There was nothing more dangerous than the disappearance of people every month in the key territory.

But at my words, the count became contemplative.

“No, what do you mean a slave trader. I don’t know that, Your Excellency.”

What do you mean you don’t know?

It is well known that he has a good relationship with the Marquis of Trev, who is the head of the slave market.

The records of the Duke of Baloa also contained information about the slave market.

However, as a duke pursuing only what would benefit her, she only moderately cracked down on the slave market instead of completely eradicating it.

Eventually, as in the original story, the number of slaves exceeds the number of commoners, and as the invasion of Esland and the revolt of the serfs overlap, the empire will quickly decline.

“No need to be surprised. I’m asking because I need it too.”

It’s okay until the fall of the empire. Because it’s good to bounce off before it’s destroyed.

However, it was quite difficult if the number of slaves become too large.

If the number of slaves who do not pay taxes increases, the national treasury will naturally become empty, and as in the original story, the time when Cardan will cut my throat for that crime will be accelerated.

Before that, I have to take care of the slave market.

I gave the most evil smile I could muster.

“I’m also very interested in the slave market.”

“Heh heh, I see.”

The Count finally let go of his guard and rubbed his hands.

“As expected, your eyes are great. You’ve caught up with new businesses right away. I’ll set up a seat for you.”


As soon as I waved my hands, the Count tried to leave his office.

“Wait a minute.”

At my voice, the Count immediately stopped.

“I would like to recommend Marquis Trev’s daughter as His Majesty’s next concubine. What do you think?”

The Count’s eyes widened in shock.

He must have realized that I knew the relationship between the Marquis of Trev and the slave market.

“As expected, you know everything, Your Excellency.”

I deliberately ignored the Count’s words and continued my speech.

“I heard that she is a very kind and gentle young lady.”

“Yes Yes. Of course. I’ll get a seat right away. The Marquis of Trev will also be honored to do business with the Duke.”

I shook my head and shook my hand again. I had no intention of doing business with the Marquis of Trev, but there was nothing wrong with letting them be mistaken.


“I’m sorry.”

As per the emperor’s command, Count Linoa was given an etiquette teacher and made her take several lessons.

Of course, Lady Linoa, who had no blemishes in her etiquette, soon gave up, and today was her last day at the imperial palace.

“I feel bad for things to end up like this.”

I was so upset that I gave Lady Linoa some gifts and made an awkward apology.

Lady Linoa shook her head.

“No. It’s all because of my shortcomings.”

There was not a single ill feeling in the figure of Lady Linoa, who shyly lowered her head.

How can such a pretty woman be called a wild animal? Cardan is too much.

No, it’s also my fault for telling her to abandon modesty.


I felt even more sorry for no reason, so I pretended to fix my one-piece glasses and touched it.

“If you come across anything that you like, please feel free to let me know. I’ll do my best to give it to you.”

I wasn’t a pimp, but no matter how high-spirited I am, if the right arm of the tyrant emperor asked me to marry the emperor, wouldn’t I be afraid as well?

“Thank you, Duke.”

Lady Linoal glanced at the nape of my neck for a moment. Soon tears began to form in her eyes.

Did I make her cry?

In a moment of embarrassment, I looked for a handkerchief and fumbled through my jacket, but unfortunately the handkerchief was nowhere to be found.

“Please take good care of His Majesty. Heuk.”

Lady Linoa eventually buried her face in her hands.

“Huheuk. It’s the duke, so I’m giving up.”

“No, what do you mean?”

She was a young girl with a terrible misunderstanding.

Lady Linoa, who faced my disgusted face, widened her eyes. And all of a sudden she started to cry louder.

“Ah, my emperor, I feel sorry for you!”

I could see the maids who were waiting a little far away, exchanging glances with each other.

Anyone can see that I was the bad guy who made the weak young lady cry.

“Lady Linoa, calm down. I don’t know what you’re misunderstanding, but let’s calm down first.”

With a graceful gesture, Lady Linoa pulled out her handkerchief and wiped the corners of her eyes.

It was definitely a beautiful hand gesture because she had learned etiquette.

“I’m sorry, Duke. It looks like my arms are bent inward too. I’m sorry to the Duke, but I’m going to support His Majesty’s choice.”

No, so it’s not like that.

“It’s been a while, so I better go.”

I tried to hurriedly cut off the young lady’s words before she could make any more strange assumptions.

“The Duke will know for sure someday. How wonderful and nice His Majesty is.”


“The day has come when the Duke of Baloa asks for me.”

Count Linoa, who was sitting next to me, was restless as Marquis Trev gave a rotten smile.

“Haha, thank you for inviting me to the Imperial Palace like this.”

Count Linoa hurriedly pretended to cut the meat in front of him.

“The taste of the food is excellent as expected, Duke of Baloa. Haha.”

The Marquis drank wine without saying a word, as if he was displeased with the humble Count.

“Thank you for accepting my invitation. I haven’t had time to go out because I’ve been so busy these days, but I’m just grateful that you’ve come running like this.”

The Marquis wrinkled his forehead.

According to the records left by the Duke of Baloa, the Marquis, one of the vassals of the previous emperor, pushed him away and had a hostile relationship with me, standing at the center of power.

Before making contact with the Marquis, I thought for a brief moment, for less than 0.1 seconds, to talk to the Emperor about the slave market but… … … … .

If he was a tyrant, he would ask me to buy a slave that would suit his taste. Instead of thinking about uprooting it.

“Thank you Lady Trev for attending this event as well.”

I winked at Lady Trev, who shyly shifted her eyes and focused on the food.

“I don’t know if you’ve heard, but I’d like to recommend Lady Trev as the Emperor’s concubine.”

With her calm aura, chocolate-colored hair and pale green eyes, Lady Trev is the epitome of fragility.

It seems that the emperor is weak against brown haired women.

HIs first love also has brown hair, and the original heroine also has brown hair.

The lady’s hair color was a little darker than that of the woman in the portrait, but it was similar.

There are also people who say that men are not good at distinguishing color shades, so she seemed to fit Cardan’s ideal type.


After that, the Marquis snorted as if he was a little stunned.

“Then, if what happened to Count Linoa happens again, will the Duke take responsibility?”

“No, this man… … … . It’s not like that.”

Count Rinoa denied it a little, but it didn’t seem like he could refute it completely.

It was a reasonable opinion.

No matter how the Lady Linoa had nothing to do with the emperor, it would be almost impossible for a woman who was thrown out of the palace as a concubine to find a good marriage.

But I couldn’t give up here.

I needed a chance to restore my relationship with the marquis, and there was no better way than to successfully make his daughter the Lady of the Emperor.

“Do not worry. His Majesty the Emperor has been looking for a true and gentle woman, and it is no different than Lady Trev.”

Of course, this was purely my guess.

But hey, these people are buying it a little too.

“There is no woman in this empire better known as the epitome of an elegant lady than Lady Trev, right?”

Lady Trevm, to say the least, is a lady of good heart, which is in other words, weak.

Is she the type to cry just looking at the wilted wild flowers?

Even now, she was diligently digging through the salad without even touching the meat.

“Hmmm. It is true.”

Fortunately, my ad libs seemed to work to some extent on the Marquis of Trev.

I pretended to be drinking wine and slyly threw the bait.

“I cannot take care of the Emperor on my own forever. Now it’s time for me to focus on the dukedom.”

“You mean you want to get married?”

Marquis Trev immediately grabbed the bait.

“There is also a succession issue, so it’s an issue that can’t just be postponed.”

“haha. That’s right, now it’s time for the duke to start a family.”

The sound of the marquise’s head spinning was heard up to my seat.

Obviously, he is assuming that I will not be able to handle both work and home care, being a woman.

Then he’ll be able to take my place naturally.

“I am just worried. If I leave, who will look after His Majesty? If the palace is not empty, I would be able to leave the palace in an hour.”

The Marquis smiled brightly as if he had finished his calculations.

“The Duke says he is very interested in new businesses these days? How can I help?”

It looked like he had properly bitten my bait.

“There is someone I would like to introduce to you.”


At that time, a crow flew into the emperor’s office.

“You’re coming back soon.”

The crow flapped his wings when Cardan, who was lying on the couch and waving his feet, gave him a pint glass.

Cardan clicked his tongue.

“Such threats don’t work.”

“Kyeah! Kyaaah!”

“If you betray me and go to the Duke, do you think the Duke will treat you well?”

The crow nodded his head up and down.

“She’s feeding the pigeons well. What do you mean?”

Cardan tapped the crow’s head with one finger.

“I mean, think with your head, not your stomach. Feeding pigeons is all just to detect poison, but you’re envious.”


The crow shook his head.

Jumping up and down a few times seemed like a violent protest.

Certainly, the duke never had to change pigeons day after day like before.

But Cardan could not easily believe that the Duke had changed.

I wasn’t that person. What did the Duke do to Eleanor, whom she had followed since childhood?

“It’s done.”

He clenched his teeth.

He didn’t want to think about the duke’s change anymore.

“Report what the duke was doing.”

Using the dictionary and the aristocratic pedigree, the Crow informed that the Duke was going to visit the slave market with the Marquis of Trev.

A roar of laughter flowed out.

“I didn’t even know the duke was interested in slaves.”

Cardan nervously ruffled his hair.

Again, he thought for a moment that the Duke had changed, and he felt stupid.

“In the end, you’re going to reveal your true colors like this.”

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