When I opened my eyes again, I found myself lying on the bed in my room.




What was that at the end? It happened so quickly, but it was a deadly weapon.


What if it had hit me? Just thinking about it sends shivers down my spine.


The mercenaries were armed with dangerous weapons. If I had even touched it lightly, I would be in grave danger.


“I’m relieved to see that…”




As I let out a sigh of relief, I was startled.


There was someone else on the bed beside me.


“Who are you?”


I looked at the young girl clutching her abdomen, and something seemed off.


She was struggling to catch her breath and groaning in pain.


Crimson blood seeped through her fingers, staining the sheets.


“Are you alright?”


  • Ugh, I’ll be fine.


I recognized the voice immediately.


Now that I think about it, the spirit is nowhere to be seen.


She always accompanied me, but this time she was absent.


All I could recall was the intense explosion that came towards me.


And just before the magic was cast, someone called out my name.


There was only one person who knew my name here.


“Could it be…?”


No, it couldn’t be possible.


There was no reason for the spirit to be stabbed in my place.


And what I saw before me was an actual person.


“How did a spirit become human? It doesn’t make sense.”


As I tried to rationalize this surreal situation, the girl turned her pale face towards me.


  • It’s a relief that you’re unharmed, Rose.


The moment I heard her voice, I could no longer deny the truth.


“The spirit took the dagger meant for me.”


Even now, blood dripped onto the sheets, creating a dangerous situation for someone like me with limited knowledge of medicine.


The spirit’s voice flashed through my mind.


  • Oh no, the blood is flowing! I might die from excessive bleeding!


This time, it was not just in my thoughts. It was real.


That’s when it hit me.


I felt like I was losing my sanity.


“Call a doctor right away!”


“Whoa! Lady Roselina?”


“Fetch the doctor! We have an emergency!”


I opened the door and shouted repeatedly.


This was the first time I had witnessed so much blood, causing my legs to weaken.


A short while later, I saw the doctor rushing over from the opposite end of the hall.






Morris stood before the Master with his heart pounding like a blazing fire.


“The Duchess of Palesdon continues to evade the Watchers.”


“Are you kidding me?”


Argention’s voice was indifferent, but the emotions within were far from light.


“Or are you implying that Hennes’ discipline has faltered?”


“No, Master.”


“Either way, it’s not amusing.”


Morris bowed his head, his brow covered in cold sweat.


“I never expected the Duchess of Palesdon to possess such abilities.”


Indeed, no one could have anticipated it.


Roselina had an extraordinary talent for eluding the guards assigned to her.


When Morris was first tasked with monitoring her, he did not expect to encounter such difficulties.


“I apologize, but the Duchess Palesdon vanished in an instant.”


The initial failures were attributed to mere coincidences.


“I’m sorry, it seems that I’ve been compromised. I’ve eliminated as many as I could, but what is happening?”


“We have lost sight of the Duchess of Palesdon entirely.”


Despite numerous attempts, every time they sent someone after her, they failed.


Morris was eventually compelled to handle the situation himself. When it came to tracking, only his Master possessed the ability to sense him.


Yet, in the end, he had to report the same outcome to his Master.


It was inconceivable that he had lost track of the Duchess of Palesdon right before his eyes.


“Is there anything more peculiar than this?”


Little did Morris know what awaited him next.


“Then I shall go myself.”


“What? Master?”


The Master had already left his seat by the time Morris raised his head.




Left alone, Morris let out a futile sigh.


Shortly after Roselina disappeared with a magic scroll, Argention arrived in the alley.


His indifferent gaze swept across the surroundings.


A faint scent indicated that Roselina had been present on this path.


‘You’ve already left.’


Just as he was about to retreat into the shadows once again…


“Damn it! I missed her!”


“We’re doomed now. We’re screwed!”


“It’s all because of James! When did he start spying?”


“I told you, it’s not like that! Do I have to stick my finger in your ear for you to understand?”


The mercenaries began blaming one another with harsh curses.


Soon, their focus shifted to Roselina.


“It’s all her fault. I should have stabbed her and taken the healing artifact.”


“Let’s run across the street to her and kill her.”


“I won’t leave her alone. Let’s make her a slave of Memento Mori.”




Argention’s red eyes gleamed with intensity.


“Whom shall you make a slave of?”


“Who are you?”


“Hey, we’re in a foul mood, so don’t mess with us.”


“Yeah, I’m not in the mood to play with a boy like you. Be grateful for your life, especially today.”


Argention smiled, with only one corner of his mouth curling upward.


“Whom… Whom shall you target?”


“You should have understood my intentions from the start.”




James, who had been charging forward with zeal, fell to the ground.


James was one of the top members of the mercenary corps.


“Wait a moment.”


“Let’s get along. Huh?”


Only then did the mercenaries step back, realizing that Argention’s skills were extraordinary.


“Tell me, whom do you intend to kill?”




“Help me!”


The street was a dead end, leaving no escape route.


Argention smiled lazily and took a step forward.




Soon, the alley fell into silence.




The Brighton mansion was in even greater chaos than before.


The Duke’s birthday banquet attracted many guests, but the commotion among the staff was due to…


“Lady Roselina stabbed someone.”


That was the rumor circulating.


“And then Lady Roselina apparently called for a doctor. I heard she had blood all over her hands.”


“I knew one day she wouldn’t be able to control her temper.”


“But I heard no one has come out of the room. Doesn’t that mean the person is dead?”


“Maybe she’s covering it up by not leaving the room!”


Whenever two or more maids gathered, they were engrossed in discussing these matters.


There was someone who took pleasure in hearing this news.


“I quite like this.”


Elizabeth’s lips curled into a long smile.


Roselina had become the center of attention at the banquet.


“So, she was aiming to acquire more wealth.”


She never expected her to become such a nuisance!


The prodigal daughter returned and stabbed someone, all while embezzling her family’s funds?


The more people attending the banquet, the faster the rumors would spread.


“The god Helios seems to favor me.”


That wasn’t all.


Lately, there had been an increase in gatherings organized by those who despised Roselina, with each passing day.


Elizabeth turned to the maid who had reported all this information.


“Is that correct?”


“Yes, Madam.”


Antonia, who had been silently standing by, took a step closer and replied.


“Everything she said is true, Madam.”


“Yes, isn’t it marvelous luck that such a beautiful opportunity has come my way?”


Elizabeth smiled as she observed Antonia, who politely responded.


Antonia, who had nearly lost her life because of Roselina, immediately sided with Elizabeth without any need for persuasion.


“Roselina has been visiting Leodor recently. Do you know the reason?”


“The Duke enjoys it when she tells him that she’s come to visit. It’s flattery.”


“You’re quite shrewd too. Is there anything else?”


“Yes. Every time she goes there, she just takes a nap. She even brings her own cushion and blanket to lie down on the sofa.”


Antonia grumbled, “I don’t understand why she sleeps so much,” much to Elizabeth’s satisfaction.


“But it’s strange.”


At that moment, Elizabeth furrowed her brow.


“Why would a girl confined to her room come to see Leodor every day? There must be another reason.”


“If I may suggest…”


“I told you, Roselina stabbed someone. What if it was practice for something else?”


“Hm… In that case, the next target is…”


She rather liked Antonia’s demeanor.


She didn’t act arrogantly, but rather responded appropriately and swiftly.


Elizabeth opened her fan and waved it gently.


“Yes, Roselina is attempting to kill Leodor.”


“What should we do going forward?”




Elizabeth closed her fan and tapped it against her chin.


“What do you mean? We need to make people believe that.”


It wasn’t a difficult task.


After all, she had done it before.


Everyone believed that Roselina was innocent and placed all the blame on her.


“I need to eliminate everything at once.”


By assassinating Brighton and his son during the banquet, she could shift the blame onto Roselina.


It was a flawless plan.


“That’s how Brighton will come into my possession.”


However, before that, there was something else she needed to take care of.


“First, I must deal with Leodor.”


He managed to survive using the Tears of the Wind, but his time is up.


“You mentioned that she brought a blanket into Leodor’s room.”


A madness flickered in Elizabeth’s eyes.

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