It took a little while for her to calm down.


“Sarah. Are you okay now?”


“Yes, yes! Thank you for your concern. It’s not enough that you didn’t punish me, and you’re worried about me. What should I do with this grace?”


“Okay. I just want no one to get hurt. By the way, what do you think of me?”




Sarah was greatly embarrassed.


She looked around with her eyes, and whoever looked at her could tell she’s telling a lie.


“O-of course, I think of Lady Roselina as a good and kind person.”


Soon after, a letter popped up over her face.


[The lie detector is spinning.]


‘What will happen?’


Soon, the results appeared on Sarah’s pale face.


[Beep! It turned out to be a lie.]




The lie detector’s performance was unmistakable.


“Yes. I see. Thank you. Do your best today too!”


I smiled and returned to the room.


‘Great. Let’s go.’


So, back to the present where I came to see Elizabeth.


Elizabeth did not realize that all of her conspiracies had been uncovered, and she continued to speak in vain.


“Don’t take the Fairy Tree incident too much into your heart. I’ve testified the truth itself, just as I saw it. Leodor was cursed by the Fairy because of his sister.”


[The lie detector returns.]

[Beep! It turned out to be a lie.]


“There’s no secret hidden from that day. It’s so heartbreaking, but it’s all your fault, Roselina.”


[The lie detector returns.]

[Beep! It turned out to be a lie.]


“But don’t get hurt. My daughter. I love Roseline so much. How can I not love you? You resemble Beatrice, whom I loved so much.”


[The lie detector returns.]

[Beep! It turned out to be a lie.]


Every time Elizabeth opened her mouth, the lie detector went crazy.


‘As expected, it was you.’


The first stigma to give young Rosalina the horrific notoriety of Brighton’s disaster, and perhaps the real killer of Beatrice.


The notification popped up as if it had been waiting.


[A new quest has arrived. Would you like to confirm?]

[There are unconfirmed quests. Would you like to confirm?]


As I pretend to drink tea, I open the quest window.


[Proceed with the scenario <Blessing of Brighton>! (2)

Congratulations! We have succeeded in laying the foundation for the progress of the scenario <Blessing of Brighton>.

<Blessing of Brighton> is coming soon.

But before that, there is work to be done. Because there is an original stigma and a conspiracy she designed.

Destroy the fate created by the first stigma and forge a new one.

-Condition: First stigma caught, saving the Brighton family

-Reward: 50 Fate Energy, stigma <Brighton’s Disaster> disappears]


What I expected came to mind.


‘Although it changed from saving Leodor to saving the Brighton family.’


It seemed like it was meant to prevent the duke’s death.


I opened the next quest.


[Reverse the Obstacles! (3)

The disruptors who appeared this time are different from the disruptors of the past. A person who has been living to block you from a long time ago.

So, everything is already in favor of the disruptor.

Elizabeth Brighton has long been devoted to Brighton and has earned the trust of the family. People think of Elizabeth Brighton as a saint who descended on Brighton.

If her reputation is not completely shattered, the fates she has changed thus far become meaningless.

Uncover the true story of Elizabeth Brighton, and take back yours she stole!

-Requirement: Defeat Elizabeth Brighton, First Saboteur

-Reward: 50 Fate Energy]


Due to the quest limit, only one of the two quests could be accepted.


‘Let’s do it in order.’


[Proceed with the quest <Scenario <Blessing of Brighton>>! You have accepted (2)>]


As I quietly put down the teacup, the maid quietly approached me.


“The Duke is here.”


Elizabeth made a fuss about it as soon as her maid spoke.


“Really? Did he come looking for me?”


“Of course. It’s only natural that he come to see his wife.”


“Isn’t that right? Hurry up and let him come in.”


Elizabeth was elated as the maid quickly chimed in and responded to her.


Soon the door to the drawing room opened and the duke entered.


Elizabeth got up from her seat and walked over to the Duke.


“Why didn’t you come in right away? We’re a married couple, right?”


“Still, I have to be polite.”


The Duke refused Elizabeth, by crossing his arms, and came straight to Roselina.


“Roselina. I stopped by the annex and came to see you because you are here.”


“Oh, yes. How have you been?”


“I’m good.”


After speaking bluntly, he then sits down next to her at once.


I thought he had something to say, but the Duke kept his mouth shut.


‘Why are you doing this?’


The doubts were overshadowed by Elizabeth’s hoarse voice.


“The Duke is here. Come get the tea.”


“I’m going back right away, so I don’t need tea.”


“Since you’ve already come, take a break. How nice it is to have our family gathered together like this.”


“It’s not bad because it’s a nice family.”


Elizabeth had a bright attitude from the beginning to the end as if nothing is wrong despite the duke’s iron wall.


The tea came as the short conversation ended.


“I’ll pour the tea.”


As she casually looked at her maid, Roselina felt a slight sense of incongruity.


‘What is this?’


The color of the tea was different.


Me and Elizabeth’s tea was red, while the Duke’s was dark brown.


It wasn’t deeply brewed, it was like a completely different tea.


I started a small talk.


“Only father’s has a different color of tea?”


“You have good eyesight. Who do you resemble?”


It was a calm, yet strangely happy tone.


So I was even more puzzled.


“What? Anyone can see the color is different.”


I hesitated because it was an ambiguous word to answer, but Elizabeth intervened.


“The Duke is always overworked. I was worried about his health, so I prepared a special tea for his health. It is a rare tea that is hard to find, so I am giving it only to the Duke.”


“I see.”


I paused.




Something fluttered as a notification had appeared over Elizabeth.


[The lie detector returns.]

[Beep! It turned out to be a lie.]


Every time she opened her mouth, she poured out her lies.


“There is a saying that this is so good for your body that every sip increases your lifespan by one year. Shall I give my daughter a little too?”


[Beep! It turned out to be a lie.]


“No. I’m fine.”


“Is it true? My daughter. Don’t be sad that I give this tea only to the Duke. I want to live happily with our Duke for a long, long time. To do that, the Duke needs to be healthy, right?”


[Beep! It turned out to be a lie.]


‘Aha. That’s why the quest to save the Brighton family has come.’


It was a clear signal that she could not possibly be unaware of.


Elizabeth was feeding the duke something strange.


‘That’s probably a poisoned tea.’


It’s a staple material often found in romance fantasy novels.


At first glance, it looks like an ordinary tea, but when you take it for a long time or take it with other things, it will be a problem.


Eliza grinned and continued her words.


“By the way, it’s so nice to see the family get together like this after a long time. It’s silly, but I think I’m going to cry.”


Once again, the notification that it was a lie popped up.


Elizabeth hated Brighton.


‘You are the real culprit who killed the duke.’


And a thought popped into my head.




Is Leodor okay?


It has been more than 10 years since Elizabeth took care of him.


There is a very high probability that Leodor will be in a dangerous situation too.


“Oh my. What’s wrong with my son?”


Elizabeth said, smiling at me.


“I think it would be nice to have Leodor with us now that we’re all together.”


“I am just as sad as my daughter. If the two of you came to visit me every day, Leodor would like it too.”


“It would have been nice if Leodor was also here. I’m sorry.”


Elizabeth, who was about to falter in her words, changed her stance right away when the Duke responded.


“Okay? Then shall we go see him together?”


“Yes, sure.”


Because I need to know what Elizabeth has done to Leodor.

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