Jake, the tall, fierce knight, points at her with a stern face, ready to slash her with his sword at any moment.

“Cassandra, daughter of the Marquis of Rendall!”

Sirius, the bespectacled and serious vice president of the student council, also stared at her from the podium.

“I will not allow you to say that you have forgotten the many immoral and questionable behaviors you have displayed despite your position as the prince’s fiancée.”

Ralph, the duke’s eldest son, who is usually a soft-spoken gentleman, is giving her an icy glare.

“I will not allow you to further abuse and humiliate the woman I love, even if I can put aside your behavior that makes me doubt your sense of virtue.”

For an insincere woman with two hearts, no, four hearts, like you, to be the prince’s fiancée.

You are not even worthy to be a student of this venerable academy.

It would be better if you left and went somewhere else!


A moment later, her consciousness went dark.

Cassandra, who came to her senses as soon as she blinked her eyes, had suffered considerable mental damage.


That idea had never occurred to her, Cassandra gritted her teeth.

What came to her mind right now was the scene of the three targets, each of whom loved the protagonist, accusing Cassandra at the same time at the graduation party.

Her knees were about to give way because her heart was deeply hollowed by the mere thought of it.

She doesn’t even like the thought of being accused by one, let alone having to be accused by three, tripling the intensity of the accusation…

She would like to avoid being unilaterally abused and banished without allies in the midst of a crowd of people.

She felt as if she had been doused with cold water all over her body. Cassandra quietly took out a handkerchief and wiped the cold sweat rolling down her cheeks.

“Thank you for telling me, Miss Daisy.”

Unable to bear it, Cassandra with stagnant and cloudy jade green eyes smiled dimly.

If this kind of nonsense is going to go on, it doesn’t matter if you write down the details on a piece of paper or if you know what’s going to happen.

The premise that “there is only one main character” has already been purged, and there is no way that Cassandra, who is not a god, can know the timing of the saint’s awakening event, or whether or not the judgment event will occur!

Let’s stop worrying about events, flags, and other details.

It’s pointless.

She can use her knowledge of her past life where she can, but if she relies on it for everything, she’s going to get hit from a completely unexpected direction.

Cassandra is not the protagonist, she has no special powers. That’s how the character is set up.

Even though it’s only yesterday that happened, now she is hit with this.

This world is about to crush Cassandra by throwing arrows at her with the word “absurd” written in big letters on them……

How should she respond?

It’s not as if she can do anything radical for the world if she struggles.

The saints, the demon, the prince!

What if the world ends up in ruin?

Isn’t she, who made up her mind with an admirable resolution yesterday, a clown now?
“Cassandra-sama, the light has gone out of your eyes! What’s wrong? Cassandra-sama!?”

Daisy’s voice seemed as if it could be heard from somewhere distant.

Cassandra moved her wobbly legs with all her strength and decided to head to the entrance hall.

She had never imagined that three protagonists would appear at the same time.

Three people……

Three people……?

There’s only one Jake, one Sirius, and one Ralph, and it’s fine if the three protagonists have different tastes, but what if they’re going to choose the same guy?

She thinks there is a pretty high probability that they will have the same target.

Don’t tell her that there is going to be a fight between the protagonists?

She doesn’t want to see that kind of hellish scene where triplets fight for the same guy.

But it’s not all bad, Cassandra thinks.

With triplets, someone should be able to go the saint route.

Cassandra’s life insurance policy in this world doesn’t allow for failure, and when she thinks that she has three of them, this miracle is not as bad as she thought.


During the entrance ceremony, it is naturally the triplets who are at the center of the whispering.

The new students include Prince Arthur, the Prime Minister’s son Sirius, the General’s son Jake, who has already been decorated as a knight, and Ralph, the heir of the Duke’s family, which controls a lot of large companies.

Even though such a distinguished lineup is all here.

The triplets’ rarity seems to exceed that of the others, and a curious look was directed at them, as if they were looking at a rare animal.

“…… Phew.”

The upperclassmen explained the facilities to us and we actually toured around.

There seemed to be a constant stream of people around the triplets, but even that crowd dwindled as time went on.

No matter how rare the triplets were, their “attractiveness” value was probably still low according to the initial parameters.

They gradually became accustomed to the protagonists, who had the appearance of the average person, and the noise didn’t last as long as she had expected.

The morning’s time was spent just showing us the facilities on the campus, so it was decided that we would go home for the rest of the day.

She picked up her bag, which still contained nothing but her writing materials.

At that moment, a depressed sigh escaped her unbeknownst to the others.

“Good day, Prince.”

A short time ago, she was finally able to speak to Arthur, the prince.

Even though she was wearing a school uniform skirt, she gave a ladylike bow to the prince with the sparkling appearance.

Her voice was shaky as she offered, “Will you give me a moment of your time, Prince?”

Her cheeks were flushed and her heart beating against her chest was gloomy.

He seemed to be talking to a few of the girls, but they retreated quietly as soon as they had caught sight of Cassandra.

She was impressed and thought that the status of the daughter of the marquis was indeed different.

Not to mention she was his fiancée.

It was only natural that Cassandra should talk to him. 

“Hello, Miss Cassandra,” he said.

He broke into a smile with his flawless good looks, which were like a work of art.

It even seemed as if a fresh breeze was blowing from somewhere.

“Thank you for inviting me, but I’m really sorry, I’ve got some business to attend to. I’m afraid you’ll have to ask me again.”

When he said this politely, she had no choice but to bow respectfully.

His looks are so beautiful that she can say with certainty that no other job than that of a prince would suit him.

However, she could not feel any emotion from him.

She wonders why.

Would she feel this way if she had a conversation with an inorganic AI?

Even though he did not reject her coldly, her heart ached.

Even when he smiles at her, she feels nervous, but for some reason she feels lonely.

She didn’t know anything about him when she was playing the game, and it’s still the same now after spending fifteen years in this world.

She wonders if he is going to continue to treat her in that vague and bland manner for the rest of her life.

Even such a suspicion rises in her, but there is no way to read a person’s mind.

After the sigh, Cassandra shook her head weakly.

Suddenly, she was approached from the side, “Excuse me”.

“Please forgive my rudeness in addressing you as someone of inferior status. but, um, you look very pale. I remember where the medical office. How about taking a short rest there?”

“You are……?”

“My name is Rina, I am pleased to make your acquaintance.”

……She is Rina, the one with the calm and gentle personality.

She has a gentle and kind nature, and is not in any way timid.

She is a kind, normal girl.

Cassandra turns to her and looks her directly in the eyes.

“This is not a social setting, for students studying together in the same class, there is no need to be superior or inferior to each other. But, Rina-san, you have learned manners before you entered the school. I am very impressed.”

Low-ranking nobles are not allowed to speak to high-ranking nobles on their own.

They are allowed to speak only after being spoken to.

This is a common etiquette at social gatherings for nobles, but she and the others are commoners so they are probably out of touch with this etiquette.

It is not that she is making fun of them, but such manners are only common sense within the narrow scope of aristocratic society. We had no intention from the beginning to impose our own common sense on them in the auditorium.

However, to think that the other side would be so willing to conform to the conventions that they themselves, the nobles, had decided upon.

She was pleased with that effort.

“If you say so, it makes me feel relieved.”

She bowed her head.

The gesture is very cute and animal-like. Because of her fluffy chestnut hair.

Her hair was neatly trimmed at her shoulders and looked soft.

“Thank you very much for your kindness, Rina-san, I am Cassandra. Will you accompany me to the medical office? If it would cause any inconvenience to your sisters, please don’t worry about it.”

“No, Rita and Rize have gone off to explore the campus.”

“If you don’t have anything to do, you should follow the teacher’s instructions and go home, but that’s not for me to say, since I’m asking you to accompany me, Rina-san.”

She giggled and smiled and Rina’s face broke out in a smile too.

She asked her to lead her to the medical office, but of course Cassandra knew where the medical office was.

But listening to her voice made her heart feel warm, and above all, it made her feel that her discomfort was gradually fading away.

She wanted her to stay with her, even if only for a little while.

“It seems that you have spoken to many people today, right?”

“Yes, I am very grateful for that. In the countryside, everyone is so used to us that they lack the awareness that triplets are a rarity.”

“But everyone seems to have taken to you sisters. I know I’m slandering my own people, but it’s unusual for the children of a noble family to be so friendly to scholarship students from the very beginning. That’s why I was surprised at first. It’s only natural, when you are so lovely.”

No matter how many words she tried to say, she could perceive malice in her words in a forced way, and it could all be taken as sarcasm or irony.

But she seemed to take it in good faith, and thanked her bashfully.


It would be a crime to take this little animal home, Cassandra gulped and resisted.

“Cassandra, what are you doing taking a scholarship student with you?” 

She turned down the hallway and right in front of her was an acquaintance.

The male student looking at Cassandra with a suspicious expression was Ralph, the Duke of Weil’s son.

He, too, is a son of a great noble family with beautiful blonde hair. Perhaps to differentiate himself, he wears his hair that was longer than his shoulder tied in a single lock at the height of his neck and hanging it down to his chest.

Ralph’s red eyes are very beautiful. When he looks at her again, she gets a shock, even if he doesn’t like her.

It is a real advantage to be beautiful.

“Before I went home, I felt unwell. Rina-san noticed my condition and offered to accompany me to the medical office.”

“You are…..?”

Ralph then turned his attention to the girl next to her, who was looking at them.

She is a petite girl, not a great looking girl. If it weren’t for the fact that they are triplets, there’s a good chance they wouldn’t have caught the eye of an ordinary commoner.

Even in the game, if she had not raised her attractiveness parameters to a certain degree, she would have been depicted as being alone at recess or not conversing with her classmates at lunch.

However, Ralph is interested in the current Rina.

That is understandable.

She is mild-mannered, gentle, and kind, and her personality oozes out from every part of her, which is exactly the type of person that Ralph is interested in.

“Cassandra, are you aware that you are the prince’s fiancee? We are not just students, we are supposed to be role models for them. And yet, you fall ill on your first day at school. And even bother a scholarship student and make them stay until this late in the day.”

“I am very sorry for bothering her, and I am grateful for her kindness.”

“If you can’t take care of yourself, I can’t entrust you with any work.”

This is his attitude toward Cassandra.

This is an aspect that was not so obvious when playing the game, but when you actually interact with them, you notice their condescending attitude toward Cassandra, even if you don’t like it.

This is the villainess correction, how horrible.

The real Ralph is not this condescending man.

She knows it.

Ralph is the heir to a great noble family, and he works hard day and night to live up to their expectations.

He is a man who is strict with himself, never resting even when he catches a cold or gets injured.

He is always a gentleman and kind to all women except Cassandra, who is forced to play the role of a villainess by the world. He loves animals and has many dogs at his private residence.

Whenever she returned home, she would look at him surrounded by these fluffy dogs to relieve her fatigue!

She wonders how many times she has enjoyed his defenseless bare face in the extra pictures in her previous life.

‘Damn it, I’m getting healed over here!’

She had a flashback of her former self throwing a cushion.

Haha…even if he believes in “being nice to women”, she can’t resist her fate, being loathed as “Cassandra the Villainess.”

If it had been any other woman, Ralph would have followed her to the medical office, concerned about her health.

“I am very much obliged to you for your advice. As I said earlier, I am not feeling well. Above all, I must let Rina-san return to her sisters as soon as possible. Please make way for us.”

“I am sorry, Miss Rina, for troubling you in a place you are not accustomed to. We will do our best to make her aware of her role as the next queen. Please take good care of her.”

“Yes, I will take care of her.”

Rina made a curtsey gesture.

The way she lifted her not-so-long skirt was somewhat awkward and even unsophisticated.

It is very good that she tries to be polite to the best of her knowledge, even if it is an unfamiliar gesture.

It must be difficult to do so when meeting someone for the first time.

When she glanced at Ralph, he tried to look nonchalant, but she thinks he had fallen completely in love with her.

Ralph’s feelings were understandable, as Rina was exactly his favorite type of girl.

She nodded her head repeatedly out of their line of sight, “Uh-huh, uh-huh”.

After he finally stopped blocking their way, Ralph walked past them with a composed look on his face.

She didn’t care about his silent pressure.

“He is called Ralph von Weil, He is the eldest son of the Duke of Weil, and is known as the role model of a gentleman. Since you are going to spend time at this school, it would be good if you could get close to Ralph-sama.”

Perhaps this could work.

Being so close to the flustered Ralph, made her compassion for him come out.

Rina and Ralph are the perfect combination to get the true ending, the saint route.

She would like them to get closer by all means.

It’s easy to be a springboard for that.

“…..Thank you for telling me about him. Oh, Cassandra-sama, please look at that! The fountain in the garden there is so big, I’ve never seen a two-tiered fountain before.”

She was soothed by Rina, who was excited like a child and pointing her finger.

But this is just a blatant diversion from her.

She was aware of his attitude, so she didn’t think anything of it.

But for Rina, Ralph’s attitude just now was not the attitude someone would take toward someone who was sick, and it only made a bad impression.

That was the villainess correction!

It’s different!

That doesn’t count…!

No matter how much she screams in her heart, she can’t pretend it didn’t happen in reality where there is no save and load.

I-I’m sorry, Ralph……

The first encounter just had to happen in her presence!

She had an illusion of Rina’s romantic interest in Ralph, but instead of moving along the ground, it went through and went underground.

The gentle Rina doesn’t give Ralph a bad evaluation for his words and actions, and does nothing to comfort Cassandra.

She doesn’t say, “I think Ralph-sama is terrible,” or “I don’t think that’s a gentleman’s way of dealing with someone in poor health.” Yes, even if she did think it, she wouldn’t say it.

In order not to hurt Cassandra’s pride, she can act as if nothing happened.

The protagonist who is too considerate is dazzling.

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