In the temple, no matter how high one’s position was, they could not be served by a personal servant. However, to have a personal attendant, it felt like I had become a high-ranking person, so I was excited. Being in a luxurious room from start to finish is worth living as a prisoner of the Demon King.

My joy is that Jeremy,

“The bath water is ready.”

The moment he said this, my happiness grew bigger and bigger.

“Ah, thank you, Jeremy!”

I kissed Jeremy’s white cheek.

“Ah, Lady Julia … .”

Jeremy blushed and led me to the attached bathroom.

The bathroom attached to my room was large enough to swim inside. In a spacious room with marble tiles, there was a bathtub with gushing hot water.

I took off all my clothes, laid them neatly next to me, and went into the bathroom. The water, sprinkled with petals and mixed with perfume oil, gave off a sweet yet refreshing scent. The warm water soon made my body relax.

It’s really cool to be able to wash your body with warm water to your heart’s content. Even in the middle of winter, the temple only provided one gourd of hot water per person. It was terrifying to think of the days when I was shivering in the cold and trying to wash my body somehow with a bucket of water.

In a word, the Demon King’s Castle was a luxurious and wonderful place that could not even be compared with the temple. It was so comfortable. As I warmed up in the fragrant water, I decided that I would never go back to the temple again.

The purpose is to steal the ransom and run away to the southern country, but this comfortable demon realm would be nice to enjoy for the meantime.

“Because the Demon King is the best!”

After taking a leisurely bath, I covered my warm body with a towel and went back to my room. I was trying to dry my body in the empty room, when I suddenly heard a low voice from one side of the room.

“I’m glad you like this place.”


It was Heath. Startled, I covered myself with a towel again. But he didn’t care and came towards me with big strides.

Oh really, Heath is so handsome. The purple eyes were innocent yet dazzling, and the clear facial features were satisfying just to look at them. Among the luxurious life of the Demon King, the best is Heath. He has a beautiful body, has good looks, and even good at sex.

How good would it have been if he wasn’t a demon, and also a demon king.

I don’t believe in love. How many times have I seen people who got married because they loved each other to death, then went to the temple to get a divorce? My parents who loved me and gave birth to me also abandoned me in an orphanage. Romantic feelings quickly cool and discolor.

Heath says he likes me now, but he can’t be sincere. Humans and demons have been at odds with each other for a long time. I guess he’s just talking about taking responsibility and getting married because I’m the one to whom he gave his virginity to. It’s hard to believe that he is a virgin with such good looks and agility, but he’s pretty savvy in that respect.

Moreover, Heath is a very attractive man. Anyone would fall for him. Then he will forget me in no time.

After all, it is best to enjoy the ransom money in moderation while traveling to the South.

“Give it to me.”

With that thought in mind, I was about to wipe my wet hair with a towel, but Heath took the towel from my hand.

“It’s alright, I can do it.”

I said that, but Heath insisted.

“Let me do it.”

Heath sat me down in front of the large mirrored dressing table and wrapped my long hair in a large towel and started wiping away the moisture. His hands were very soft and careful. He pressed the towel with his palm and wiped it thoroughly. Long blonde hair fluttered softly in his hand.

“It’s a pretty golden color.”

A soft voice came from behind me. It was such a good voice that my heart was pounding. I could feel my heart pounding at the warmth of his voice. Then his finger touched my earlobe and my neck. My body flinched and trembled at the tickling yet strange sensation, but Heath was calm. Am I the only one who thought it was weird? I raised my head and looked in the mirror.

As I looked through the mirror, our eyes met.

“What’s the matter, Julia?”

Heath asked and continued to wipe my hair. It was a very strange yet shameful feeling. The soft touch that touched my body and then fell, felt more bizarre than any naked caress.

Every time Heath’s breath touched the top of my head, something inside my body tingles. When he touched me like this, he seemed to treat me very dearly. Suddenly, the moisture in my hair was almost gone. I pushed Heath back, trying to get up from the chair.

“I, is this enough? It’s all dry.”

“Julia, wait a minute. This.”

Heath pulled a small bottle of oil from the drawer of the dressing table. As soon as the lid was opened, a strong scent that seemed to be melted roses emitted. It was rare to see such a thick rose oil.

He put a little oil on his palm and spread it gently all over my hair. My dry hair shimmered in a lustrous sheen, slicking it around his fingers. The sweet scent of roses made my head dizzy. He grabbed a handful of my hair, kissed it loudly, and spoke softly.

“It’s pretty, Julia.”

But Heath’s hand didn’t stop there.

“You’re all dried up.”

I was about to put on the tunic I had placed next to me, but Heath’s hand intercepted it. Why? While expressing my confusion only with my eyes, Heath pulled out another glass bottle from the drawer.

A translucent, sticky cream was contained in a wide-mouthed glass bottle. It was a moisturizing cream with milk and flavoring. The cream had a sweet smell.

“It would be better to put this on.”

Heath scooped the cream with his hand and placed it on my arm. The part where the cream touches is cold.

As soon as it touched my skin, it melted softly according to the temperature of my skin.

Heath began to meticulously apply the cream with his fingers from the back of my hand to the top of my arm.

Heath’s expression was serious, as if applying cream was a very important task. He rubbed my arm with a pleasant amount of force, then spread the cream over my neck and shoulders. His hand gliding over the cream was somehow strange.

But Heath’s hand gradually went down. He rubs my clavicle with his slippery fingers. Wait, down here… … .

Startled, I grabbed the towel that covered my body.

Even though I had already had sex with Heath, it was embarrassing to show my body somehow. Maybe it’s because he’s just concentrating on applying the cream. But his hand tickled, like it was caressing my body. What’s more, the moment his hard fingers tickled the flat area under my collarbone, a moan came out of my mouth.

“… … .”

I bit my lip in surprise. But Heath didn’t care and was putting cream on the nape of my neck. Thank god. I guess he didn’t hear. I breathed a sigh of relief and tried to push Heath away when it was done.

Heath pointed to the towel I was holding on to, and said.

“Julia, if you don’t remove the towel, I can’t apply more.”

“I’ll do it. I’ll do it, so stop… … .”

“You don’t have to say that. yes?”

There was a slight playfulness on Heath’s face as he said that. With little force, Heath pulled off my towel with ease. My undressed upper body was revealed in front of him. He opened the vial and put more cream in his hand. As I imagined that hand touching my chest, goosebumps welled up all over my body. I closed my eyes slightly.

A cold sensation touched my body. The cream, which melted at my body temperature and flowed down, gently rubbed the palm of his hand. However, contrary to my imagination, his hands only touched the skin around my nipples, avoiding the hard end of my chest. Then Heath raised his head slightly and asked.

“What were you thinking, Julia?”

My cheeks turned red as if I had just heard the thought.

“Uhm… … .”

A sensation of pleasure and tickling ran over my chest. Heath… … . After murmuring like that, Heath smiled slightly and took his hand to my chest. He grabbed my breasts with both hands, rubbed them in a circle, and rubbed the tight nipples. The feeling of the slippery cream touching the nipples was dizzying.

“Ha… … . oh!”

An indescribable sobbing flowed from between my lips. I felt wet between my legs covered with a towel. His hands were neither rough nor impatient, but rather relaxed and gentle to the point of being anxious. The more he did, the more my body seemed to melt.

“heath… … . Heut.”

“It’s hard here.”

“Yes… … .”

Heath rubbed my nipples, then rubbed my nipples between his index and middle fingers. But the more he touched it, the harder my nipples became. There was a loud gurgling sound from the cream smeared over my body.

“ha… … .”

Slowly, Heath’s hand went down, applying the cream around my navel and down to my waist and back. Especially when he rubbed the concave part of my waist in a circular motion with his palm.

My voice was leaking out, and my bottom got even wetter. In his hands, it was as if I had become a slippery, moist dough.

Then suddenly Heath knelt before me on his knees and grabbed my ankles. My legs were exposed through the gap in the towel, up to her calves.

I was surprised. The higher the status, the more taboo the act of lowering one’s head is. The emperor of the empire must not lower his head to anyone, and the pope was similar.

But Heath, the ruler of the Demon Realm, knelt in front of me too easily.

“You are the first one I’ve ever kneeled to.”

Heath mumbled with a playful smile, as if he had noticed my question. Those words gave me a strange sense of satisfaction.

It felt good that Heath was concentrating on me, and I felt like I was a real temple treasure.

It’s not like that.

Heath placed my feet on his palms, and gently kissed the tops of my feet. The place where his lips touched felt hot. Then he opened the glass bottle with the cream and spread the cream over my lap. He wrapped my calves with both hands and applied the cream.

I squeezed the towel tighter in case he might see between my legs moistened with love juice. But as he slowly rubbed my lap and lifted my leg, the towel swung open, revealing the gap between my legs.

“Haah … .”

I could feel Heath’s hot gaze touching the inside of my leg. I flinched and tried to lower my leg, but he intercepted it as he supported my thigh with his hand.

“If you do that, then it’s hard to apply everything to you.”

Heath continued to apply the cream. His gaze was still on the depths between my legs. His hands wrapped around my calves and gently rubbed the recesses behind my knees.

“… … ah.”

As this melting soft and sweet work continued, my breath became tighter, and more and more love juice flowed between my legs. Now, even if I tried to cover it with a towel, the viscous liquid oozing out from inside was enough to wet the towel.

Heath’s index finger ran through the soft part of my inner thigh, and I was quickly worn out.

“Eung … .”

I sighed as I leaned my head back on the chair. My stomach felt hot as if his hot gaze became a fire on me, and it felt like my body was being reshaped in his hands, wrapped in a sticky cream.

His hands reached all the way to the tender skin of my thighs and the lower part of my buttocks. I closed my eyes as I felt the heat rising from below.

“Okay, I’m done, Julia.”

“… … uh, huh.”

But I was not cold. My body, which was overheated, had not yet reached its peak. I saw Heath glance between my knees and said,

“Are there any places that have not been applied yet?”

He kneaded my body very skillfully, yet he was as innocent and playful as a boy. I smiled slightly as I rolled the towel over and pointed deep between my legs.

“It looks like it’s already wet here.”


His fingers touched my damp clitoris. I groaned, bouncing my back up. Then his finger went inside. He entered slowly enough to make me anxious, and then strongly stimulated my inner wall.

“Heath, stop teasing me. hurry… … put it here, yes?”

I barely came close to my plea. He grabbed me with one arm, and with the other he picked up a bracelet from the table. It was taken off before entering the bathroom. Heath fastened the bracelet to my arm and whispered into my ear.

“It suits Julia well. So, don’t forget to wear it.”

My body was hot enough to accept him. Heath leaned closer to me, and I moaned as I hung on his shoulder.

Eventually I had to take a bath again.

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