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I opened my flounder eyes.

“Count Gamora? Doesn’t the count have a daughter?”

Based on the rumors, it seems like his daughter is a lady who is active in the social world these days, so if she studies properly, I think she will be able to meet the standards of the emperor.


The Count coughed several times.

“I think it will be difficult for my daughter, as she is more stupid than the young lady of Treve.”

“it’s okay. If her studies are insufficient, it can be solved by giving her a teacher.”

The count’s complexion became even worse.

I began to talk around. Unfortunately, I could hear it all.

“The rumors must be bad.”

“It is said that after a few days in the Imperial Palace, Lady Linoa became a very different person. She can waltz with twenty books on her head.”

“I heard that Lady Treve also went through extreme training? She even set the angle of her elbow when she was holding a teacup… … .”

The young lady of the Marquis is now in custody somewhere in the palace and memorizing the entire code of law. She can’t leave the palace until she memorizes it all.….”

I was a little startled.

It’s all true, but… … .

But I was also falsely accused. There’s nothing I can do to suit Cardan’s taste!

It means that even the young girls voluntarily worked hard to catch the eyes of the emperor.

Public opinion was not good, so I had no choice but to play the role of a cold-hearted servant again.

“No, I don’t think there is a more suitable young girl than Count Gamora’s. Tomorrow I will send the teacher to the earl’s house.”

Count Gamora grabbed his neck and Count Linoa skillfully supported him.

“Don’t be so heartbroken, Count Gamora.”

Count Linoa patted Count Gamora on the shoulder.

“Isn’t there a case like our daughter?”

My conscience began to sting.

Since I was expelled from the position of concubine, my position in the social world would be ambiguous.

I felt very uncomfortable, thinking that I might have blocked someone else’s marriage path for nothing in order to save my miserable life.

I whispered quietly to Count Linoa.

“Hey, hey, well, it’s also my fault, so if Young Ae Linoa has a spirit in her heart, I’ll use my power to-.”

Then Count Gamora intervened.

“I know. It is said that marriage proposals are pouring in because of Count Linoa’s writings because every day is far away.”


As he tilted his head, Count Linoa nodded his head with a serious face.

“That’s what worries me.”

Count Linoa took a deep breath.

“No, well, I heard that the other girls are complaining about how many times I went to social gatherings, I got the nickname of the Waltz Fairy, and the young people showed up to an uninvited tea party to see my girlfriend pouring tea.”

Count Linoa touched her forehead.

“With the money I spent on tea and desserts this month to serve the princes and nobles of high-ranking nobles who come every day, there was only one mansion left in the capital.”

Count Linoa looked strangely proud of his complaints.

Count Linoa patted Count Gamora on the back again.

“So don’t worry too much. Even if you can’t hear it from His Majesty’s eyes, you will surely find a good marriage mate after undergoing special training as a duke.”

Confused as to what this was, Count Gamora grabbed my hand.

“Then I will trust you, Duke. Please be generous with my girlfriend even if it is not enough.”

“Uh, um, yes.”

Still, it was fortunate that my life did not seem to be ruined just because I was chosen as a concubine candidate.

I sighed a little.

Anyway, it was all because of the filthy high-eyed emperor.

* * *

Cardan watched the duke from the window as soon as the state meeting was over, simply packing his bags and leaving the palace.

It was an opportunity he would never have again.

The place where Eleanor was most likely to be was by far the Duke’s Castle.

However, considering the size of the duke’s castle is huge, and considering the space hidden in the secret passage handed down from ancestors, it was unreasonable to examine all of them alone.

In addition, if he hastily explored the duke’s castle, he would lose without knowing the location of Eleanor.

It was safest to follow the duke and find out where Eleanor was, but the duke seldom returned to the duke’s castle.

“I was more deeply attached to the imperial palace than I, the emperor.”

It’s like they’re not even contemplating who the real owner of this place is.

Fortunately, the duke, who had lost his memory, seemed unaware of the dangers of visiting the castle.

Cardan raised his lips slightly and looked down at the peacock loading the cage at the back of the wagon.

He only needs to find Eleanor.

Then we will be able to finally eradicate that duke who pretends to be the master of the empire.

* * *

Located in the middle of the forest on a private property, the Duke’s Castle looked more like a fortress than a mansion of a nobleman.

I looked out the wagon window and looked at the high walls of the castle.

I felt a little anxious.

Will he be able to deceive the eyes of the peasants who have seen the Duke of Baloa for a long time?

Even if I make a mistake, my identity will be revealed.

I was worried about playing someone I didn’t know at all, but that didn’t mean I couldn’t stay in the Imperial Palace.

“It would be better than an imperial palace anywhere.”

I was determined to get out of the carriage when I heard a loud flapping sound from the rear of the carriage.


“Aww! Whoa!”

I hurriedly checked the cage.

At first, the feathers flew away, making it hard to see, but I quickly noticed the problem.

“What are you.”

In the cage that should have had only three pigeons, there was one more bird.

There is no way that one who ate poison and died came back alive.

Its pure white appearance resembled a dove, but it was four times the size of a pigeon.

It was so bloated that it was stuck in a small cage and was wriggling without even being able to spread its wings.

Still wanting to defend the cage somehow, the fake pigeon struggled with its short legs, trying to push one of my pigeons out of the cage.

As if he was going to take his place.

“Gugugu! Whoops!”

Fortunately, my pigeons, which were fed a lot of good stuff, were by no means terrified.

Angry pigeons hovered around the bloated intruder, pecking at them.

I caught the fake pigeon at once and took it out of the cage.

“What are you. Where are you from?”


The fake pigeon tilted its head and made a squeaking dove noise.

“Coo, woo! dream.”

“Your cries make a squeaky sound.”

“Koo-Woong… … .”

The pale pigeon flapped its wings weakly.

Then white powder started flying in all directions.

“Uh-huh, boo, huh.”

I waved my hand.

“What kind of dust is this?”

Unsurprisingly, when the fake dove’s wings were shaken, white powder fell out, revealing black feathers underneath.

“You are that crow.”

All the laughter came out.

“The pig that keeps stealing our children’s food.”

The crow hid my eyes and covered its face with one wing.

“Okay… … .”

I started shaking with the pretext of grabbing the crow and wiping off the white powder.

“You just have to show up again.”

As the dust flew in all directions, the crow’s original form was revealed.

“Because you’ll see why I got three pigeons from four.”


The crow jumped and ran away.

I shaved his hand and looked in the direction the crow was flying.

“Isn’t this enough to never come again?”

* * *

“Aww! Whoa!”

Cardan looked at the crow that flew into the forest as a hornbill mountain and shook her head.

I couldn’t keep my hands still, so I followed the duke at the best and came to the duke’s castle.

As soon as we arrived, the sight we found was the peacock waving a white-painted crow.

Like her, Cardan wanted to grab and shake her crow.

“Why were you there?”

Cardan rubbed his head and chewed it small.

“Obviously I would have told you to watch from afar.”

The crow flapped her wings with a disrespectful expression.

It was as if they were arguing over what time period they were planning to gather information.

“So, did you just come up with pretending to be a dove?”

The crow proudly nodded his head.


It was a fight not to insult the perfect plan of infiltrating the duke’s castle under the guise of a pigeon.

Blowing out his snoring, it seemed like he believed that my operation would have been 100% successful if those naughty pigeons hadn’t made a fuss.

Cardan stole the white powder still on her wings with her fingers.

“Who would be fooled if you covered it with chalk powder?”


Cardan wiped the chalk dust off his finger on the crow’s beak.

“I’m screaming, ma’am.”

Ignoring the crow pecking at her hand, Cardan turned his gaze back to the peacock as he crossed the mansion garden.

The duke, who entrusted her luggage to her coachman and cherished only her cage, nodded her head briefly to the servants who had met her.

Guided by the users who lined up in front of the castle, the duke disappeared into the castle in an instant.

Cardan flicked his finger at the crow’s head.

“Follow me and watch. Where does the duke spend most of his time, and whom he trusts the most.”

Cardan said with a deliberate force.

“Watch from afar.”

The crow gave a very upset expression, but Cardan ignored it neatly.

“If we get caught again, I think we won’t have snacks for a week.”

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