”


Someone, please help me.


Tears welled up in Grace’s eyes and began to fall.


Until just a moment ago, she felt like she could do anything, but suddenly she felt as if she had been swept off her feet and thrown to the ground.


It was just the laughter of a mere drunkard, and even though someone else’s unfair words could have provoked her to retaliate, it was nothing.


Yet, those insignificant words made Grace feel utterly powerless and weak.


In truth, when she looked back at it, it might not have been such a significant incident to react so strongly to.


However, to Grace at this moment, the man’s words and mocking laughter were heavier than any punishment.


It was useless for her to think about how she thought of herself.


The things surrounding her were enough to make her doubt and undermine her own thoughts.


And during all that time, not even once… did anyone help her.


All these made Grace unable to shout for help in a loud voice or to retort.


That’s when it happened.


A loud sound of wind, followed by a thud of a huge object falling was heard.


At the same time, the murmurs stopped abruptly, and only the sound of stumbling footsteps was heard.


“You’re obstructing the way.”


It was a voice that Grace knew very well. However, it felt unfamiliar. Because the person Grace knew would never speak in such a tone.


Benjamin gazed expressionlessly at the drunken man lying on the ground, knocked down by the small figurine he had thrown.


His gaze turned towards Grace, who was crouched in the corner.


“I was feeling good today, but it got worse in no time.”


Grace’s body shrunk even more.


Benjamin approached Grace, put his wide-brimmed hat on her head, and carefully lifted her head.


Grace resisted lifting her head.


“My Lady.”




“My Lady, please look at me.”




“My Lady, we need to go home. Is it difficult for you to walk? Can I carry you?”


Finally, it was a familiar voice that Grace knew. Although she thought he was the man who would kill her, she felt relieved by his affectionate voice and lifted her head.




Then, the tear-stained Grace almost stopped breathing when she read emotions from his affectionate face.


Suddenly, she thought of the appropriate word for the indescribable feeling she had a moment ago.




There was clearly disgust in Benjamin’s eyes.




The annex’s red light turned on again.


It was because Grace became depressed again.


It was a familiar occurrence. Grace was usually gentle and affectionate, but sometimes she fell into a crazy depression.


Although Grace didn’t show it outwardly, she was clearly in a deep state of depression, as evidenced by the atmosphere.


She couldn’t ask Benjamin what had happened, nor could she ask his assistant, Abel Burnton.


During the mask festival, Benjamin, known for his gentleness, was quiet but deeply enraged. 


She knew he wouldn’t take it out on the servants, but she couldn’t help but feel afraid.


And today, Grace found something to do, regardless of what they might think.


Grace realized.


When she was feeling depressed, she needed to find something to do. By keeping busy, she could stop thinking.


‘And being alone seems to make me think too much.’


Grace looked at the pile of medicine envelopes that had accumulated.


‘Would taking these pills make me feel better?’


Grace hesitated as she touched the medicine envelopes. She wondered if taking the pills would help her escape from her depression. The emotions she thought she had separated from while reading her diary had intensified again since the mask festival.


‘Never mind.’


Grace just put the medicine envelopes away.


She decided not to take them until the end and put them away.


Sally seemed to have no idea what the medicine was for. She couldn’t just take pills from an unknown source.


‘Should I go to the orphanage for help?’


If she went to the orphanage, she wouldn’t have any depressing thoughts. In fact, that was the main reason.


But the problem was that she had to pass through that alley to get there.


Just thinking about the alley made Grace turn pale.


‘…I hate it.’


But she had to talk about work.


In fact, besides that, she wanted to visit the orphanage. It seemed like they needed help, and she wanted to lend a hand.



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