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So quiet.

It seemed a little embarrassing.

Chi Ning subconsciously reached out his hand to twirl his hair, his face flashed with confusion, then suddenly his eyes lit up with a look of dawning realization.

“I’m sorry, General, I forgot that we haven’t met formally yet, I shouldn’t call myself that, I hope you don’t mind.”

An Alpha who only cares about his career won’t like a clingy Omega.

He needs to be more self-sufficient, and the first phone call after marriage cannot make the other party disgusted.

Although this marriage is fake, Chu Shaochen’s identity is genuine.

The strand of hair that was pulled up on top of Chi Ning’s head shook twice.

“General, don’t worry, I will pay attention to maintaining your image in the future, do my duty to be a good Omega, and will never embarrass you.”

Otherwise, it would be a pity to lose the opportunity to observe the top Alpha of the Federation up close.

Come on, this is a top-notch Alpha, not one of those roadside Alphas who likes to throw pheromones at this beautiful Omega and only thinks about having AO intercourse.

Top-level Alphas are definitely different. It is said that they have very good control, resiliency, and mental fortitude.

Perhaps the physical structure is different as well.

Blink blink blink, Chi Ning had a super-obedient expression with both hands on his knees, he was fumbling his pants in the darkness where no one could see.

Chu Shaochen was shown in the video standing still, without blinking his eyes, staring at him expressionlessly.

Once more, Chi Ning’s pupils shrank slightly as a thought entered his mind.

Perhaps it’s really the same as written in the book that the top Alpha is at the top of the food chain, and they will not easily develop feelings for anyone, they are like polar glaciers with the most indifferent hearts.

Choosing an Omega like him with almost no pheromone is to cover up.

He understands that.

He still has can’t get rid of the world’s eyes despite being the most valuable and rare top-level Alpha in the eyes of the government. The typical condition in the Imperial Star is an AO combination. He was picked so that he wouldn’t have to deal with strange eyes.

After familiarizing himself with Chu Shaochen’s profile, he actually admired Chu Shaochen.

Twenty-four years old, participated in hundreds of battles and made countless military achievements for the Federation.

Isn’t this much better than those Alphas who only drink and have sex, eat from a bowl, and stare at the pot?

Chi Ning straightened his back, his eyes became firm, and he stared straight at Chu Shaochen as a cluster of light gradually rose from the beautiful pupils.

He has formed an alliance with Chu Shaochen unilaterally as of today.

As a low-level Omega, he is fully aware of being underestimated and scrutinized.

Although his Omega compulsory course is at the bottom of the class, it does not prevent him from deciding to form an alliance with Chu Shaochen.

In short, Chu Shaochen will not be looked down upon by others as a result of this fake marriage.

Who said it would be difficult for a top Alpha to find a matching Omega!

“General, you can perform the mission with a peace of mind, I will always support you.”

Qiao Si, who sat on the co-pilot was sending messages to another colleague, and with just a flick of his fingertips, the optical brain message was sent.

Qiao Si frowned as he looked back at Chi Ning.

Did the Chi family’s young master go insane at the Chi family? Why does he appear to be so heroic and righteous?

Chi Ning looked at Qiao Si and noticed his eyes were cold and indifferent.

Withdrawing his gaze, he was about to ask Chu Shaochen when his mission would end when the optical brain cut off the connection.

Chi Ning: “…”

Ah, what a shame he still wants to care for Chu Shaochen.

He sat back, curled his lips, turned on his optical brain, and closed his eyes to listen to “Crossing the Soul.”

In the starship command room on the other side, Chu Shaochen crossed his arms and stared at the disconnected optical brain in front of him.

Another assistant next to him didn’t dare to breathe, coughed lowly, and asked tentatively: “General, do you want to re—”

Forget it, he’d better shut up.

But he knew one thing, after this starship returned to Imperial Star, it would definitely be thrown into the repair shop.

“Unhappy” was written on Chu Shaochen’s cold and resolute face.

The tall figure is seated in a black chair. The uniform’s ink color differs from the leather color, but it reveals an inhuman coldness and hardness.

Why would the optical brain signal be disturbed and cut off at such an important moment?

From the moment it was connected, it was in a state of signal disruption.

The screen freezes the whole time, and the screen remains motionless.

He has been thinking about this Omega for more than ten years, and the first optical brain call turned out to be such a bad experience.

The damn starship signal system had to be dismissed sooner or later. He would never have boarded this cruiser that could be displayed in a museum if it hadn’t been for his battleship maintenance period.

Chu Shaochen straddled his long legs, stood up, and walked to the console, his shoulders wide and his waist narrow, and his uniform gave him the taste of those Imperial Star artists on catwalks.

“Have we entered the CM3 area?”

Assistant Ka Xiu nodded, “Yes, we have entered the range of CM3, and the target starship has lost contact here.”

His eyes darkened, and the air pressure around him dropped even more, “Start M7 search for 20 minutes.”

Ka Xiu dispatched immediately, “Yes, General.”

Chu Shaochen glanced at Ka Xiu coldly, and Ka Xiu exited the command room wisely.

He was a mature assistant now, he should leave some personal space for his boss.

The door of the command room was closed, Chu Shaochen stared at the moving red dots on the screen, took a deep breath, carefully turned on the computer, and opened up the screenshot just now.

Chi Ning’s exquisite and beautiful face, with firm and bright eyes, appeared in the photograph.

It’s his Omega.

His eyes carefully scanned the face, then he saved the photo in his favorites, and when he raised his eyes to look at the screen in the command room, his eyes returned to coldness.

The missing Cumulus One disappeared in an area outside the Imperial Star that was not under government control.

The starship was carrying a Major and two non-commissioned officers.

They disappeared on the way back to the Imperial Star on a mission.

They had no idea how to live or die, and they dared to intercept people right under his nose.

Chu Shaochen was looking at several moving areas when he noticed a very small moving black spot.

At the same time, there was a knock on the door.

“Knock knock.”

Ka Xiu said as he pushed open the door with an anxious expression, “General, there is something I have to report to you.”

Chu Shaochen stared at the screen expressionlessly, his eyes moving with the black dot, “Enter the state of combat readiness and listen to my command.”

Ka Xiu’s face changed slightly as he realized what Chu Shaochen meant and nodded solemnly, “This subordinate understands.”

The other party took the initiative to expose itself.

Although he still didn’t know the purpose of the other party’s visit, things became interesting.

Chu Shaochen moved his wrist, activated terminal synchronization, and strode out of the command room while wearing an open-fingered black leather glove.

After an hour, the suspended hover car drove into a private house.

The house was not large, but there were guards at the door and inside, as well as Chu Shaochen’s personal guards, a total of eight people patrolling the garden in shifts.

Qiao Si and the driver came out of the hover car after it came to a stop.

Chi Ning, who was drowsy, opened his eyes in a daze when he heard knocking on the car window, and he habitually lay down on the car window to look out, then his eyes gradually brightened.

What a beautiful garden, it’s full of roses.

Many creatures have lost the environment and conditions on which they depended for survival since the blue star fell apart, and many species have disappeared in the long river of time.

Although it can be restored today, it has extremely high requirements for the living environment, unlike humans, who can gradually adapt through generations of evolution.

Chi Ning happily pushed open the car door and gazed at the patch of roses.

“Young master Chi, I’m the housekeeper of General’s family. If you have any questions in the future, you can tell me.”

“My name is Voss,” said the man, who was over half a century old and looked energetic for his age.

Chi Ning smiled and looked at Voss and immediately said, “Hello Mr. Voss.”

Chi Ning’s attitude caught Voss off guard. He expected Chi Ning to be upset or unwilling by this marriage without an emotional foundation. After all, despite the fatal attraction, the top Alpha also has a more powerful destructive power.

Top-level Alphas are not as sought-after in the marriage market as ordinary high-level Alphas.

“Young master Chi, do you need me to get someone to help you with your luggage?”

“No, no, I bring very little with me, there is Qiao Si—”

Chi Ning had just remembered Qiao Si’s expression. He was a little embarrassed to look at him. He was caught in the act, so he had to show a smile, “There is a very heavy luggage, and it contains my books.”

“It’s good that you like to study, then I’ll have someone take them to your room for you and organize them out for you.”

Voss did not have a bad impression of Chi Ning. On the contrary, he felt that Chi Ning’s informality surprised him and at the same time saw hope.

Chi Ning pretended to be calm, and lowered his eyes slightly, “Mr. Voss, you don’t need to help me organize, I prefer to do it myself.”

Those books should be kept private because they are only suitable for reading alone.

He was ashamed to let people see it.

The people around Chu Shaochen were extremely efficient, and the things Chi Ning brought were quickly placed in the room.

It was placed in the bedroom next to the master bedroom, not the master bedroom itself.

Despite Voss’ explanation, Chi Ning did not mind and remained in the room to organize his books.

Every single book was hidden under the bed.

In the afternoon, he went for a short walk and learned about Chu Shaochen from Voss. After dinner, he returned to his room, shut the door, and pulled a book from under the bed.

《Imperial Star First Mecha Master.》

It turns out that the world of high-level Omega is like this.

Chi Ning lay down on the bed and changed positions, turning page after page. He read the book with great interest while using his optical brain to look up words he didn’t understand.

Isn’t this more interesting than the compulsory Omega course in school?

Omega can learn etiquette, flower arranging, and cooking, but can also drive mechas and starships like Alpha.

However, there were only a few positions in the Federation’s military that allowed Omega to enroll each year.

They were all secretaries in the office, without exception.

Looking at the time, it was already eleven o’clock.

His Alpha hasn’t returned yet, could it be that he is not satisfied with his performance this afternoon?

Sure enough, the loyalty of a low-level Omega is like dust to a top-level Alpha.

Chi Ning let out a small sigh of disappointment.

He also thought that his close observation plan could be unsuccessful.

It seemed that he had underestimated the arrogance of the Alpha as a group.

He announced the dissolution of the alliance.

The time of dissolution is fourteen hours.

Chi Ning happened to be reading the exciting part of the story where the death knell sounded for the dead soldiers in the story echoed throughout the entire city when the optical brain’s reminder bell rang.

Chi Ning, startled, wrapped the quilt tightly and stuffed the book back under the bed.

He quickly turned off the optical brain, and a flash of lightning pierced the night outside, reflected on the giant screen’s glass, followed by thunder echoing in his ears.

Chi Ning curled up in the quilt with both hands on his ears and his body trembling uncontrollably.

Chi Ning, who was drowsy and half awake, heard movement outside after an unknown amount of time.

“Thud, thud, thud, thud…”

The sound of hurried footsteps approaching his room door reached his ears.

Chi Ning huddled beneath the quilt, clutching it in fear of being lifted by an unknown creature.

“Young master Chi, the General is back.”

Voss’ voice could be heard outside the door. Chi Ning lifted his head from the quilt and let go of his hand, stunned. He sat up quickly and ran barefoot to the door.

He quickly opened the door, but before he could say anything, he discovered blood on Voss.

Chi Ning’s mind was dazed as he stared in disbelief.

Is it possible that someone broke in and there was a fight, but he fell asleep and didn’t realize it?

“Mr. Voss, are you injured?”

Voss shook his head and said solemnly, “It’s General he—”

This solemn expression, this stammering tone, and the fact Chu Shaochen was already on the way to carry out his mission—

Is the Federation Star has fallen?

Chi Ning took a breath and held the door.

Voss looked at Chi Ning’s distressed expression, and though it was strange, he was taken aback by Chi Ning’s deep affection.

“Young master Chi, General—”

Chi Ning shook his head and interrupted quickly, “I don’t believe it.”

Unless he saw it with his own eyes.

Chi Ning walked past Voss and down the stairs without putting on his shoes.

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