Then, their tangled bodies ran towards the end of pleasure. Heath swept away my sweaty, tangled hair. I leaned my head against his hand and sobbed. His big hand felt good. He whispered in my ear, as I was struggling with the waves of intense pleasure running over my body.

“I….like. I like you, Heath. Ah!”

At that moment Heath frowned then dropped his body and took out his penis from inside me. A white liquid trickled down from the tip of his genitals, wet with my love liquid.


“Well, suddenly Julia said that.”


I couldn’t understand Heath’s meaning and asked back blankly. His face was red. But when I reached for Heath’s cheek, he avoided it. For a moment, my body was suddenly lifted and I saw the ceiling. Heath put me in bed and whispered.

“I want to make Julia feel good.”

“Even now, I’m still…….”

I feel good. My remaining sentence was swallowed up by Heath’s lips.

Heath kissed me all over my body. I tilted my body towards his muscular chest, then his hand passed over the top of my head, forehead, and cheeks, and kissed my lips. His moist tongue gently opened the gap between my lips. The feeling of the tip of his tongue brushing my gums was dizzying, and my head was dazed by the smell of Heath’s flesh.

His hand dug into my tunic. He rubbed my breasts and my nipples with his fingertips. With his other hand, he stroked my thighs and waist. Each time a finger caresses my nipple, a thrilling sensation spreads throughout my body. Love liquid continued to flow from her hole, which had already reached its peak once.

“Uh-huh, ah, ah……. Heut, I feel good, Heath…….”

I groaned as I tilted my head. I felt pleasure as if a shortwave kept hitting my body. Heath’s lips touched my earlobes and my ears. The heat of his breath in my ears vividly conveyed his excitement. His rock hard penis touches between my legs.

But instead of shoving his penis straight in, he was absorbed in continuing to suck my body. His lips passed through my neck and collarbone and touched my chest.

“Ah, ah…!”

Heath placed my nipple on his tongue and licked it round. He caressed my thighs and hips with his hands. I’ve lost all my strength in my back. Every time he licked my nipple, my pussy became wetter, so it was slippery even without him touching it.

His hand that was touching my thigh slowly came up. Soon, he broke through my wet hole and stroked slowly around it. His hands were smudged with love liquid. His finger that was rubbing the outside quickly came into the inner part of my pussy.

“Ah, yes, heut……!”

As soon as his middle finger came inside her hole, I flinched. Sticky liquid flowed down his hands to the point where his hands were soaked. His fingers crossed and my eyes turned white.

“Heath, heut, Heath…….”

It was hard to talk as moans constantly leaked through my lips. Heath slightly raised his head and made eye contact as he grabbed the bed sheet with a start. His hand was still caressing the opening of my hole.

“Julia, you don’t like this?”

“No, yes…. Ah…….”

He inserted one more finger and I felt my hole stretch. His two fingers opened my insides and stimulated me roundly. Wetness ran down to my thighs. I closed my eyes tightly. Then as soon as our eyes met, a thrilling sensation spread throughout my body. I held him by the waist with my hand and begged him.

“Heath, here……. Put it in. Hah….”

“Not yet.”

But Heath continued to stimulate my pussy with his hands. My toes curled up.


“I said I’d make you feel good.”

I’m already feeling so good that I’m about to die.

The next moment his hand came out from underneath. Heath’s cheeks flushed when he saw his wet hands. Heath caressed my bottom softly.

My tunic was completely peeled off, and my legs lifted up. Heath grabbed me by the ankle and lifted me up. He kissed the back of my foot and ankle with his lips.


His lips moved up little by little. He kissed my ankle then sucked my calf and then the concave part of my knee with his lips. A ticklish and melting sensation hit my body. He looked serious as he kissed my leg.

“Huh, ……Ah!”

Heath gradually moved his tongue inward, as I could not move his legs. The lips that came up past my knee swept through the inside of my wet thigh. The damp sensation strained my waist.

Heath hung his head between my legs with my thighs wide open. Then he licked my loose vagina with his tongue.


I shook my head to the side reflexively. But Heath wouldn’t let me go and kept sucking me down. Groping the outline with his tongue, he stimulates my clitoris with his lips. With his teeth, he even poked my insides lightly. Every time he did that, I was filled with pleasure more and more.

“Huh, ah, stop……. No!”

“……Does it hurt?”

Heath asked, raising his head slightly. Just from his breath, my whole body throbbed with pleasure.

“Huh, no……. But, ah! Someone might hear outside…….”

“Don’t worry.”

Heath said, continuing to stimulate my clitoris with his tongue. My head sank deep into the pillow, and my back fluttered whenever he poked my hole with his tongue. A burning moan leaked out.

“Oh, yes! Still…..”

“Because I put noise canceling magic around us.”

“Ah, oh, Heath……. Hah, ah……!”

Heath stuck his tongue up and poked my clitoris. At that moment, my head turned blank and my body trembled. My sensitive area was stimulated endlessly by the tingling sensation. Then I lost all my strength. A wheezing breath caught in my mouth. Heath raised his head and hugged me. He kissed my forehead.

His friendly eyes were as sweet as honey.

I lowered my hand and touched Heath’s lower abdomen. Moving a little further down, I caught his firm, erect penis. Heath gasped for breath. Heath’s body tightened as I held his pillar and moved my hand.

My body that had just reached its peak was still hot. I whispered, wrapping my arm around his waist.

“I can’t wait to continue with Heath…….”


Heath took a pose, kissing my forehead and cheek. He slowly caressed my body and adjusted the tip of his genitals to my vagina. With one arm supporting his waist, Heath drew closer.

The end of his solid penis touched my wet entrance and dug inside. My softened body opened up and accepted him. Although he paused a little at the entrance, his genitals soon entered me to the hilt.


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