“If you let me know what I did wrong, I’ll correct it right away. So please relieve your anger.”


She was almost sobbing. It seemed that she thought I was angry.


‘What do I look like?’


I stared at my face reflected in the water.


Round pink eyes, wavy long, rich pink hair were visible. She was a cute puppy-like beauty with a round and gentle appearance.


‘I can’t believe I’m a villain with this face.’


It was more of a waste of potential.


Anyway, there was no sign of anger anywhere on my face. The maid seemed to have been frightened by Roselina’s notoriety.


“Never mind. Get out of here.”


“Thank you, thank you!”


I thought it would be better to stay away, so I dismissed the maid. I was going to organize my thoughts by myself anyway.


“Today is the day.”


The day I can save Roselina’s brother, Leodor.


On the day she heard about the divorce from Argention, she tried to summon an evil spirit through her blood. Perhaps due to Brighton’s blood being protected by a fairy, she succeeded in summoning something.


[T/N: ‘She’ refers to OG Roselina]


  • What would you choose between helping your brother and getting the attention of Duke Palesdon?


The evil spirit summoned by Roselina always presented two prophecies. The same was true of the day it was first summoned.


Roselina chose the latter without hesitation.


Anyway, she had been ordered to stay away from Leodor for some reason.


  • Burn the auction house on Leodor’s birthday, and the Duke, who took you lightly, will be troubled by the accident and will pay attention to you.


Roselina, who believed in the spirit’s words, hid on Brighton’s grounds and set off a big fire.


Fortunately, no one died, but when all the auction items were burned, the spirit reappeared and laughed at Roselina.


“You idiot! We could have used the Tears of the Wind from today’s auction to help your brother, we could have bought it, but you burned it with your own hands!”




“Leodor Brighton will soon lose his life!”


And he walked away behind the frustrated Roselina. Spirits often appeared after that, putting Roselina at a crossroads of choice and pulling her into a swamp of despair.


‘I just need to do the opposite.’


Today was Leodor’s birthday.


I was going to go to the auction house and win a bid for the Tears of the Wind so I could save him.


‘Isn’t Leoder been lying on his bed all this time?’


Brighton fell into ruin faster because its successor, Leodor, is unconscious.


As soon as I got up from the bathtub, the maids washed and dressed me. There was no need to lift a finger.


‘It’s so comfortable.’ 


It was a moment when my need to take charge of this life was emphasized.


At that time, a maid approached me hastily.


“Uh… A letter has arrived.”




Who is it? Roselina had few friends because of her temper. I can’t believe a letter came to her.


The sender was even more surprising.


‘The Duke of Palesdon wrote a letter?’


Why? I have nothing more to say to him.


When I opened the letter with a paper-knife, thin and stiff paper fell to the floor.


“It’s a check!”


As soon as I checked the amount, my eyes widened. I hurriedly picked up the check that fell on the floor.


‘A million gold?’


It’s 10 billion won.


My mouth opened wide. 


Why did he send this?


When I looked at the envelope again, a short memo was enclosed.


<We are sending you a check equivalent to twice the promised amount as a down payment. I hope that your decision remains unchanged. – Argention Palesdon.>


Duke Palesdon seemed to be trying to finalize the divorce before I changed my mind. He was so serious about the divorce that even this short memo was notarized.


‘I like it.’


Having acquired 10 billion won, I was very motivated. I had a good feeling that everything was going to be all right.




Duke Brighton was lost in thought.


Days have passed since Roselina, who suddenly returned, declared her divorce.


‘She wants to get divorced?’


But he still couldn’t believe it. He knew his daughter well.


Roselina was madly obsessed with the Duke of Palesdon.


It wasn’t love. He couldn’t call the destructive feeling of running like a moth to a flame love because she just wanted to possess the other person’s love.


Since childhood, Roselina has always tried to get whatever she wants. The same was true for the Duke of Palesdon. There was no way she would give up this easily.


‘It has been about four years.’


Palesdon’s name came out of Roselina’s mouth when she returned home with a sweet face.


“I brought you tea, Duke.”


The butler placed a teacup in front of the pensive Duke of Brighton. As he had worked for the Brighton family all his life, he would sometimes perceive the duke’s intentions.


“Is it because of the Duchess of Palesdon?”


“…That’s right. You can’t be fooled.”


The Duke of Brighton lost himself in thought again after taking a sip of tea. Roselina’s fickle personality made it difficult for her to keep her word.




The man’s face, usually fierce and sharp, held determination. And he closely monitored Roselina’s actions, noticing that she surprisingly kept quiet. She locked herself in her room and never came out.


‘Did she really come to her senses?’


It might be a change in the child who has caused trouble all her life.


Just as the Duke of Brighton was about to soften a little, an urgent knock came at the door.


“What’s going on?”


It was the maid in charge of reporting on Roselina who entered the office.


“Roselina is confronting Madame Elizabeth.”


“Those two? What’s the reason?”


“Lady Roselina, who returned from going out, entered the young master’s room….”




Duke Brighton struck the desk hard.


He asked in disbelief.


“Who went into whose room?”


“Lady Roselina, Duke.”


Duke Brighton jumped up from his seat, and the nearby butler closed his eyes.


Leodor Brighton.


He was the eldest son of the Duke of Brighton.


However, he had never shown his face to the public because he suffered from an incurable disease. It was like a paradox for the Duke of Brighton because he didn’t know when Leodor would die.


“She touched Leodor, not anyone else?”


In fact, there was a secret that the Brighton family kept hushed.


Leodor Brighton did not suffer from an incurable disease. He was under a terrible curse caused by Roselina. This was the first disaster she brought upon Brighton.




Duke Brighton strode forward.


He felt foolish for trusting her daughter even for a moment. Even though he had been betrayed so much, it was his foolishness that prevented him from completely erasing his affection for his daughter.




It is said that he bit all ten of his fingers because he couldn’t bear the pain, but he was a particularly affectionate child.


A long time ago, Brighton lost two precious things. Beatrice, his first wife, and the protection of the fairy. It was all because of the young Roselina.


Inside the Brighton mansion, there was a garden that only the Brighton family could access. At its center was a fairy tree that had protected Brighton for generations.


The moment young Roselina broke a branch from the tree, the enraged fairy withdrew its protection and instead cast a curse.


  • You, foolish child, shall fall into a deep sleep until you recognize your sins.






It was Beatrice and Leodor who shielded Roselina from the curse with their bodies.


Perhaps due to the shock of receiving the curse in their place, Beatrice went into premature labor and died with the baby in her womb. Leodor also collapsed and failed to regain consciousness.


‘It’s a miracle that he didn’t lose his life even though he was cursed by a fairy.’


All of this was revealed through the testimony of Elizabeth, who was Beatrice’s maid at the time and is now the Duchess of Brighton.


And today… It was Leodor’s birthday. Why did Roselina visit him on this day?

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