“When I promised I’ll visit you in the Palesdon mansion, I didn’t want it to be like this.”

When I heard that Catalina had collapsed, I immediately headed to Palesdon’s mansion.

“How’s the Godfather doing?”

“There was an emergency last night when the curse of roses manifested, but now it’s calmed down. The rose harmony and perfume you brought were very helpful. Thank you, madam.”

“Of course, I did what I could.”

I was relieved to hear the doctor’s words.

Though I still felt guilty.

‘It’s because of me that the curse of roses manifested to Catalina.’

Just like Jasmine, who met me four years ago.

‘That doesn’t mean everyone I met is cursed by roses.’

Other conditions were needed.

‘What do Jasmine and Catalina have in common?’

I’ve been thinking about it for a long time.

The only thing they have in common is their gender. Other than that, their status, age, personality, and taste are all different

If I have to find a similarity………….

It was the emotion that was contained in their eyes as they looked at me.

“If they like me, they get the curse of roses?”

As I was talking, I thought this wouldn’t be it.

There is a degree to excessive self-consciousness*. What, they got cursed for liking me?

(t/n: She’s trying to say that there’s a limit to being self-centered/vain, that she thinks she’s not so special for the people who likes her to be cursed because of liking her)

However, my ominous foreboding was always right.

A notification that rises above Catalina’s sweaty forehead.

【〈Find out the conditions for the curse of the rose to manifest〉 has been confirmed】

【Quest 〈Reveal the secret hidden in the curse of the rose!(1)〉 has been completed】

【50 fateful energy will be given as a reward】

I solved the quest and received a reward, but unlike the usual, I was not happy at all.

It was the other way around.

‘Is this real?’

My heart sank.

“It’s ridiculous. There are so many people in the Empire who have been cursed with roses. They all like me?”

It was an impossible story.

“But the system doesn’t lie.”

In summary, it was more contradictory.

If you like Rosellina, you are cursed by roses.

However, there are people who don’t even know or like Roselina, yet they have the curse of roses.

Then all I can think of is.

‘Are they really cursed by roses?’

A notification popped up, as I was lost in my own worries.

【A new quest has started. Do you want to check?】

As soon as the notification came up, I accepted the quest.

【Reveal the secret behind the curse of roses! (2)

Your assessment is reasonable.

Not everyone who lives on the continent knows you or likes you.

But the world is full of people cursed by roses.

What causes this to happen?

On the opening day of Rose House, countless people bought rose flowers and perfumes.

Some of them didn’t know you or didn’t like you.

But they didn’t complain that the rose harmony and perfume didn’t work.

They all benefited from rose harmony and perfume!

How is this possible?

There is a reason for everything. Find out why!

-Conditions: Resolve the suspicions surrounding the curse of roses

– Reward: 50 Fate energy】

The quest made me more confused.

‘At times like this, I have to think calmly.’

First of all, here’s what I thought.

There are real curses of the rose and there are fake curses of the rose in the world.

‘The condition for the real curse of the rose to manifest is for them to like me.’

Then I had a new realization.

‘That’s why rose harmony was effective in the curse of the rose.’

In the same way that poison and medicine come from the same source.

People cursed by liking me are cured by my mana.

After all, it wasn’t the rose harmony that mattered. It matters that it was an object summoned by “me”.

‘It is for this reason that after I put my mana into it, the effectiveness of healing the curse of the rose increased.’

So far, I could be certain.

Now the remaining questions were a bit tricky.

‘Why is the rose harmony still effective on those with fake curses of the rose?’

There were too many people who were cured to call it a placebo effect.

In fact, a lot of people sent letters to “Rose House” saying that they were completely freed from the curse of roses.

The real curse of roses and the fake curse of roses are the same but different.

‘The reason this paradox is happening is because………… the real one and the fake one are created by one person.’

After thinking for a long time, I shuddered when I finally got to the answer.

Then a notification window popped up as if complimenting me.

【〈Resolving the suspicions surrounding the curse of roses〉 has been confirmed】

【Quest 〈Reveal the secret hidden in the rose curse!(2) has been completed.〉】

【50 fateful energy will be given as a reward】

I waited for the next quest with a light in my eyes.

But no matter how long I waited, nothing popped up.

‘It’s not time for the next quest to come out yet.’

But I had a hunch that that time would come soon.

‘I should go back and learn more about the curse of roses.’

I wanted to meet the Master right away and make various requests.

I spoke, stroking the back of Catalina’s hand.

“Lady Catalina, I’m going home now. I’ll make sure you get better, so don’t worry and rest.”

Catalina still had her eyes closed tightly.

‘Catalina won’t hear me, since she’s still unconscious. ‘

Still, I whispered, hoping to ease her unconsciousness a little.

“Don’t worry about Palesdon. Argention is already a great family member of Palesdon. You can trust him now.”

I regretted it a little while I was talking.

‘Did I say something wrong?’

I felt a little embarrassed, so I hurriedly got up from my seat.

As a result, my bag shook and an item inside fell out.


I stretched my arm to pick it up.

However, another arm stretched out to pick it up for me.

‘Of all things…’

I recognized the owner of the arm and felt despair rise from inside me.

“It’s me.”

It was Argention who showed up here.

And he picked up the album full of his pictures.


Hennes Guild Headquarters.

“Master. The godfather of Palesdon fell due to the curse of the rose.”

Upon hearing Morris’ report, Argention rose from his seat.

Morris’ eyes widened.

“Are you going? Didn’t you hate the godfather?”

“I don’t hate her. I don’t have any feelings for her. Anyway, it’s true that she’s devoted her whole life to Palesdon, so I’m just showing her courtesy.”

With that kind of mind, he thought he’d return immediately after checking Catalina’s condition.

But after a while, Morris looked pale.

“Hey, Master! Lady Roselina is at Palesdon’s mansion.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“The place where she took Violet with her yesterday is also Palesdon’s mansion.”

Argention raised his eyebrows when he heard the story.

Maurice also squinted in wonder.

“What did Roselina steal from Palesdon’s mansion?”


“I’m sorry!”

Morris jumped at the Master’s warning to watch his mouth.

The atmosphere of the Master has loosened these days, which has caused discipline to loosen.

“Let’s go for now.”

Argention left Hennes and headed for Palesdon’s mansion.

‘Why is Roselina…?’

After their divorce agreement, why did she come back after leaving the mansion?

Argention drove his horse fast without thinking.

He quickly arrived at Palesdon’s mansion.

“Duke, you’re here?”

“What about Aunt?”

“The Godfather is in her room.”

Argention, who was about to pass by the butler, hesitated for a moment.

The quick-witted butler asked about Argention’s intention.

“Do you have any further instructions?”

“…………………I heard that Roselina came yesterday.”

“Oh, yes, she did. After eating with the godfather, she stayed in her room.”

Argention’s ears flushed slightly.

‘Did she feel like coming back?’

Argention walked fast as if running and arrived in front of Catalina’s room.

“Don’t worry about Palesdon. Argention is already a great family member of Palesdon. You can trust him now.”

Roselina’s voice came from the room.

Argention knocked a little, then stepped inside.

What he faced was.


Roselana, who dropped something, failed to hide it in a hurry.

It was his portrait album that fell in front of him.

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