I know in my head that that’s not true. But whenever Heath told me he liked me, I couldn’t get rid of the thought. The deep-rooted thoughts did not go away easily. Still, I thought I could trust Heath if he greeted and welcomed me. So I came here with anxiety and expectations.


I couldn’t take it any longer. Tears clouded my eyes.

Then the blade of a knife was thrusted in front of my eyes. I was nervous about being stabbed, but the black blade stopped right in front of me. Heath held the sword in reverse and held out the handle.

I didn’t know what it meant, so I stayed still, and he raised my hand on the floor. My hands are cold. He opened my palm and gave me the handle of the sword. Where the blade is headed, it is Heath’s chest.

Heath had a small pattern on the back of his left hand. It’s a sign of evil spirit. However, unlike the first time I saw it, a black force rose from the pattern. As the goddess said, the power was about to wake up. The resurrection was imminent.


Surprised, I tried to pull my hand back. But Heath pulled my hand with more force. The tip of the blade tore his clothes and touched his skin. If I reached out a little more, the blade seemed to poke his skin.

I got goosebumps. But Heath continued, holding my hand firmly.

“You know my name.”


“Real name.”

I was surprised because I knew what his name was. True name. The real name and the perfect oath of obedience that demons are born with. Heath had only once revealed his true name to me. I stammered through my memory and spat out the name.

“Heathcliff Riolt Asmodeus…….”

“Yes, you remember it well.”

Heath smiled lightly as if to praise a child. But the smile stayed around his mouth for a while like a bubble and then subsided again.

Heath went on quickly, as I groped in the path of the faint laughter. It was a heavy voice.

“After waking up from the seal, I was originally going to start a war right away. I started a war and tried to wipe out the hateful human beings who sealed me. The blood in me whispered to me, “That’s what it’s like.” But after I met Julia, my revenge got better. I thought it would be trivial if I could get Julia into my hands. But….”

Heath swept my hair with one hand. Long blond hair wrapped around his finger and fell off. His fingertips were cold as if they were frozen.

Even though I was right in front of him, he blurred out the end of his words as if he were talking about someone far away. His eyes were directed to a faraway place, not me.

“Now I understand the meaning of what Gremia said and said that only you can save me. But the goddess is wrong. It’s the other way around, you’re the only one who can kill me.”


“Soon, the power sleeping in here will wake up.”

I felt his skin through the tip of the knife. The touch gave me goosebumps. I shook my head and tried to take his hand off, but Heath’s grip was so strong that he didn’t budge.

“If you stab me here while calling my name, you can seal me completely.”

Heath let go. And he looks down at me as if I should stab him right away. The anger from a while ago is gone and I was just staring at him.

But there is no heat in that gaze. Even though the tip of the knife poked his skin, he rolled without feeling the pain. Tears rolled down my cheeks, his face blurred.

“Heath, cliff…….”


I can save the world by stabbing him with the knife. I remembered the villagers who were afraid of war, and the child who collapsed on the floor and cried. The goddess said that the world will perish when the power of the evil god Ramuta wakes up. What is before me is the root of disaster and destruction.


The trembling barrel did not strain my hands. I put my hand forward. Blood drips on the edge of the knife. A wheezing exhale escaped from his lips. It was as heavy as a stone on his tongue.

What about Heath? Even if Heath’s words are real, to save the world, what happens to Heath? The word of the goddess was to save Heath.

I came here to save Heath, to see him again. Not to stab a sword into his heart.


The sword fell from his hand and rolled on the floor.


Heath chewed his lips when I didn’t pick up the knife again. The next moment my body rose to its feet. Heath made me lie face down on the table in the barracks. I turned my head and tried to look at Heath, but I couldn’t move at the barrel he pressed on my shoulder.

My tunic has been rolled up. Heath put his thigh between my knees and spread it out, and then stuck it close. He overlapped his upper body up and grabbed my thigh. Even though the part where they’re touching was hot, the back of my neck was clear.


It’s scary. I was surprised by his rough behavior and sobbed out. Heath’s hard knee touched the inside of my thigh. My whole body trembled. It didn’t seem like the Heath I knew. Heath buried his head in the back of my neck. His lips are hot. A murmur followed.

“Do you know what a terrible night it was when you disappeared like that? I’m going crazy every time you show up like this. I want to destroy everything and leave myself to the power of this blood. That would be easier.”

I closed my eyes tightly and opened them. His words sounded strange. Only the emotions contained in it stabbed me hard. Crying broke out with trembling breath.

“Why aren’t I waking up after all this?”

What does he mean? As I struggled, I felt Heath’s upper body hardening on my back. I twisted my body and turned my head. This time Heath didn’t push me down.

Heath was in front of me with a startled expression. I reached out and touched his chin. He opened his eyes wide.

“No way…. Is it really Julia?”

It was as if I had made eye contact with Heath for the first time. I gently swept his chin with the recesses of my palm. The focus gradually returned to his eyes, and his expression softened.

Heath held my hands together. He rubbed and rubbed slowly as if he was checking its shape. Like trying to make sure I’m really here. I felt the warmth in his hands again, and soon vomited a heavy breath.

“Julia, are you sure you’re Julia?”

A deep emotion seemed to flow in my heart like water.

“Yes, it’s me. ……I missed you. Heath.”

I know who he is.

It’s Heath.

The person I like.

Relief, welcome, and joy rose like a spring and mixed inside me. I wanted to hug him.

“It’s not a dream or a hallucination. Is it real?”

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