The answer was simple.

I finally picked up my glass.

For a while, only the sound of wine going over her throat rang in the room.

I was a little surprised when I emptied the glass.

It’s better than I thought

Her mind was so clear that she couldn’t believe she drank too much, and the burning sensation gradually subsided.

“I think the wine is quite to your taste.”

I think I was trying to nod.

But at some point, my eyes were closing.

‘Ah………… I shouldn’t cause an accident again………….’

Even though everything around me was blurred by the heat, only Cardan’s face remained clear.

Her last memory was thinking that the top of the Cardan still looks so damn good today.

☆*: .。. .。.:*☆

Cardan stared at the Duke of Baloa in a sleeping state.

Her eyes were closed, but she remained upright in her chair.

Sometimes her eyelids trembled.

Perhaps because the alcohol was a compound liquor, it was mixed with stimulants which acts as a sedative.

“The Duke of Baloa.”

Cardan stood up and slowly approached the duke.

The duke groaned as if to answer.

“Where is Eleanor?”


The duke nodded in half.

Cardan’s heart began to beat her a little in a hurry due to a series of reactions.

“Where are you?”


Just as Erina frowned, Cardan pressed her arms as if restraining her.

“Say it. Where is Eleanor now?”

“I don’t know………”

The force of the hand is reflected.

When Erina twisted her arm, something crushed.

Hardly controlling his strength, Cardan loosened his hands.

The shattered armrest fell with a splash.

“You said you knew.”

Cardan struggled to keep his composure.

“Obviously, you said you knew where Eleanor was back then.”

Erina nodded slowly.

Her face was so distorted that he seemed to be in mysterious pain.

“I know……… I knew it.”


“Now I don’t know……….”

One strand of patience ended up being cut off.

When he came to his senses, he had already grasped the duke’s collar.

“That’s a ridiculous excuse. Come on, tell me.”

As his hands trembled, the duke’s body, half lifted in the air, also shook limp.

“Tell me where Eleanor is, damn it!”

Erina breathed painfully.

“I forgot. I forgot everything.”

Tuk. It wasn’t until something little fell on the back of his hand that Cardan suddenly realized.

The Duke of Baloa was crying.

Cardan stared at Erina, who was dead asleep and drunk.

There was a red mark on the back of her neck, and a blue bruise began to come up where he held her arm.

I felt so low that I couldn’t tell whether I was willing or reluctant.

It was back to square one.

There was no way to locate Eleanor.

The day the Duke of Baloa regains her memory, he will again be reduced to a puppet of the Duke holding Eleanor hostage.

The wine glass crumbled from his grasp.

Fragments of glass scattered on the floor.


At the shattering sound, Erina frowned between her brows and slowly opened her eyes.


The first thing Erina did, realizing she was still in his bedroom, was to grope for herself.

As soon as her nightgown touched my hand, I felt a weak relief on my pale face, and somehow my stomach twisted.

Erina, who was feeling for her pajamas, suddenly gave a small groan.

Her forearm was quite swollen, so it was painful just by simply brushing against it.

Cardan wriggled his lips.

“Oh, it was a little rough earlier, wasn’t it? I apologize.”

Only then did Erina’s face turn pale when she found him sitting on a table chair.

“W, What?”

Cardan smiled, hiding his blood-shed hands.

“I didn’t expect you to faint.”

Erina’s face turned green rather than pale.

But watching the duke flounder was not as pleasant as before.

“You must be quite tired. Go get some rest now.”

Every time Cardan opened his mouth, he chinned at the door, suppressing his voice from squeezing out.

He  didn’t want to see the Duke anymore.


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