This is what I planned.

1. Steal Palesdon’s seal.

2. Manipulate the divorce papers.

If it was possible to obtain a divorce with fabricated documents, it would have been better.

There was no problem even if it failed.

‘If ever that happens, we can just go into Plan B.’

Argention will scream if he finds out I even stole his seal.

‘Then I can move into the real operation.’

I was determined to find out what Argention dislikes and do it all.

Then he’ll divorce me himself.

‘You’ll see. I’ll never give up.’

I took the seal and hid it carefully.

“Is this Ms. Banker’s room?”

Asked Violet, who was looking around the room.

“Yeah. Pretty good, huh?”

“That’s true…………. If I could live here, I wouldn’t wish for anything else!”

“Oh, that’s good. Do you want to become the Duchess of Palesdon?”


I asked lightly, but Violet refused faster than lightning.

“You said you wanted to live here. But why do you refuse?”

“Didn’t you hear the rumors about Palesdon?”

Rumors were a weakness for me.

It hasn’t been long since I transmigrated to this world, and I didn’t have any family or friends to deliver the news for me.

Brighton was not close to many people, given that they have the curse of roses.

Father worked only in the mansion, and Leodor and Leonhardt were no different from children, considering the number of days they came into the world.

The Countess of Maria, who was close to her, was also a person who stayed only in her mansion.

‘What? Is this the only network I have?’

I felt a little upset.

‘The master is the one who is fast when it comes to news, but the master and I had an ambiguous relationship to call him a friend.’

Violet, who read between the lines of my silence, said brightly.

“Oh, Ms. Banker doesn’t have any friends! Then you may not know!”

Violet came to me again and sat down.

“Only one boy is born in Palesdon from generation to generation. You know this, right?”

“Yes, I know, I know.”

Of course I didn’t know.

“And Palesdon is famous for having a short lifespan.”


“There’s a reason for everything.”

Violet leaned over and whispered to me.

“Palesdon was cursed.”


“Shh! It’s a secret.”

Violet raised her index finger to cover her lips.

“I’m not saying this because I think you’re an idiot, but just in case, if I get caught, I’ll be executed for blasphemy against the nobles.”

“Okay, keep talking.”

“Actually, I don’t know the details either. One of the friends I know, Coco, has a friend that is the brother of the girlfriend of an employee in Palesdon’s mansion.”

“Isn’t that a total stranger?”

Violet glared at me.

“Do you want to hear it or not?”

“I’m sorry. Please carry on.”

“Hmm. Anyway, Coco said that the people of Palesdon were cursed and dying.”


“I’m telling you, Coco’s friend that is the brother of the girlfriend of an employee in Palesdon’s mansion saw the Duke of Palesdon in pain. However, he heard from his senior that it was not only the Duke of Palesdon who suffered.”

Argention suffered?

“Do you know anything more?”

“Yes, that’s all. There are no more.”

“I see. Thank you for letting me know.”

“Now you know why I said I didn’t want to be the Duchess of Palesdon?”

“Yeah, I see.”

After answering Violet, I was lost in thought for a moment.

Even if Argention was a sub male lead, isn’t this significant information?’

The sub-male lead suffers from a curse that has been handed down from generation to generation.

And the female lead heals the sub-male lead.

The sub-male lead falls for the female lead who saved him, but she is already in love with someone else.

‘This alone is already a heart-breaking narrative.’

Why didn’t the author mention this setting in the book?

‘If the supporting character had an affair with another person, it would not have been a sloppy setup.’

Rather, it was more reliable to think that the rumors had been distorted.

“What? You’re full just from having a small bite of it a while ago?”

“Didn’t you see how much I emptied my plate earlier?”

“You should have done that quickly and prepared for dinner!”

I was about to go back with Violet, but I was caught by Catalina and was asked to join her for dinner.

Catalina nagged throughout the meal, still not sure if she was cursing me or worrying about me.

It didn’t bother me at all to hear that after knowing her situation.

‘Since she took care of me. I should take care of her too.’

When I checked her out while eating, Catalina seemed to like fruit.

I slipped the fruit plate to her.

“I don’t want to eat this kind of thing. Eat a lot, Catalina.”

“Hum! Your stomach is weak, but why do you make this crude excuse?”

Catalina emptied the plate, as if she felt bad inside.

“Hmmmh, hmmh!”

Catalina cleared her throat.

‘Is there something stuck in her throat?’

Catalina’s table manners were impeccable, though her words were a bit harsh.

It must be serious enough for her to keep clearing her throat in front of the meal.

“Hmm! Hm!”

I was pretending I didn’t hear it, but Catalina almost started coughing.

The sound became louder and louder, so I looked at Catalina without realizing it.


Am I mistaken? I think Catalina wants me to notice her empty plate.

‘No way.’

At the same time, just in case, I pushed the plate containing other kinds of fruit toward Catalina.

“What is it?”

“Eat this.”

“Oh, you’re being mean.”

This time, Catalina emptied her plate again.

‘Oh, I think I know now.’

What Catalina is like.

After meal time.

It was when I was about to get up.

“Wait a minute.”

Catalina spoke with a serious face.

It was the first time I heard her speak at a normal volume since I came to the mansion today.

‘What is it? Did we get caught?’

‘If you get caught, I’ll get caught as well because of Ms. Banker’s expression. It’s not my fault.’

‘You must have left a mark when you stole the seal.’

‘Don’t you know how perfectly I steal?’

Catalina is back, as Violet and I pass the blame on each other amicably.

Catalina stuck something out to me.

“Take this.”

“What is this?”

“If an adult gives something to you, you just say thank you and take it!”

Catalina burst into a rage.

She was so shy that she couldn’t even make eye contact with me properly.

‘What the hell is this?’

I opened the wrapper right away.


“Hmmhh, hmmh. I’m throwing away the remaining failed works to you, so hurry up and take them!”

Catalina gave me a small portrait album.

When I opened it one by one and turned it over, someone was drawn.

The picture of a baby, the picture of the baby starting to walk, the picture of the baby running around………

And on the last page, the face of an adult was clearly depicted.


The palm-sized booklet contained Argention’s pictures from his childhood to the present.

How much effort Catalina must have put into collecting carefully drawn portraits of Argention that it is enough to fill a book.

I think Catalina drew it herself, considering that she called it a failure.


This is a gift I couldn’t receive.

I’m tried to say no.

“What’s so pretty about that monster punk! I’m about to throw it away anyway.”

Catalina dodged her.

It was obvious that this was her real treasure.

“If you had the heart to fold so easily, why did you come to me and beg me to marry him, you weakling!”

“What do you like about that monster so much that you’ll blow your little life away? Yeah, you should’ve broken it off with him when I told you to!”

I wondered how Argention, who fought in the war, and Roselina, who was in the empire, got married, and now I know why.

Roselina had a gift for identifying human weaknesses.

She desperately clung to Catalina because she knew she was a person who spoke more harshly despite her soft heart.

In Catalina’s memory, I must have been hanging on to her as I asked her to let me marry Argention.

When I said I would divorce, Catalina pretended not to be, but seemed to be very concerned.

As Argention grows up, she collected his portraits and now she’s giving them to me.

I felt emotional for some reason.

I clenched my fist because I thought my voice would tremble if I let my guard down.

“I’ll take it.”

Catalina gave me a gift that she probably cherished the most.

To refuse this was to trample Catalina’s heart.

“Giving it back then taking it again………”

Catalina flushed her cheeks as she scolded her.

That means ‘thank you for accepting the gift I gave you’.


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