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The ground rumbled with a loud noise.


The heavy golem’s head was stuck on the floor.


Finally, all the matches were over.


“That’s ridiculous.”


“Didn’t Memento Mori do anything?”


“That’s what I’m saying. How can he do that with his bare body?”


The Colosseum buzzed in astonishment.


In the middle of the stadium, Kali stood.


He stood bent, like an old man aloof from everything, and stared at the floor. He didn’t seem to care about winning or losing.


Long, shaggy gray hair up to the waist, as if only skin had been left on one’s bones; wounds and scars covered his body.


No one laughed at him anymore.


“All six games are over! Our valiant warrior, Kali, defeated all beasts and demons!”


The host took the podium again and lifted the megaphone.


“How many of you guessed correctly about today’s game? I’m looking forward to everything! Here, wait a minute. Now the results are coming out.”


“Oh, my God. I’m already wrong.”


“Who is going to get all of this right? I’ll change my mansion if there is one.”


“But it’s been a while since I’ve seen such a thrilling match. I’m very satisfied. It’s okay even if I didn’t win the prize.”


Some complained, and some were satisfied.


“I’m sure many of you missed the answer because Kali did a good job today. Is there anyone who got all of them right?”


At the words of the host, the audience became quiet.


“There’s only one person! Who’s sitting on number 549?”


“I’ll announce the results right now! The one who predicted the six wins!”


“They really bet on six wins? What kind of person are they?”


“It’s not like they’re out of their mind. I’m sure they’re crazy about money.”


I was the person who was crazy about the money.


I raised my hand slightly, and the host pretended to know.


“Yes, you’re sitting there! Please come this way and pick up the prize. Ladies and gentlemen, let’s give the winner a round of applause. I wondered who would bet on Kali’s victory, but the winner must be very bold. Here we go!”


“That’s a lot of nerve, isn’t it?”


“But who would bet on victory by looking at that skinny body?”


“This person deserves the healing artifact, of course!”


I was a little embarrassed to hear the thunderous applause.


“It’s Kali who’s had a hard time.”


I murmured softly as I went down to the podium from the audience.


For a moment, I felt as if his gray eyes met mine.


I felt chills down my spine.


‘No, it can’t be.’


I came here because I needed the healing artifact, but I didn’t want to get involved with Kali.


A slave gladiator strong enough to pull out a lion’s tooth and use it as a weapon.


I knew who Kali was.


His real name is ‘Callix Blake’.


He was the only heir to the long-lost Duke Blake family.


The original novel began when the heroine saves him, who was kidnapped as soon as he was born and raised as a slave gladiator.


Therefore, Memento Mori was the starting point of the original work.


‘Even if the original had not yet begun, I would not come here if I could.’


I know it’s dangerous, but I couldn’t help it.


‘Let’s just get the healing artifact and go.’


I went down to the podium and received the healing artifact from the host.


“Congratulations. You are the only one who received the prize among all these people. Please tell us how you feel!”


I shook my head, pointing silently at my neck.


It meant that I couldn’t speak.


The host opened his eyes for a moment and nodded, as if he understood correctly.


“You must be so happy that you wish to wear it around your neck! As you like it so much, we, Memento Mori, are also very happy to have prepared the prize. I look forward to your continued support!”


The quick-witted host arranged the situation as quickly as he could.


He snatched the healing artifact into his robe’s pocket and slipped away, pretending to return to his seat.


He didn’t even turn to Kali’s side on purpose.


‘I know very well. It’s like becoming a possessed female protagonist who is obsessed with the original male protagonist.’


So I tried not to leave any clues that could identify me.


I wrapped myself in a robe and covered my face with a mask. I didn’t say anything on the platform.


‘That’s enough.’


I came out of the Colosseum before the crowd poured in.


My plan to obtain the healing artifact has not yet been completed.


Just as expected…


As soon as I hurried into a quiet alley,


“Wait. Stop right there.”


“Give me what you have in your hand.”


“You didn’t really think you could hold the healing artifact in your hand, did you?”


A group of clichés surrounded me.


‘Ah, I knew it.’


Would those who kidnap and enslave people just give me the healing artifact this easily?


Of course, they’ll try to steal it back!


“I’ve been waiting for you. I’ll serve you properly!”


I replied with a broad smile.


“What were you waiting for?”


“Captain, I think she’s out of her mind.”


“Don’t mess with crazy people. Hans next door was bitten by a madman and got rabies.”


“What? Does that make sense?”


They exchanged silly conversations, but they were not fools.


Because they naturally surrounded me, pretending to talk among themselves.


‘I’d rather say they’re professionals.’


Isn’t it basic to induce the target’s carelessness?


But this was true for me too.


I moved my hand on my sleeve and pressed the ring.


Just in time, the mercenary spoke lightly.


“Of course. Why would I lie? I swear on my name, James!”


[The lie detector started]

[Beep! It turned out to be a lie.]


‘Well, that’s him.’


There was no way to hire an upright mercenary from the despicable Colosseum.


I found out a little through the master that all they are after is money. Naturally, they were not loyal to each other.


Especially if they lie to me under their name.


‘No one will believe what he says because he lies as naturally as eating.’


I approached the mercenary named James and spoke to him in a friendly manner.


“That’s enough. Take care of them now.”


“What are you talking about?”


“You don’t have to act. Let’s get those two out of here. The request is over.”


I threw my pouch, and he took it by surprise.


“Oh, James, what have you received?”


“No, she threw it, so I didn’t know.”


The knot I tied loosely on purpose was loosened, and gold coins were seen from inside the pocket.


Sure enough. The two mercenaries reacted immediately.


“Crazy. What he says is true! That’s money!”


“It’s even a gold coin. You’ve done a lot of harm. You’re not worth that much!”




As a result, James is no match for anyone.


‘The truth is, that’s not real money.’


Disposable magic tools could be manipulated to look like a certain object for a certain amount of time.


When I framed James to be a double-agent mercenary for me, they quickly split up.


“What’s wrong with this amount? I’m skilled.”


“Can’t I get more?”


James protested, but it rather ignited more suspicion.


“What? James! Is that what it is? Is that why you took the money and moved on? Were you a spy?”


“That’s why you’ve been spending so much lately. Is this why you did that?”


The other two were united in distrust and criticized James.


Not only with words, but also with a sword pointed at James.


James’ face soon flushed red.


“Oh, no! It’s not like I’m a double agent!”


“Then where did you get all that money from?”


“Yes, you’re famous for being penniless!”


At that very moment, James made a deep impression.


It was obvious that he was not feeling well.


“Penniless? Hey. Did you think that way about me? Tell me, have you looked down on me for being a beggar?”


The situation turned ugly for James.


It seemed that the two mercenaries had touched James’ wrath.


“There are so many things that I can do. You’re a parasite to me, and you’re barely in the mercenary corps, and you’re talking like that?”


“Are you done talking? Who’s a parasite on whom?”


“Think of what you stole from us, you beggar!”


Soon, they began wielding their swords.


Chaeng! Chaeng!


The mercenaries wielded their swords despite me.


‘Well, now I’m going to run away.’


I took out a moving scroll that I had in my pocket.


‘The place to return to is my room!’


I grabbed the scroll with both hands and tore it vigorously.


Light escaped through the torn scroll and wrapped itself around me.


“Eh? She’s running away!”


One of the mercenaries who had been fighting furiously shouted as he saw me.


“Catch her! Catch her!”


“If we don’t take the healing artifact, we’ll die!”


The shouts of the mercenaries filled the alley.


The moment the magic worked and my field of view shook—




Oh my god!


A blade cut through the air and flew powerfully towards me—


  • ‘Roselina!’


My sight turned dark.

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