It wasn’t just that.

The maids who received Elizabeth’s signal testified one after another.

“M-Madam, you’re absolutely right. I found a dagger in Master Leodor’s room.”

“I don’t think I can live in peace because of the Duchess of Palesdon.”

Roselina remained silent even though the maids were crying.

“Why isn’t Duchess Pailsdon saying anything?”

“I wonder why. I guess it’s because she feels guilty.”

“It’s been revealed, but I don’t think she has anything to say.”

Baron Moliot, who was looking at the atmosphere in the corner, raised his head.


He had been stopped several times for trying to get out of the banquet hall.

If he stays like this, all their sins will be exposed.

‘We need to throw that girl into the abyss before that.’

That’s why I shouted out a moment ago that the Duke of Brighton has been poisoned.

Baron Moliot cried quickly, lest he would miss this opportunity.

“We need to put that wicked woman in prison for bullying her servants and harming her family!”

I’m not satisfied here.

He tightened his stomach again.

“And we must remove her from the list of nobles so that she will never commit such a crime again! I can’t stand the shame of her and I standing side by side! Shame on the aristocracy!”

“Removing her status? Isn’t that too much?”

“No matter how much it is, this is a bit…”

The nobles were clamoring because of the unconventional remarks.

Naturally, all the attention was on Rosellina.

‘This will put an end to you.’

Baron Moliot smiled contentedly and meanly.

Without knowing that there are eyes on him.

‘What should I do?’

Argention, who was watching everything on the terrace, was lost in thought.

It was nothing to put the greedy, barking Baron Moliot in the mud.

But he didn’t come forward.

‘How are you going to handle this situation?’

It was because of expectations for Roselina.

At first glance, she seems to be silent because she cannot find a way to respond.

Roselina’s eyes were sparkling.

Like waiting for something.

Soon, a secret signal was delivered to Roselina, which was captured by Argention’s eyes.

‘I’m glad I came today.’

Argention smiled lazily and tilted his glass.

Rosellina responded at the same time.

“You said that a guilty man should be removed from the list of nobles, Baron Moliot?”

“Yes! I just said the right thing. Do you have any complaints?”

Argention burst into laughter at Baron Moliot, who was majestic as if he had won the victory.

Baron Moliot was now digging his own grave and entering the coffin.

“Really? Then I’d like to ask you.”

Roselina smiled as she looked around the crowd.

It was a smile as soft as the spring wind and as sharp as a sharp knife.

“Doesn’t Johnson Moliot, who kidnaps children and sells them as slaves, doesn’t deserve to be on the aristocratic list, does he?”

Elizabeth stepped up while everyone was embarrassed by the shocking statement.

“My daughter, why are you driving my brother away? If there’s anything wrong with me, please tell me directly. It’s too much to mess with your family.”

“Really? You said it well, Mother.”

Elizabeth appealed with tears, but the seeds didn’t work.

“It’s too much to kidnap children as an excuse to treat their families as slaves, Mother.”

Roselina rather returned exactly what Elizabeth had said to her.

“She kidnapped and used children and sold them as slaves? How could she do such a thing?”

“The Duchess of Brighton threatened the children’s families with their children as hostages again? I just can’t believe it.”

The shocking statement turned the venue upside down.

“It’s a ridiculous setup. There’s no reason for me to do that, daughter. Why are you suddenly doing this to me? You’re doing this because of the weapon you’ve hidden in Leodor’s room, right? Calm down. Framing me like this won’t change anything.”

At Elizabeth’s words, people whispered around her.

“The timing is a bit off.”

“It’s a trick to cover up her sins. Well, if it’s not anyone else, it’s the Duchess of Palesdon.”

“It’s a common trick to blur the point of a story with controversy.”

Public opinion faltered as Elizabeth calmly fought back.

“I think you’re pushing me and my brother to cover it up, am I wrong? Unlike me, who has the testimony of the maids, my daughter gave no evidence.”

Elizabeth continued triumphantly, looking at Rosellina, who was not responding.

“If I had really committed such a terrible crime, of course there would have been evidence. Show me the evidence. If there’s any evidence that I’m the criminal, I’ll receive any punishment.”

Elizabeth knew.

‘There’s no evidence.’

The children were trapped in the basement of the Moliot mansion.

There was no evidence unless they were brought in.

‘But… how did you know that?’

This was not said when the maid reported the situation of the banquet hall.

The maid just said that Roselina  insulted my brother by finding fault with his performance.

‘You didn’t say it on purpose, did you?’

As Elizabeth stared, the maids around her trembled.

‘I need to sort this out first and find out.’

Brighton was in my hands anyway.

Elizabeth shot a confident look.

‘Come on, Roselina. What are you going to do now?’

It was then.

Doo doo doo-!

Several people were heard running and the door of the hall opened.

“What’s going on here?”

“Is it an intrusion?”

For a moment, the nobles realized something and shut up.

“Hey! Hey!”


Hair was all messy and clothes were worn out; dirty children rushed in.

Everyone was shocked to see the skinny children as if they didn’t even get enough porridge.

“Jane! You’re alive. I’m glad. I’m so glad!”

“Hans! Oh, my God, Hans!”

“Annie, I can’t believe I’ll see you again.”

The maids near Elizabeth burst into tears.

They embraced the children who ran like they were very close friends.

The knights, who were slowly following from behind, turned to Rosellina.

“The children were found in Baron Moliot’s basement.”

“As you said, we provided food and shelter for the children to rest, but we brought them here because they wanted to meet their family so badly.”


People were amazed.

Everything Rosellina said was true.

“The Duchess of Palesdon earlier said she would take Baroness Moliot’s prayer room.”

“Did she know all this and send the knights?”

And the testimony of the maids resumed.

“I’m sorry to show you my shame. It’s late, but I’ll tell you the truth now.”

The story that followed was shocking.

“This is a felony! We need to report it right now!”

“I feel so sorry for the children. How could this happen?”

The response of the nobles was hot.

“That’s why you should’ve come at him.”

I thought as I looked at Elizabeth staring at me as if she was going to eat me.

‘You don’t think this is the end, do you?’

“Well, that girl…”

With that in mind, she immediately gets angry when she smiles.

“You’re still not going to claim it’s a setup, are you? Here’s the evidence you like.”

Elizabeth’s eyes widened as I took something out of my arms.

What’s the essential thing to do if you’re possessed by a ropan?

First, record the original.

Second, secure a video recording device!

‘Don’t you think it’s best to eliminate the villain who pretends to be otherwise?’

It was worthwhile to get a video recording device from time to time by going back and forth to Hennes.

“This is not the only crime she has committed.”

When the video recording device was started, the video came out.

“There is something I need you to do.”

“What’s going on?”

Eliza nodded her head proudly.

“At this banquet, the Duke of Brighton will be knocked down, vomiting blood. He’s not worth using anymore. I’ll set the tone, so report the girl. The evil girl who came back from Palesdon who’s bullying you.”

“Ha, but the Duchess of Palesdon didn’t… Aghhh!”

The maid who was refuting was kicked by Elizabeth and collapsed.

“What’s your brother’s name, Annie? Would you listen to me if you saw him die?”

“I’m sorry! I’ll do what you ask me to do. So please, for that child.”

“Remember, it’s up to me whether your brother lives or dies.”

Elizabeth’s face, who sat down again, was on the screen.

“Roselina, she’s done. She’ll be the one who killed her father with her own hands!”

Soon Eliza giggled and laughed in a quiet space.

“It’s so creepy. I can’t believe the Duchess of Brighton was like that.”

“And then you stab the Duchess of Palesdon’s back. That’s shameless.”

“So? I’m the only Brighton here anyway.”

Leaving the murmur of the nobles behind, Elizabeth stepped forward fiercely.

“The Duchess of Palesdon. I listened to her well. She was very interesting. But… no one can be involved in the internal affairs of a high-ranking aristocrat unless he is a royal. Isn’t it?”

Elizabeth’s behavior, emphasizing Palesdon and referring to Roselina, has been criticized.

“How can you be so shameless wearing a human mask?”

“But that’s not wrong. There’s no reason for the Duchess of Palesdon to step in.”

“The Duke of Brighton acknowledged the return of the Duchess of Palesdon!”

“But she’s still officially a Palesdon. Unless they’re divorced.”

It was Elizabeth who is now in charge of Brighton.

People are sad but angry.

“It’s strange? There’s only one Brighton. You’re saying it on the premise that my father died.”

Roselina tilted her head nonchalantly.

“You must be sad to hear that. Right, Father?”

“Yes, I see.”

When the Duke of Brighton, who had fallen unconscious, responded calmly, the hall became silent in an instant.

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