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15. 100 Ways to Get a Divorce

After finishing the opening successfully, I went to work at Rose House with a smile.

But even before opening, three men came in.

“I told you not to come.”

“How can we not come when you open the store?”

“Right, Rose, of course we should come.”

“I want to come every day!”

The three men, who looked exactly alike with their silver hair and green eyes, were stubborn.

In addition, all three men are carrying something in their arms.

“It’s an attack magic scroll and transportation magic scroll. If you get robbed, you can attack and run to safety.”

My father gave me a book of magic scrolls.

It was an item that made it easy to use magic scrolls by ripping the pages off.

“If you hang it at the entrance, it sends out bad energy and brings in good energy. It usually makes a ‘jingle’ sound, but when something bad happens, it makes a ‘ding’ sound.”

Leodor showed a pretty bell made of gold.

I turned to Leonhart, as I held my biting remark.

“Sister, I brought snacks for you to eat when you’re bored.”

Leonhart held out a bag full of snacks.

When I opened it slightly, there were candies, chocolates, and caramel wrapped individually inside.

“I only picked the most delicious ones and put them in.”

“Thank you.”

Leonhart’s heart was so lovely and cute that he chose only delicious things among the ones he had tried.

‘He’s not silly compared to Father and Leodor.’

I barely held back my desire to hug and kiss Leonhart by patting him on the head.

Calming down, I thanked Father and Leodor.

“Father, brother. Thank you.”

“Hmm. It’s not something to be thankful for.”

“I’m more grateful. Our family has severe symptoms of the curse of roses, but thanks to you, I am able to touch them now.”

I was a little emotional when I heard Father and Leodor.

At the moment, I never dreamed of seeing this.

‘So many things have changed.’

Even after Father, Leodor, and Leonhardt left “Rose House,” there was still a sense of desolation.

But I soon shook off that feeling and got up from my seat.

‘Get a grip, there’s still something important left to do.’


The bell Leodor gave made a cheerful sound.

I looked at the entrance with a gentle smile.

“Welcome to the Rose House.”

I welcomed today’s first guest with joy.


Violet was the best pickpocket on the street.

There was nothing in the world she couldn’t steal.

A good prey appeared for such Violet.

“What? Rose House? What’s that?”

“There is this item called the rose of harmony that does not cause the symptoms of the curse of roses, and that place sells it.”

“It was a very novel piece of crap. Do they have anything to eat?”

Violet played with the headlocks on her friend who told her the news.

But what her friend said was true.

On the day of the opening of Rose House, Violet also took a look at it from afar.

It was not because she believed in the rose of harmony.

‘There are a lot of things to take when there are a lot of people.’

Violet went through the crowd and took their purses to her heart’s content.

Her skill was close to novelty.

The owner of the purse didn’t know anything even if she stole their purse right next to them and took out the money and put the wallet back in its original place.

‘Good. I’ve got a lot of stuff today.’

Violet smiled and paused as she tried to leave.

“I am famous in the empire for having a severe curse of roses. I’m sure everyone knows about this.”

For a moment, it seemed like she made eye contact with the woman with pink hair.

Violet knew who she was, too.

There was no one in the Empire who didn’t know Roselina.

Violet had never met Roselina in person, but she was quite fond of her.

‘Of course, people have to live off their backs.’

Violet thought happily.

Violet and Roselina were like heaven and earth.

Roselina, who was born in the most precious place, and Violet, who was born in the most humble place, ended up doing similar things.

Violet thought she and Roselina were similar people. Thinking about it like that gave her a little comfort in her poor life.

She thought Roselina was just cheating when she started selling a fake rose with a scent sprayed into it.

But turns out it was real.

She snatched a rose of harmony just in case.

She also packed a bottle of perfume because it has a better therapeutic effect when used with perfume.

Violet’s sister was always sick because of the curse of the rose.

Just in case, she brought the rose of harmony and perfume to her younger sister, and he got much better.

‘It’s real…………?’

Violet’s pupils shook like crazy.

‘With this……… Now I can get rid of the pickpocketing business.’

Violet’s eyes shone.

No matter how much money she stole, her sister’s medical expenses go to the roof.

She couldn’t find another job because she didn’t know when her sister would collapse.

Being a thief was the only job she thought she could have.

However, if she could cure her younger sister, the story would change.

‘I can live a different life.’

That’s why Violet headed for the Rose House.

“Welcome to the Rose House.”

Roselina, as she looked at her closely, looked more dazzling than she thought.

‘Hmm. Things are going to work out.’

Violet took a lot of rose harmony and perfume and left the Rose House.

All this work was very easy for her.


However, is it because she is too excited at the thought of her younger sister getting better?

Violet, who was stealing bread to eat, was caught.

“You thief! I was looking for you!”

Violet easily endured the kicking that poured over her.

In the meantime, she protected the bread in her arms.

Then Violet opened her eyes wide in surprise.


There was Roselina with a completely different smile than before.


‘As expected, it’s Violet.’

Yesterday, I made eye contact with someone while promoting the rose of harmony in front of people.

Purple, cat-like eyes

A mole beneath one eye

And that skill of stealing things.

I was sure.

‘That it’s Violet, the greatest swordmaster and sub-female lead of the original.’

After she came to Rose House I immediately asked for an investigation into Violet.

‘Violet’s sister was sick every day because of the curse of the rose?’

For a moment, she had a thought.


I waited for Violet to come after making plans immediately.


‘Violet’s coming.’

Violet had already took a lot of money and valuables yesterday.


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