Heath was startled and pulled away from me. His pale cheeks turned red. Panic spread in his eyes like wildfire. I grabbed Heath’s arm, who was trying to back off. Heath was surprised, but he couldn’t bear to shake off my hand.

“You can do it, Heath.”


“I missed you, too. So you can do it. No, do it.”

Heath, who was about to step back, lost his balance and sat down. His back fell on the bed. I approached Heath and put my knees between his thighs.

“I saw Julia’s hallucination every day. You showed up and blamed me and cursed me. You died because of me, I was tormented, every night…….”

“I don’t blame Heath.”

Heath stiffened his face when he saw the marks on my shoulders and wrists. I tried to touch the mark with my hand, but I paused and exhaled a heavy breath.

“No matter how hard I looked for you, I couldn’t even find your body. Instead, I wanted to make all the people who hurt Julia look the same. But how are you here? As expected, is this a dream? Will you disappear again when I wake up?”


Instead of answering, I kissed Heath. At first, I gently put the tips of my lips together, and then slowly licked his lips with my tongue. He spat out a slow breath as I whispered in his ear.

“You’ll know if it’s real, right? Yes?”

I overlapped our lips again. This kiss was deeper and longer. As soon as I licked Heath’s lower lip with my lips, his tongue came into my mouth. His tongue swept through my mouth with great force.

When I opened my lips and exhaled briefly, Heath pressed his lips together as if he would swallow even my breath.


The kiss was soft and persistent. Heath seemed to want to eat my lips. Every part of me that touched him was hot. His tongue came in between my open lips as I was spitting out a quick breathless breath. His touch on my ears and hair felt good.

I got up on my knees and clasped his head with my hands. I had his black hair wrapped around my fingers. Heath’s eyes shone with excitement.

As our lips overlapped, my body gradually heated up, and so did Heath’s. All the senses of my body seemed to be leaning towards him the deeper his tongue got.

The hair stood on my body.

He sucked at my lips tenderly and persistently. I thought I could kiss him like this forever.



Heath gripped my chest. He rubbed my chest slowly with a strength that didn’t hurt and put his finger inside my tunic. A rough hand caressed the side of my chest. Heath swallowed the groan that leaked through my lips again.

Heath, who was slowly stroking my chest, pulled down my tunic’s hem. My white chest was exposed under my clothes. Heath let go of my lips and lowered his head. He buried his head between my raised chest. His hair touched my chest and it tickled.

“Uh, Heath…”

Heath buried his head deeper and breathed slowly as I flinched. Every time his hot breath touched my chest, my whole body tickled. I felt like he was scouring my body with a very soft brush.

“You smell good.”


My heated body made me dizzy which was evident just by the trembling of my voice. Heath’s hand was energized as soon as I sighed. Heath, who slowly stroked both my breasts with his hands, moved his lips.

“Heut, ah!”

His lips covered my nipples. He turned his tongue round on my chest and sucked my nipples with his lips. Deep inside my body, there was a burning sensation, and my back trembled. Naturally, Heath’s hand, which hugged my back, strengthened.

“Uh-huh, ah, hhh…….”

“Pretty. . .Pretty, Julia.”


Heath slowly sucked one side of my breast, rubbing the other side of my chest with his hand. He put my nipples between his middle finger and his index finger and rubbed them gently. The movement of his tongue was vivid on my sensitive skin. I felt excited just by him touching my chest, I thought it would cum as it is.

I looked at Heath with a sigh. Heath soon felt my gaze and glanced at me. Even that gaze was sweet. He squeezed harder on my chest. Before I knew it, I felt a lump in my legs. I hope he fills me up soon.

Heath’s penis rose between his thighs. I gripped his forearm with one arm, and the other wrapped around his neck. Then I slowly swept my palm across his erection.

“Ugh, Julia…….”

Heath frowned slightly. His groans deepened as I moved my hands.

“Heath……. Come on, this……. Uh, put it in…….”

I unbuttoned his pants with my hand and took out what was inside. I felt a flinch inside as I wrapped his genitals in my palm. I rubbed his erection slowly. Heath’s thighs flinched, showing his excitement. This man with wet eyes was excited to see me.


I climbed on top of Heath and spread my thighs. It was already slippery and wet. I was thirsty. I couldn’t wait to accept Heath inside. Heath swallowed his breath when I fitted my entrance with the head of his rod. A heavy thing poked me down. The sensation of wet skin rubbing gave me goosebumps. I strained my back by moving it little by little.

“Hurry up and put it in, please.”

“Julia, wait…….”

“……Yes, hah.”

I kissed him instead of answering. I licked his upper lip, put my tongue in, and lowered my waist. Heath’s large penis opened my entrance and dug deep inside. I tried to change my position by pulling my legs wide apart, but his penis filled my inside tightly.

“Huh, ah, ah……!”

His penis took my breath away. Heath clasped his arms around his waist. Even though he was just putting it in, my whole body felt it.

“I’ll move.”

“Uh, uh, uh, uh……. Ah!”

I answered with a groan and a broken voice. Heath slowly moved his waist up. Whenever that happened, my body shook up and down, and I felt like my body was about to melt down. I vividly felt the wet skin rubbing against mine.

“Heath, ah, yes, hah……!”

I moaned, clinging to Heath. The stimulus was too strong. His penis filled me to the brim, then slowly moved back, and then stabbed me again with strong force. Love juice flowed constantly through my wet entrance, and there was a slick, wet sound every time he moved.

It felt like I was boiling in a big pot. The part where they touched melted my body, and the dizzying pleasure left me dazed. All I could do was sob his name. Heath looked at me with wet eyes and he was lovely.


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