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The identity of the fancy building was the dress shop.

But even during the busy afternoon, the dress shop was empty.

Instead, Cardan was waiting for us with the owner of the dress shop.

“If you’re here, why don’t you sit down?”

Cardan pointed to the seat next to the sofa.

“Oh, your lover should leave.”

Cardan sighed as Knoxus didn’t budge beside me.

“Stand in that corner like a mannequin.”

When I nodded my head, Knoxus glared at Cardan and headed to the corner.

The owner of the dress shop greeted us as I stuck my butt far away from Cardan.

“Thank you for visiting Madame Rosette’s dress shop. Should I find an outfit for Lady today?”

“Yeah. Find me a costume that a stupid narcissist from abroad would like.”

Despite the arcane demands, Madame Rosette did not lose her professional friendly smile.

“Of course.”

Madame Rosette dragged me into the fitting room.

“It’s a long skirt and pearl-decorated outfit with the same color as the sapphire duke’s eyes and elegant atmosphere.”

She crumpled me into the dress without protesting.

“It’s not too flashy for a private date, but it’s fascinating enough to catch anyone at a glance.”

I’ve never worn a dress since I came to this world, but I didn’t feel so bad after wearing it.

I grinned at myself in the mirror.

I looked a little dull from overwork, but when she added a beautiful dress to my pretty face, she burst into exclamation.

As I turned around, the dress fluttered like a butterfly’s wings.

Yeah, this is a Ropan novel.

So far, it has not paid off being possessed in a Ropan novel.

There was no party, dress, and heart-shaking romance with a handsome male lead.

All I had was assassination, poisoning and threatening execution from the male lead.

As soon as I possessed Erina, I had to study the situation of the empire, so I said it all.

“Do you like it?”

I nodded my head to Madame Rosette’s question.

“I love it.”

I almost cried and swept the soft cloth with my hands.

I’ve recovered my lost ropan…….

Being thrilled, I didn’t notice Madame Rosette, who opened the fitting room door wide.

“Should I show it to the people who are waiting outside?”

I didn’t realize it until Madame Rosette kindly asked.

The gaze of Cardan and Knoxus looking at me.

“How do you like it, gentlemen?”

I was dragged into Madame Rosette’s hands.

“The lady looks so beautiful to me, would it be the same in the eyes of the opposite sex?”

Madame Rosette kept on talking as I see Cardan’s eyes, which were getting finer as time passed.

I felt like covering her mouth.

I asked Knoxus next.

“Do you think it’s okay?”

This is much better than continuing to question Cardan.

Knoxus, who looked foolish, blinked as if he had come to his senses.

“Yes, I do. Much more than I imagined…….”

Knoxus, who was talking with a frustrating murmur, had his ears reddened.

Knoxus finally dropped his head.

“That’s all right.”

“It’s ugly.”

Cardan’s voice cut off Knoxus’s words at once.

“And above all, wearing a dress with such an intense color is perfect for being shot by arrows on a date.”

Cardan twisted his head.

“The Duke of Baloa has many enemies. A dull color that doesn’t stand out suits you.”


For the first time, Madame Rosette’s perfect smile cracked.

“Can one of you help me choose a dress?”

“Oh, I…”

Knoxus stepped forward immediately.

“Not the mannequin.”

However, when Cardan stopped it, Knoxus had no choice but to stop.

“I know the taste of a man who’s played well, so it’s the fastest way to choose.”

Cardan glanced at me and headed to where the dresses were displayed.

“Don’t you have a gray or black dress? as inconspicuous as possible.”

A few minutes later I stood in front of the mirror with a grim face.

Madame Rosette tried hard to lighten up the mood next to her.

“Oh, it looks very quiet and elegant.”

“Madam Rosette.”

I could feel Cardan’s gaze staring at me, but I couldn’t let it go without saying a word.

“This is a nun’s uniform.”

“W, what do you mean by a nun’s uniform?”

Madame Rosette’s corners of mouth eventually twitched like a squint.

“It’s a dress that ladies often wear when they ride or go out.”

“Madam Rosette. I’m going on a date, not a ride.”

“There’s nothing like this dress on a date.”

Cardan grinned and scoured the grey log-like dress.

“A dull color that won’t stand out from assassins, a design that doesn’t expose your skin in case of an attack, and a generous amount that doesn’t stick to the body easily when running.”

Cardan let out a short sigh.

“Hasn’t there been a lot of attempts on the duke’s life? I’m saying this for the Duke because I don’t have time to escort you today.”

I naturally thought that I wish he could get an arrow in his open mouth.

I decided to pluck up a little courage.

It was a long-awaited opportunity for a Ropan-like moment, but I couldn’t blow it away like this.

“I have no objection to Your Excellency, but……. I’m afraid this dress will not suit Young Lord Linoa’s taste.”

“Oh, didn’t the duke say it herself? I would know the taste of the Young Lord best.”

Cardan’s smile deepened.

“Sometimes, hiding something rather than revealing it stimulates the company’s curiosity.”

I was taken aback.

As a tyrant in the original novel, he seemed to be familiar with the taste of men with complicated relationships with women.

“Why do you look at me like that?”

Cardan crumpled his face as if he was quite displeased, saying something nasty.

I ignored him neatly and bent down as I lifted the skirt of the nun’s uniform.

“I appreciate your wisdom once again.”

☆*: .。.  .。.:*☆

I left some instructions for Knoxus in the carriage to the date.

“While I’m distracting Count Linoa, you track his carriage down with a sniffer dog.”

It’s been a week since we last saw each other, so it must have been enough time to stop by the slave market’s base.

“When the young lord is with me, it’s your chance. If you explore at another time, there’s too much chance that you’ll run into each other.”

“All right, my lord.”

Maybe I was nervous without realizing it, but there was no word to stop him from saying “master.”

“But… will you be alright by yourself?”

Knoxus clenched his fist and repeatedly opened it.

“He’s not a man you can trust.”

“I can’t believe you’re worried about me.”

I burst into laughter.

“Knoxus, have you forgotten already? I’m the one who missed your assassination attempt twice. Oh, the mouse worries about the cat.”


Knoxus, who had been silent for a long time, eventually gave a weak smile that seemed to break.

The big man was quickly becoming more vulnerable than anyone else.

“That’s right.”

His expression of danger bothered me, but I deliberately ignored it.

I didn’t have time or energy to care about that.

Even at this moment when I have to go on a date with Young Lord Linoa, I will continue to struggle for a successful exile.

“Then I’ll be back.”

So I smiled enviously.

Playfully as if he didn’t see anything.

When I got off the wagon, Young Lord Linoa was waiting for me in front of the restaurant.

“Lady Baloa, you’re here.”

“Hoho, most people call me Duke Baloa, but the young lord calls me lady, so it’s refreshing.”

From the corner of my view, I could see the whole carriage slowly moving away.

The pursuit of Knoxus will begin soon.

I smiled as I placed just two fingers on Count Rinoa’s arm.

“Well, shall we go? I couldn’t even sleep because I was curious about how successful Young Lord Linoa’s business was for a week.”

“Haha, please call me Howard, Lady Erina.”

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