I can’t swim. I struggled with my arms and tried not to sink somehow, but my body kept sinking into the water. Heath, who came running straight towards her, reached out. But it’s hard to hold his hand while floundering in the water. Heath shouted at me, who was just struggling.

“Julia, calm down. The lake is not deep. Your feet will touch the floor.”

……I see.

As Heath said, the depth of the lake was about my chest. As I calmed down, I stretched my feet down, and soon I touched the floor. I was embarrassed in an instant.

I stopped floundering. I was extremely embarrassed.

I came out to the land holding Heath’s hand calmly, as if when I had made a fuss.

The hot spring water made me all wet to the tip of my head, and water flowed from my clothes. I said, squeezing water out of my hair,

“Thank you, Heath.”



But Heath didn’t answer. Not only that, but when I got closer, he even avoided eye contact. What’s wrong? I called again, and I could see Heath’s cheeks flushed slightly.

“Heath, what’s wrong?”

Heath picked up the shawl I had just taken off and held it out without saying anything.

Only then did I realize that my white tunic was translucent because of the water and stuck to my body. The fabric was thin, and the line of my underwear and the shape of my chest were revealed beyond.

But I slept in the same bed as him until just last night.

Heath once put cream on my body. There’s no reason to be surprised at my appearance of wearing wet clothes. Instead of accepting the shawl, I got a little closer to Heath. The distance between him and me was a span. Heath blinked slowly, and his breath became a little rough.

“Julia, your……. Your clothes are wet. You’d better cover it up.”

Ah. Heath is very cute. He avoided eye contact, but I could fully feel that his whole mind was on me. After mixing himself with me many times already, he still acted like a friendly, innocent boy. Who can think of him as the incarnation of evil, Heathcliff, when they see him blushing his cheeks and stiffening his shoulders?

They were surrounded by forest, Coco flew away, and no one was there. So I meant that no matter what they do here, only Heath and I would know.

I grabbed the bottom end of the tunic and pulled it up to my knees. Then wring out the wet tunic. Water flowed down the exposed thigh of the tunic. At that moment, Heath made eye contact with me. His eyes rose from my feet to my legs, and soon touched my face.

I reached out and tapped Heath on the chest.


Heath was startled and gulped down. The movement of his Adam’s apple caught my eye. And the front of his trousers are so swollen that I can tell right from the outside. Slowly, I lowered my hand. As soon as the tip of my index finger, which slipped over his skin, to his lower abdomen, Heath clenched his lips.

“It’s a little cold because I fell into the water. Heath, shawl…. Can you put it around me?”

“……Y, yes.”

Heath, who answered a little slowly, opened the shawl in his hand and tried to put it around my shoulder. At that moment I was one step closer to Heath. The shawl fell to the floor, and our bodies were close enough to touch. My body, covered in hot spring water, heated up moderately and steam rose.

Then I lowered my hand further and tapped his tightly swollen penis. Even though it was a very small movement, I could feel the stiff tension running on Heath’s body. I whispered softly in his ear.

“What happened? My body, it’s not the first time you’ve seen me…”

“Julia, I always become like this when I see you. You’re so….”

“Heath, this…… Do you want me to do it for you?


“If I touch it…… You don’t like it?

I moved my hand down without waiting for an answer. I brushed the swollen part of his clothes slightly and rubbed it with my palm as if tickling it. The mere flick of my fingers around the front of his trousers scared Heath. Heath looked cute when he gave himself up to my touch even though he didn’t know what to do. He hugged me with all his might at one time, and waited for my touch shyly like a boy. My plan is unchanged and I don’t want to marry him, but he was a cute and friendly partner.

I wrapped Heath’s cheek with my other hand. Purple eyes looked at me with hot light. I untied the knot in his pants and tucked my hand in.

His rod was firmly raising its head. As I wrapped the pillar in my hand and rubbed it gently, I felt him flinch and pulse vividly.

“Ugh, Julia…….”

Heath’s hot, soggy breath touched his palm. When Heath and I meet eyes, I can feel something ringing in my body. I wanted to surprise him a little more.

I dragged Heath to a suitable rock around him. Just by pulling his hand with very little force, he quickly followed my lead. But he was startled when I knelt between his legs. I drew myself close to his thigh. I could feel the strength of his legs on top of his clothes.

“Heath, I’ll make you feel better.”


I took my lips close to the tip of his penis, which I was slowly sweeping with my hands. His penis was dripping clear liquid at the end. After slightly licking up the precum flowing through the pillar with my tongue, I covered the tip of the penis with his lips.


Because his penis was large and thick, just swallowing the tip made my mouth numb. My lips were wide open and I swallowed his rod a little deeper. My mouth was full just by pushing in about half. When I licked the pillar with my tongue with the penis in my mouth, Heath’s throat rumbled. I could feel his whole attention focused on this place.

At first, I was slowly sucking his penis and gradually speeding up. Heath’s breath became rougher and rougher with the accelerating speed. I slowed down again, and licked the bottom of his pillar with my tongue. My mouth became stiff, but it was good to see Heath nervous and feeling every little move of mine. Heath groaned and excited just by the gentle brush of my lips.

Their eyes met. When I saw Heath’s cloudy eyes, I felt thirsty. As soon as his eyes combed through my body, I could feel myself getting wet.

Heath bit his lip slightly and reached for me, as if he was trying to put up with a desire to get deeper into my mouth. Then he put his hand into my wet tunic. He grabbed my breast with his hand and pinched my rising nipple.

“Heut, huuh…”

I moaned briefly, grazing Heath’s penis. I couldn’t stand the heavy feeling of my lower abdomen and crossed my legs. The hot spring water soaked in the body has almost dried up.

However, whenever Heath touched me, my cold body felt like it was warming up again. The desire to put him in my mouth right now rose.

“Sigh… Yes…….”

The moment I swallowed his penis deeply, I could feel him flinch in my mouth. I swallowed him with more force. I wanted to bring him to a climax. It was a strange pleasure that I was swallowing his most sensitive and weak parts.

Heath caressed the top of my head, shoulders, and chest with his hands. Before I knew it, I was soaking between my legs.

“Julia, ugh, stop.”

But Heath suddenly pulled back and pushed me slightly. Penis, slippery with saliva and other liquid, popped out of my mouth, and the saliva formed a silver thread. What’s wrong with him? He seemed to like it.… Maybe he didn’t like it. His penis, who had not cum yet, was still standing firm.

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