Heath ran his hand through my hair and kissed my neck and shoulder. I moaned as I rested my back on his chest. I couldn’t get my mind off the exquisite feeling that I felt. He completely moved his body around me. He poked my inside so softly that I could feel it even when he stabbed me in a rough and quick way.

“Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah… … !”

Heath rubbed my inside with his g*nitals while simultaneously rubbing my cl*toris with his fingers. When he stimulated two areas of my highly sensitive body at the same time, my eyes went white. Heath licked the corners of my eyes as I burst into tears, unable to bear my er*genous spots being stimulated thoroughly. It felt like a weak cl*max that continued to overturn my body like a wave.

Suddenly, the body was swung around.

Heath put his g*nitals inside me and spun around my waist. Surprised by the sensation of my inner wall being scratched around, I grabbed Heath’s neck and hung on it.

“Ahh, ah… … .”

I got into a position facing Heath on the sofa. As my posture changed, other places were stimulated. My legs crossed and hung behind Heath’s back.

No one moved at first, then they kissed each other. Heath’s deep kisses made her struggle for breath. And while repeating his brief kiss, he leaned his head on my shoulder and only moaned.

As my inner wall tightened, Heath bit his lip as if it was unbearable. His hands gently stroked my back and thighs, but the movements grew stronger. His breathless sigh bounced back and forth as he poked violently inside me. Heath whispered lowly.

“Call my name. Name… … .”

“Heath, ah, heut, it’s rough… … . Oh, Heath, Heath… … .”

It was intense and affectionate love making. Every time he moved his body, there was a popping sound and the sound of w*t flesh clashing. An intense pl*asure that made my whole body tingle colored me. I accepted the pl*asure rising from below without resistance. As I hugged Heath’s head, Heath buried his head in my chest.

“Hah, haah, haah… … .”

Heath also reached its cl*max. I moaned at the feeling of his p*nis getting bigger from the inside. Then Heath grabbed my pelvis and pressed it tight, pushing his p*nis all the way to the inside, pouring out lukewarm fl*id inside. Love juice and s*men mixed together and flowed down between my legs. I rested my head on Heath’s shoulder, feeling drowsy right after reaching my cl*max.

“Heath… … .”

Heath kissed my cheek, forehead and earlobe and whispered softly.

“Julia, I love you.”

I didn’t answer.

☆*: .。.  .。.:*☆

It was after a very long meal with Heath. Heath said he would show me the treasure trove of the Demon King.

“A treasure trove?”

Of course, I was interested in the treasure trove of the Demon King. That’s huge too. I only had one question. Of course, there must be a huge treasure trove, is it okay for an outsider to enter such a place?

“Is it okay if I take a look at the treasure trove?”

I put such a question in my mouth, but Heath answered with a face that didn’t care at all.

“Of course not. All mine is yours.”

My goal is to run away to the south of the continent by stealing the ransom of 100,000 gold and the tears of the goddess. The second act of my  post-retirement life, in a southern country, the land of pl*asure, with seven handsome men. In the process, I saw an opportunity and thought it would be nice to be able to steal the Demon King’s treasure, but… … .

This is way too big than I thought.

Heath stood in front of the blank wall behind the hall on the first floor of the Demon King’s Castle. And he put his hand against the wall and chanted his spell lowly.

“Treasure keeper, hear the voice of your master and answer me.”

Suddenly, there was a loud noise and the wall moved. Just looking through the wall, a passage that looked like a secret passage appeared. After passing through the passage, at the end of it again came a large door decorated with obsidian. Even the jewels on the door seemed to be of considerable value.

Heath grabbed the doorknob and chanted another spell. The door opened with a creaking sound.

“Waah … !”

The treasure trove was really huge.

As soon as I opened the door, I couldn’t open my eyes to the sparkle of jewels. The crystal-studded wall of the room was littered with gold coins and jewels. There were so many gold coins that they were rolling on the floor, and clothes and ornaments made of gold thread hung on jeweled mannequins.

Heath smiled proudly as I opened my eyes wide in admiration.

“How do you like it?”

Heath’s smiling face even looked a little cute.

“Yeah, it’s really great.”

Who doesn’t like money? Of course, the temple teaches priests to stay away from money, but that’s a story that has nothing to do with me. I like money. Pretending to be noble and sanctified as said in the temple, money may be required. No matter how holy the words of the Goddess, you can only keep them when your back is warm and your stomach is full.

Excitedly, I looked around the treasure trove. Even with a little bit of stuff here, it seemed that there would be no problem in carrying out the second phase of my life. I could build a sparkling mansion for each of the seven handsome men.

The one that caught my eye was the diamond necklace in the center. A large diamond was threaded on three strings, and a pink diamond the size of a fist was embedded in the very center. In particular, this pink diamond was very beautiful, and there was something charming about it. I blankly approached the necklace as if drawn to it.

However, it would be difficult to steal it secretly because it would be heavy at this size. Thinking like that, Heath suddenly said,

“You can take whatever you want if you want.”

I snorted at once.

“Eh? No, I’m not interested in treasure… … .”

“It doesn’t look like it.”

Did I have the expression that I wanted it? I reluctantly tried to caress the pink diamonds on the necklace.

But Heath added.

“That necklace is cursed to make its owner unhappy. Ordinary humans are destined to be decapitated just by touching the necklace.”

Ahh. I jumped away from the necklace in surprise. My hand was just about to touch the diamond. I had goosebumps. It must have been something that was cursed with such a ferocious curse… … . Going to the other world before the second phase of her life is open is a specification.

It’s more like a necklace that you can’t even hang around your neck. I looked at Heath sideways. A pair of purple earrings he has been wearing since I first met him. It is a sacred relic of a temple called ‘Tears of the Goddess’. The jewel egg is small, but the goddess’ blessing is at stake… … In short, it was very expensive.

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