16. Curse of the Rose

“You don’t have anything else to do. Why are you in such a hurry?”

Catalina expressed her disappointment as she stood next to her.

She meant: ‘Why are you going back already, I want to stay with you longer.’

“Lady Catalina. Thank you for taking care of me today. I want to stay longer, but it’s already late.”

I only tried to steal Palesdon’s seal and run away, but I lost track of time as I was treated well by Catalina.

It was already dark, so I thought it would be midnight by the time I got back to Brighton Mansion.

“You have no conscience anyway! You may stay the night here and sleep. How can I, who’s old and weak, drive you away?”

Catalina seemed really sorry for me as I was leaving.

I held her hand with a bright smile.

“I’ll be back, Lady Catalina.”

“It’s none of my business whether you come or not. Why are you bothering me?”

Contrary to her words, Catalina looked quite happy.

Catalina even saw me off on my way to the carriage.

‘She must have been busy taking care of me today, so she hasn’t done much work.’

It has a special meaning for her to devote her time to work all day because she loved Palesdon so much.

When I reached the carriage, I was surprised.

“Why are there so many carriages?”

“Why are you being so tacky as if you’ve never seen these many carriages before?”

No, it’s amazing.

In addition to a sturdy carriage made of ebony, I also saw a carriage decorated with gold and jewels here and there, and a carriage made of oriharcon.

The driveway was lined up with expensive carriages.

‘Where the hell did she get these carriages?’

The carriage that Violet and I rode in was normal.

It’s also a bit shabby because I purposely chose something that was not noticeable.

Buried by the presence of the brilliant carriages in front of me, I couldn’t even see the carriage I was riding on.

“I’ll go back to the carriage I rode.”

Catalina nodded reluctantly when I refused because it was too burdensome.

“Of course you should. You can’t ride that carriage anyway.”

“Ah, yes…”

I’m glad I don’t have to ride it, but why did she show it to me then?

I soon found out why.

Servants began to come out of the Palesdon mansion with loads of stuff.

My mouth opened wide when I saw them.


These were the dresses, shoes, and jewelry that Catalina showed me earlier.

There were dozens of servants carrying loads of items endlessly.

“Catalina. Why is this…….”

“Hmm. These are things that don’t suit me, so I throw them away to you.”

Catalina was a terrible tsundere to the end.

Finally, after loading all the goods, I was able to leave after a long time.

The carriage that was loaded was asked to go to the Brighton mansion first, then I got into my carriage.

Then I handed a small pouch to Violet who was following me.

“Violet. Take this.”


Violet, who never refuses if it’s free, accepted it easily.

“What’s this?”

“It’s a reward for working today.”

“I would be so happy if there was one gold in it.”

“Open up and check.”

Violet opened the pouch as if she had been waiting.

Then her eyes widened.


Violet, who rubbed her eyes as if she couldn’t believe what she saw, checked the pouch again.

Then she raises her head.

“Ms. Banker, are you crazy?”


“There’s no one who gives Mana Stone for stealing for a short time!”

Violet hugged her pouch tightly, as if she would never return the mana stone even if I ask.

“To be honest, I also had dinner at Palesdon today. So I wouldn’t have said anything even if you didn’t pay me………. If you do this, you’ll be treated like a pushover. You’re really going to be my Ms. Banker.”

“Then will you give it back to me?”

“I’ll be taking it with me generously. I think of you as my Ms. Banker anyway.”

Violet unfolded her pouch and stared at Mana Stone with an ecstatic expression.

“I never thought I’d own a mana stone in my life………….”

Violet, who had been admiring it for a long time, wrapped the mana stone back in her pouch.

Then she begged me.

“Ms. Banker, can’t you just hire me?”

“Then what are you going to do with your sister?”

“······ That’s true. I was blinded by money for a moment.”

Violet murmured sullenly.

“What kind of child is your sister?”

“Jasmine? She’s such a nice girl. Unlike a bad girl like me………….”

Violet, who had been tight-lipped for a while, asked me.

“You know, Ms. Banker. I am clueless because I haven’t been to the academy or learned anything. So you can’t report me to the temple because I have this question.”

“Okay. What are you talking about?”

“Jasmine has never done anything bad. She’s a sweet kid who’s always worried about me even though she’s starving. But will Jasmine go to hell because she lived on the money I made from stealing?”

Violet, who doesn’t get discouraged no matter what she goes through.

Violet who’s proud of her life for stealing.

But at this moment, she looked guilty.

“I’m a kid who lives by stealing other people’s money, so I don’t mind going to hell. But Jasmine, she’s not supposed to go to hell. When she was young, the curse of roses came out and I couldn’t do anything. It’s…”


“Sometimes I’m scared. Jasmine is so sick she could die any time. What if Jasmine, who suffered for the rest of her life, will still have a hard time in the afterlife because of me?”

Finally, Violet burst into tears.

Embarrassed, I comforted her.

“It’s okay. God will understand everything. Jasmine won’t go to hell.”

“Thank you.

By the time Violet calmed down, the carriage stopped gently.

It arrived near Violet’s house.

“Thank you for everything today.”

Violet nodded and got out of the carriage.

Violet stared blankly at me as I followed her down.

“What are you doing? Let’s go.”

“Why are you going with me, Ms. Banker?”

“I heard Jasmine is very sick.”

I pretended to take something out of my bag and took out the Rose of Harmony and the perfume from my inventory and showed it.

Violet’s swollen eyes became wide again.

“Ms. Banker… I’ll work half-price for you for the rest of my life.”

So I headed to Violet’s house.

“Since when did the curse of roses manifest on Jasmine?”

“It’s already been four years. She used to be a healthy kid, but she collapsed after playing outside.”


“It was the day when the demon appeared in the capital and it was a mess. When I got home after hearing the news, I found Jasmine lying down.”

A demon appeared in the capital?

“That day, Ms. Banker fell in love with the Duke of Palesdon. Rumor has it that the Duke of Palesdon saved Ms. Banker from monsters.”

“Oh, right.”

That’s why Roselina risked her life for Argention. Because he saved her life.

I listened intently as I nodded my head.

I arrived at Violet’s house on the winding road.

I followed Violet into the house.

“The house is very small, right?”

“It’s cozy and nice.”

As Violet said, the house was small, but it felt cozy.

Violet’s touch was evident throughout the house.

“Jasmine, look who’s here.”

And where Violet was headed, there was a little girl lying, reminiscent of Leonhardt.

“Lady Ro, Roselina…………?”

Jasmine’s yellow eyes trembled.

Tears soon formed in the child’s eyes.

“What’s wrong? Are you sick?”

Violet was restless, but Jasmine only looked at me.

“Rose, I missed you! You said you’d come to see me. Why didn’t you come all this time?”

Jasmine jumped up from the bed that Violet seemed to have stolen because it was too luxurious for the house and hugged me.


“Yes, that’s right. I’m Jasmine. Jasmine saved by Rose!”

What’s going on here?

Looking at Violet, she didn’t seem to know either.

I put together the facts I know.

To find out what Jasmine and I have in common, it was four years ago.

‘Did we meet then?’

So the curse of roses manifested on Jasmine who met me?

‘What’s that? It’s not like I put the curse of the rose on people.’

But then, a notification came up.

[Some of the conditions have been met to complete the quest ❬Reveal the secret hidden in the rose curse!(1)❭]


I couldn’t check the contents yet, but I thought I knew.

And the next day, I got a quick report from Palesdon’s mansion.

It was news that the curse of roses manifested to Catalina Palesdon.

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