Argention, embarrassed for a moment, read the note again.


His subordinate, Morris, was hesitating over the door.


Argention tended to bite around when madness comes over him.


Morris, who’s aware of that, will walk away on his own.


But now, something is getting into Argention’s nerves.


The handkerchief in Morris’ arms.


His body reacted and twitched at the mere sight of it near him. He felt like he swallowed only a drop of water while wandering in a desert under the hot sun.


Withdrawal symptoms that make you go crazy if you don’t hold it in your hand right away. Argention’s throat felt dry and his brain was impulsive.


“Come on in.”


He needs to know what the hell is that woman up to. However, unexpected results came out.


“The result was that no magic or curse had any reaction to it.”


Argention frowned and reviewed Morris’ thick report, but the results were the same.


“What about the drug test?”


“There was no response detected in drug tests.”


Argention stared silently at a handkerchief with several layers of defensive magic.


Confused by his silence, Morris hurriedly added.


“I took several tests from guild members of different ages and conditions to hold the handkerchief, and I tried to have them carry it for hours, but there was no change.”


Argention’s long straight fingers tapped the table lightly.


“No reaction came out?”


“Yes. It is the general judgment of wizards, shamans, and councilors that it is an ordinary handkerchief.”


Argention felt confused for a moment.




What’s this reaction?


He couldn’t stand it anymore and stretched his arms.


At the same time as he touched the handkerchief, the pain that has been running wild within him as if it would tear him apart completely subsided.


In addition, the nerves that had been sharp to the fullest became dull, making his heavy body lighter.




Argention sighed without realizing it because of the sense of liberation that was rushing in. It even felt refreshing.


Because of this sensation, he couldn’t believe Morris’ report.


Not only the best doctor on the continent, but also the leading magician, and even the infamous sorcerer, was not able to cure his pain.




It was solved with a single handkerchief.


‘This is a normal handkerchief?’




Rather, it was more believable that Roselina sold her soul to the devil.


Argention snorted, but couldn’t let go of the handkerchief.


Considering the owner of the handkerchief, it was unbelievable. Because that person was Roselina and no one else.


Argention regarded her as a leech, trying to cling and bother him. A giant leech, which is the most annoying amongst them.


Roselina wanted to use Palesdon to gain the upper hand, and she did not hesitate to do all kinds of eccentricities to get Argention’s attention to her.


‘Accepting the divorce is part of it.’


Contrary to expectations, Roselina graciously replied that she would divorce, but he did not believe it for a moment.


She’s a person who is capable of doing anything to get his attention. Even his self-proclaimed “wife” was caught preparing for a fake funeral.


It was several months after Argention heard of his engagement. There was an engagement certificate with his name on it that greeted him, whom just returned after leading the war to victory.


“No matter how much she calls herself a godfather, how could she do something like this…!”


“This is an act of disregard for the Duke! Request the withdrawal of this immediately.”




His engagement was the work of Catalina Palesdon, the younger sister of the former Duke of Palesdon. Born in Palesdon, where girls are rare, she grew up as precious as a jade and acted like a stranger.


Catalina became the head of the state after the death of the former Duke of Palesdon, and expressed her desire to swallow Palesdon as it is.


She showed off her influence like this as if she became anxious when Argention went to war and made a remarkable achievement


‘No matter how hard you try to run, you have to obey my order.’


Despite the anger of the lieutenants, Argention remained calm.


To be exact, he was not interested in anything.


He participated in the war to find the answer to his madness. Other problems didn’t matter.


‘If it bothers me, I’ll take care of it myself then.’


Even if it was a relative.


When he ignored it, everyone completely forgot that Argention was engaged.


<The Duchess of Palesdon died. Please return immediately.>


Later, when a sudden emergency flew in, everyone thought Catalina was dead.


When Argention casually picked up the letter, even the lieutenants, who were delighted with Catalina’s death, flinched.


“Ignore it.”


“Your highness?”


“Since when did the Duchess of Palesdon exist?”




Palesdon was short-lived from generation to generation. The former Duke and Duchess of Palesdon also passed away at a young age.


Only Catalina and young Argention are left in the world. Catalina did not marry because of the peculiarities of her family and has led Palesdon as regent.


In recognition of her work, she was called the Godfather. So, there was no Duchess of Palesdon.


As Argention pointed it out, the faces of the lieutenants turned pale.


“Then who…”


“She must have been the woman who was engaged to me.”


Argention was unconcerned about the fact that his fiancée, whom he had never met, pretended to be the Duchess and died.


“Don’t be swayed, go back and do your job.”


He, too, did his job without hesitation. By the time it was all over, it was already dark.


Argention was calm that his fiancée, whom he had never met, impersonated the duchess and died.


Argention could hardly fall asleep due to madness.


For him, the night was very long and boring.


‘Did you say it was Roselina Brighton?’


Perhaps the reason why he suddenly had a bit of curiosity was because the night was still long.


‘It wouldn’t hurt to take a look’


It would only be possible for her to impersonate the Duchess of Palesdon because of Catalina’s consent.


Catalina’s purpose was obvious.


Maintaining her position as the regent of the House of Palesdon.


Not only did Argention come of age, but he also made a brilliant contribution in the Continental War, so once he returned, Catalina’s reign could no longer continue.


But Palesdon won’t last long anyway. Palesdon is a family that gives birth to only one child for generations. Catalina, born as a girl, was just an exception close to a mutation.


Perhaps that’s why she didn’t suffer from madness, unlike an ordinary Palesdon, and she lived an unusually long life.


If Argention had a child and died early, Catalina could continue to rule Palesdon until the child comes of age.


His fiancée would be nothing more than a chess piece meant to seduce him, Catalina’s dog who was brought in for the purpose of producing the next heir.


Argention’s face grew annoyed.


There were two ways to deal with her.


Kill her or buy her with money that is greater than Catalina would have offered.


‘I’d rather kill her now.’


At the same time as his eyes gleamed, Argention disappeared. Soon after, he reappeared at the Palesdon mansion.


Argention, who moved through the shadow, stayed in the shade and hid its footsteps.


Even though it was late, the mansion was bustling. Among them, it was a stranger’s figure who caught his eye.


“Put a dark atmosphere around the entire mansion with a black insignia. That’s how it would look like a real funeral.”




Seeing her pink hair and eyes, Argention figured out the whole story of the incident.


‘As expected, it was a trap.’


Roselina, who allegedly died, was alive and was leading the preparation for her funeral.


‘It’s not even funny.’


Argention’s red eyes settled.


It was obvious. She’s going to do whatever it takes to bring him to the mansion and make him sleep with her.


The result was this.


When he lost interest and was about to return to the barracks.


“I know you’re there.”


“So come out, Argention.”

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