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The discouraged Argention put the sword back into its sheath.

“I’m not here to play with useless words.”

“Do you think I’m just kidding?”

Argention shuddered by the priest’s words.

This senile old man was always like this.

He always confuses people with vague questions and puzzles.

“It’s not like I underestimate a person’s desperation.”

It was then.

Meanwhile, the priest offered tea.

“Seeing the flames burning in your eyes, your emotions came back.”

“What do you mean…!”

“Or not, why are you so impatient? You drink tea and calm down.”

The priest lifted the teacup leisurely.

“Back to the story a while ago, it’s right that I have lingering feelings in my life.”

“What does that have to do with me?”

“You’re so cold-hearted. Soon something scary will happen to the world.”

The priest drank tea.

His eyes were covered by the teacup, but it was visible how his eyes trembled slightly.

Argention, who saw it, closed his mouth.

He was jokingly speaking lightly, but the priest was sincere.

The priest took something and stuck it out without saying a word.

It was a small box.

“Take this.”

“What is this?”

“It’s not for you, it’s for Miss Roselina.”

When Roselina was mentioned, Argention’s eyes became fierce.

The priest laughed again.

“I can’t believe you have this expression. It took me a long time to be able to see.”


“I hope the world will be at peace. So make sure you deliver this item.”

Argention threw the box on the floor, expressionless.

The smile on the priest’s face shook.

“What is this about? If you don’t like it, say it.”

“Don’t make me laugh. You seem to be trying to get Roselina to do something with this, what are you doing when you haven’t done anything for her?”

A sense of bewilderment flashed through the eyes of the priest.

“Why are you arguing about it, not Roselina?”

“That’s……! Aren’t I her husband?”

“I heard you’re getting divorced. The rumor has reached the countryside”

Argention, who had nothing to say, closed his mouth.

The priest laughed and picked up the box and put it back on the table.

“How can I make Ms. Roselina work? This is something that will help Ms. Roselina in her future work.”

Eventually, Argention had to rise from his seat.

He couldn’t throw away the box when he heard it was helpful for Roselina.

The priest laughed again when he saw the scene.


Just before leaving the temple, Argention spat out.

“………………We’re not divorced yet. Don’t you think you have to check your facts?”


Behind Argention’s back leaving the temple, the sound of the priest laughing loudly rang out.

It was not until Argention returned to the capital that he realized he did not get the answer he wanted.

‘I was stupid.’

It was an uncharacteristically sloppy act.

However, he didn’t think about going to the south again to find the priest.

It didn’t matter now.

It doesn’t matter if he imprinted on Roselina.

The most important thing for Argention now was different.

‘I’ll definitely go back today.’

The opening day of Rose House was today.

Since he’s been away, he really wanted to visit her today.

Argention hurried to Rose House.

On the way, Argention, who spotted something, stopped.

“Felix Blake?”

The former crown prince was watching Rose House grimly and swearing.

Argention approached him without hesitation and spoke naturally.

“Then what are you going to do?”

“What do you mean…! I’m going to ruin her life.…….”

There was nothing more to hear.

Argention ended up leaving Felix stunned.

He wanted to kill him right away.

But today was the opening day of the Rose House.

The news is even plastered on the front page of the newspaper.

But if Felix, the former crown prince, is found lying on the ground, attention will be diverted.

Then Roselina, who worked hard to make Rose House a success, will be disappointed.

‘I’ll take care of you later.’

So Argention headed for Rose House.

“My job went fine. By the way, I’m glad Rose House got a good response today.”


Why is he changing the subject?

Master, who appeared after a long time, came out strangely and I felt like he’s drawing a line.

‘I’m a bit disappointed.’

I shook my head in surprise.

‘Why do I feel that way about the master?’

Master is just a good business partner, let’s not think about anything else.

“Oh, yes.”

Eventually I glossed over my answer, and the air became a little nuanced.

‘What is this? It’s awkward.’

The Master and I didn’t look at each other and looked away.

Then, Leonhart intervened.

“Can I call you brother?”

“Yes, you may call me whatever you want.”

“Thank you, brother!”

Leonhart warmed up the atmosphere with his unique cuteness and innocence.

“Yes, I like you!”

“I’m glad that Roselina’s brother likes me. I will continue to maintain a good relationship with Roselina.”

“Hart. Why do you like Master?”

I asked, patting Leonhardt’s head gently.

After a while, without knowing that I’m going to regret asking him this question,


Leonhardt smiled brightly.

“Because he likes you!”

The atmosphere, which had been briefly loosened by Leonhart’s words, quickly froze again.


“Damn it! I’m not weak!”

Felix opened his eyes screaming.

The first taste of defeat was terrible.

“How dare he make me, who was the Crown Prince, to the ground…”

Felix, who was talking, sensed a sense of incompatibility.

The floor touching his back and legs was soft.

“…… What is it?”

It was a familiar interior.

Felix was lying in his room.

“What? What happened?”

When Felix was confused, the door opened.

“You’re up. I was worried.”

“Butler? Did the butler bring me here?”

“Yes, I did.”

Felix was convinced by the butler’s answer.

The butler was the only one left after the Blake family collapsed.

Felix was also trying to be kind to the butler because he felt his remaining conscience and gratitude.

“What the hell is going on! Butler! You have to take care of your work properly!”

He was only trying.

The butler bowed politely at Felix, who was angry.

“Apologies for my lacking behavior.”


Then, Felix’s eyes turned to the table.

There was a newspaper on the table, and on the front page……….

[Roselina’s “Rose House”] [Great success!]

Felix, who saw the title of the article, couldn’t resist his anger.

“What is this! Are you making fun of me?”

“Sorry! I made a mistake!”

Felix, who had been running wild for a long time, decided to do something.

“I’ll turn that success into failure.”

Felix intended to go to Rose House again.

The night is deep now. It would be easy to enter the building and destroy the inside.

“Please, take care of yourself.”

“As expected, the butler reads my mind well.”

“I’m flattered.”

The butler quickly helped Felix get ready to go out.

After getting ready, Felix proudly headed to Rose House, and soon arrived.

Felix touched the door to Rose House with a deft touch.

“Now I’ll break this place to pieces.”

Felix opened the door to Rose House with a mean smile.

And there’s……….

– Ggyu? It’s a person.

– Stupid, that’s called an intruder.

– I’m glad, I was bored.

Just in time, there were wild beast chimeras inside the Rose House.

“Well, what is that! A monster…!”

Felix, surprised by the unheard-of monster, shouted.

‘I have to run away!’


The door clicked shut.

Felix tried to open the door, but it was locked tightly and wouldn’t open.

“Hey, what is this…………!”

– What monster? It hurts to hear that.

– Right, you’re a monster. I’m a cute lion.

– You’re too loud. You’re ugly

– The monster that says it’s ugly is ugly. Ggyu.

Felix looked at the beast chimeras with frightened eyes.

They were approaching Felix.


Soon Felix, who could not overcome his fear, fainted.

– What’s this?

– It’s not fun.

The beast chimeras, who saw Felix who fell down without them even doing anything, were bewildered.

– Forget it. I don’t want to play with it.

– Then let’s throw it away. Ggyu.

– I’ll do it.

A beast chimera opened the door of “Rose House” and threw Felix out.


Felix fell to the floor and the door to Rose House closed.

After a long time

Felix opened his eyes stealthily.

‘Phew. I barely survived.’

As he was standing up, he found someone and lightened up.

Felix’s only helper was the butler.

“B, butler! You’re here to help me. Help me up!”

But the butler was expressionless.

It was a totally different atmosphere than usual.

“Butler. Are you crazy?”

“Take him.”

“Yes, sir!”

The hooded suspicious figures knocked Felix out and put him in the bag.

Soon they disappeared into the darkness.


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