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At that time, Roselina, who came to Leodor’s room, was lost in thought.

Leodor was fast asleep again today.

It is said that he was cursed by a fairy.

‘I know it’s a lie.’

He has been lying down all his life, but his body was stronger than he thought.

‘You’re cursed yet you’re growing up so well?’

That’s impossible.

‘I don’t know if I’d rather receive the fairy’s protection.’

I watched Leodor carefully.

The beddings were neat and he was frowning.

And the needle on the back of his hand.

It was a way to inject medicine into him, who was unconscious.

I pulled out the needle without hesitation.

Dark red blood flowing from the spot where the needle was drawn.

‘As expected.’

The last time I saw him, he was like this.

As soon as Elizabeth went to the needle, she saw black blood.

‘As if you were being poisoned.’

But just in case, I checked it again.

After cutting her finger, she spilled her blood in a cup.

On top of that, she drop some of Leodor’s blood.

The blood turned black.

‘It’s certainly poison.’

I poured all the tea on the tea cup holder, destroying the evidence.

The next question I thought was how is Leodor still alive while being injected with poison.

“Other forces were purifying him. It’s possible that a fairy is protecting Brighton. Am I right?”

– Yes, Rose.

The Spirit, who was quietly guarding him, nodded.

She had now recovered and returned to the body of the Spirit.

– Now that you’ve found out the truth, I can step in. You must not interfere in the affairs of other fairies or spirits.

The Spirit circled around Leodor.

He has a fairy’s protection. The Leaf Fairy is working so hard that she cannot reveal herself.

“Do you know what this is?”

The expression of the Spirit of Day, who had confirmed the sap, became dark.

– It’s a very dangerous poison. It’s a poison that causes blood to rot and dies in pain.

“The fairy was purifying the poison.”

Leodor did not die because of her, but he could not open his eyes.

I remembered the conversation I had with Elizabeth.

“Leodor was cursed by a fairy because of her sister.”

No way.

‘You’ve done all this.’

Grinding her teeth, she took out the healing artifact she had obtained from Memento Mori.

“Please. I hope it works.”

A notification popped up when the healing artifact was brought to the back of Leodor’s hand where the poison was injected.

      [Will you purify Leodor Brighton?]]
[Leodore Brighton’s purification: 15%]

It seemed to have come from the quest to save the Brighton family.

‘15% matches with his barely surviving situation.’

It seemed that the effect of the Tears of the Wind had run out.

‘You must be completely purified today.’

I carried out purification.

      [Leodore Brighton’s purification begins]
[Purification is in progress]

The notification was no longer heard any more.

‘It’s better than before, but it’s far from enough.’

He’s been injected with poison for more than 10 years, so it’ll be hard with just one purification item.

‘But it’s all right.’

I came with the Spirit in case of such a situation.

“Can you help me?”

– Of course, I’m here for that.

Now the Spirit and I have trust.

Yesterday. Since she woke up.

– Thank God, you’re safe.

“Are you awake?”

The Spirit finally awoke after suffering for three full days.

– You’re all right. I’m glad to hear that’s all right?

I felt overwhelmed to hear what the Spirit said.


I didn’t believe in spirits, so I ignored them altogether.

But this spirit was different.

She kept talking to me, trying to improve their relationship, and even got stabbed instead of me.

“What’s going on? Why did you get stabbed instead of me?”

It’s not enough to thank you.

It was a sharp sound that came out of the tip of my tongue.

‘No one…’

There was no one.

The kind of person who sacrifices for me.

It was the same in my past and this life combined.

So, I couldn’t believe it.

It’s just that there’s someone who can help me in good faith.

“If you want anything from me, tell me. I’ll listen to you as much as I can.”

– There’s nothing like that. Rose.

“Then why did you come to me and protected me?”

I studied while the Spirit was sick.

The summoning took a lot of mana.

It would be even more deadly if they were summoned on a limited basis.

I checked the countdown in the air.

      [Ancient beings fall back into sleep after a certain period of time.]
[Time remaining – 3 days 5:23:59]

“Time is running out.”

The Spirit fell asleep a day earlier than scheduled.

This may be due to an unreasonable attempt to be summoned.

– I knew you’d be a good choice. I’m glad you didn’t get hurt.

It was a clear affection that was contained in a calm tone.

“Is it true?”

I pressed the ring I was wearing.

I’m sorry for doubting you, but this is all I could believe.

      [Lie detector is working]
[Operation time: 29 minutes and 59 seconds]

“I have a question. Why are you so nice to me?”

– Because I like you.

      [The lie detector is on]

My heart beat like crazy while waiting for the result.

A word that comes to mind.

      [Beep! It turned out to be true]

It was the first truth I saw since I summoned a lie detector.

“Then you won’t betray me? Promise me you won’t make me unhappy.”

– I promise you as much as you like. I swear on my life.

      [Beep! It turned out to be true]

I couldn’t deny it anymore.

Everything the Spirit said was true.

‘Yes, the original has changed a lot.’

There was no guarantee that the spirit was the same as the original.

“Yes, I trust you.”

I took a step back from organizing my thoughts.

The spirit stood there.

Let’s get started.

      [Leodor Brighton’s purification begins]
[Purification in progress – 90%]

Just a little more.

Perhaps my earnestness reached me, because the numbers began to change.

      [95, 96,97.
98, 99.
And finally, it comes to mind.

“He’s purified!”

A notification immediately came to mind.

      [Leodor Brighton has been purified]
[Questions <Scenario <Blessing of Brighton>]
[Part of the conditions for completing (2) have been met!]

Leodor’s eyelids trembled.


。+.。☆゚:;。+゚ ☆*゚¨゚゚・*:..゙


The Duke of Brighton was taking a walk in the garden.

His aides told him to take a rest because it’s his birthday party tomorrow.

‘I’d rather work than walk’, thought the duke as he laughed bitterly.

“Beatrice, do I deserve to be congratulated?”

What’s the point of not being with you?

When I saw the moon rising in the sky, I fell in love with it.

Everything has been a mess since Beatrice left.

‘I’m glad I had Elizabeth.’

She was Beatrice’s best friend.

When the Molliet family was on the verge of bankruptcy, Beatrice brought Eliza as her maid of honor to prevent her from being sold out.

Elizabeth was very grateful and regarded Leodor and Roselina as her own children.

“Even after Beatrice left.”

The Duke and Elizabeth were a show-window couple.

“I have nowhere to go. When I get back to my family, I’m sure they’ll sell me to an old man as a second wife.”


“I don’t want to live like that. Please don’t send me back.”

When Beatrice died, Elizabeth asked him to accept her as the Duchess.

“Even without Beatrice, Leodor and Roselina are like my children. You need someone to take care of them.”

“But I can’t marry you, you’re Beatrice’s friend.”

“I don’t want the Duke’s love. Leodor and Rosélina are already following me like a mother. Are you going to let the children who lost their mothers lose me?”

I took a good look at Leodor and Rosellina, and Elizabeth’s poor situation.

When the duke was troubled, Elizabeth gave the final shot.

“It’s not just my intention. It was Beatrice’s will.”

“What? Is that true?”

“Yes. Beatrice was worried about where I was going to stay until the very end. I’m the only one who heard her last words.”

The duke could no longer refute it.

People whispered about remarrying my wife’s friend, but it didn’t matter.

“What would you say if you meet me again later on?”

Still, it was a life that you did your best to achieve what you wanted.

It was when the duke was lost in thought and stopped walking.

I felt a movement at the end of the road.

The duke, who had raised his head, remained firm.

Long, curvy pink hair. And the face you can see little by little….


The Duke’s heart dropped to the ground.

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