Despite my expectations, the reality was quite different.

‘What’s going on here?’

I was having a meal with Catalina at the moment.

‘Why are we suddenly having a meal?’

To explain why, I had to go back a while ago.


Catalina, who called my name loudly, strode and stood in front of me.

Then she examined me from head to toe.

‘We are going to argue right now, aren’t we? ’

That’s good!

I was eager at the thought of picking a fight with Catalina.

“How come you’ve lost so much weight? You’re so skinny. Are you protesting because you’ve been struggling?”

I was stunned by the sudden turn of events.

‘What do you mean, I lost weight?’

My weight remained the same.

“Did you have lunch?”


“Did you have lunch?”

In addition, Catalina even checked if I already had a meal.

“No, not yet………….”

“What? How could that happen? Didn’t I tell you that you have to eat no matter what? You’re stupid and all you have is your health, so you should take care of your health!”

As she spoke, I was unable to discern whether she was cursing me or caring for me.

Catalina, who was making a fuss, eventually ordered the chef to prepare a meal right away.

I came to the dining room with Catalina.

Perhaps due to Catalina’s order, a grand meal was served immediately.

“Wow, it looks delicious.”‘

Brighton’s mansion served excellent meals, but Palesdon’s mansion’s food was far superior.

Catalina talked to me again while I was cutting and eating the steak that melted in my mouth.

“Why are you not eating so much? Doesn’t it suit your taste?”

“Is it so tasteless that you can’t even say it?! I want to have a word with the chef right now.……!”

At this point, I should correct her.

It’s not that it’s tasteless that I can’t speak, but that it’s so delicious that I can’t.

I just swallowed all the steak and tried to talk.

For courtesy.

But Catalina was furious that she thought I was forcing myself to eat something so horribly tasteless.

“Roselina has been the mistress of Palesdon for years!”

“…………Lady Catalina.”

“But you can’t even please Roselina? You’ve been neglecting your work!”

“Lady Catalina!”

Eventually, I had to raise my voice to Catalina.

No. I originally intended to be in a loud argument with Catalina anyway, so isn’t this a good thing?

Now that I’ve come to this, I’ve just decided to go all out with Catalina.

“I’m eating well. It’s good. Why do you keep saying things like that? I can’t take it when someone keeps talking while I’m eating!”

Catalina was the kind of person who got mad at me for not answering because I was eating steak.

‘If I said this much, she’d be so angry that her eyes would turn upside down, right?’

However, my expectations were shattered.

“Yes! If someone has something to say, they should look straight in my eyes and say it confidently! It’s been a while since I’ve liked it.”

Rather, Catalina seemed satisfied.

‘Why in the world……??’

Or is she playing with me?

She was confusing me.

In the end, I openly talked back to Catalina.

“And what does it matter if I eat or not? I’ll take care of it, so don’t worry about it! Argention and I are getting divorced! We’re strangers now!”

“But you’re still Palesdon! Of course I care if you’re Palesdon!”

Catalina’s scolding distracted me.

Although I tried my best to squeeze and pick a fight, she immediately resolved the issue with just one word.

It was the first time I was so speechless since I was possessed.

‘Is this why the person with the loudest voice wins the fight?’

In Catalina’s obstinate logic, I raised my white flag.

Then I sat quietly and concentrated on my meal.

“That’s right! You eat well! All right, clear it all up! You don’t know how to do anything, so you have to eat well!”

I still didn’t know if her words were a curse or a compliment.

I sighed inside and gave Violet a sign.

‘You should get out of here and steal what I said.’

Violet, who received my signal, answered with a wink.

She quietly retreated from the dining room.

“Who are you?”

However, Violet was caught in Catalina’s view.

“Well, I’m a maid of Ms. Ba—, no, Lady Roselina.”

“Then you sit down and eat, too!”


“If you want to serve Palesdon sincerely, the employees should also eat well! Hey, give me one more!”

Violet and I looked each other in the eyes.

‘What? Am I the only one who can’t believe this situation?’

‘We didn’t talk about anything like this, Ms. Banker.’

‘I didn’t know either.’

What was even more interesting was the servants of Palesdon’s mansion.

Everyone seemed familiar with Catalina’s attitude and her unconventional way of having a meal with a servant.

“What is it?”

Is she just a person who has no social skills and pursues work efficiency to the limit?

First of all, Violet and I finished our meal in front of Catalina.

‘We’ll start the operation after we finish eating.’

But again, the plan did not push through.

“I’m glad you came! I’ve collected some rags, so take them!”

Catalina said loudly as soon as I finished eating.

I got used to this level of volume after listening to her over and over.


Let’s just do as we are told and achieve my goal.

But I was surprised as I followed Catalina.

‘You said these were rags…………?’

The large dressing room was filled with new dresses.

There was also a dress made by the Empire’s best boutique, which was said to be difficult to schedule an appointment with even with a simple dress after waiting a year.

It was not only that.

“Take the scrappy shoes that don’t fit me while you’re collecting the rags I intended to throw away!”

“I will deliver to you old-fashioned jewelry that is out of style!”

In her words that seemed to be teasing me, Catalina kept giving me expensive and luxurious things one by one.

In addition, when I said I wanted to take a rest, she scolded me and told me to go to an empty room.

“The only positive thing you had was physical strength and pedigree, but now there’s only one thing left!”

Coming into the room, I was in awe.

‘Wow, Brighton is by no means a poor family, but this is another level.’

Perhaps even more luxurious than the Imperial Palace.

A room approximately the size of a hall with a golden canopy over the bed.

Elegantly hanging chandeliers and decorative works of art.

I couldn’t bear to lie on the bed so I flopped down on the fluffy sofa instead.

I took a short breath and Violet came in.

“Ms. Banker, this place is really fun.”

“But you shouldn’t touch the stuff at Palesdon’s mansion. You’re going to be dragged away.”

“I know. Even a child who doesn’t know anything doesn’t touch Palesdon.”

Violet sat next to me, chattering.

“The godfather was a little strange, wasn’t she?”

“Oh, I’m sorry. It’s been a long time since I saw her, so I forgot that she was like that.”

“But when I heard about her, it was understandable.”

“Where did you hear that again?”

“It’s my specialty.”

Violet smiled and carried on.

“The previous Duke and Duchess of Paledon left her in charge of the family at a very early age. She has no experience and she’s young, and she must have been ignored because she was a woman.”


“She had to work, but she was left out and excluded, so she ended up talking like a man. As time passed by, she started to speak harshly, and now she’s in this situation.”

It was the inside story of Catalina that I had no idea of.

“Her tone is rough, but her words are warm. Well, she pretended not to be, but she focused on Ms. Banker to eat well.”

What Violet said was true.

Catalina’s reaction was immediate after I ate the salad twice.

“There’s so much food here, how can you only eat the same thing? I told you to eat everything!”

At the same time, she pushed the salad plate toward me.

“I heard that the treatment of servants is also the finest. There’s no place that takes care of them so well. I think I’ll get a job here someday, too.”

“How about the plan? Did it go well?”

I felt a guilty conscience.

So I changed the subject in a hurry.

“Don’t you know me? I’m Violet from the back streets.”

Violet opened her hand with a broad smile.

There was a small object placed on Violet’s hand, which had nothing on it until a short time ago.

I answered after checking carefully.

“Yes, you did well.”

The thing I instructed Violet to steal was the seal of Palesdon.


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