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[The first condition <Find the first stigma!> is open!]

[Proceed with the quest <Scenario: Blessing of Brighton>! Some of the conditions to complete (1)> have been met!]


‘Great. One thing came out.’


To find the first stigma, I had to use the current situation.


That person will now be looking for someone to replace Dorota.


A person who can shape public opinion in the mansion and trap me.


‘If it were me, I would approach Antonia.’


As per my instructions, Antonia mingled among the servants, complaining about me.


When there was a topic that anyone in the Brighton mansion could sympathize with, the servants easily gathered. Enough to form a group.


‘Did she say Robansa?’


A group of people who are against Rosalina.


Antonia was leading the meeting, waiting for the first stigma to approach.


‘I’m just grateful to Antonia.’


She has been a great help to me since Dorota’s days.


I took out her pocket of gold coins and gave it to Antonia.


“Antonia. Take this.”


“Yes? I can’t! It’s only natural to listen to the orders of the person I serve.”


“This is the funds for the group’s activities. It will cost a lot of money, so use it then.”


“Ah yes.”


Antonia was a little shy and took the bag of gold coins.


I smiled and pulled a book out of the drawer.


“Is this also a book that will help me with the group activities?”


“This is a gift, Antonia.”


Antonia’s eyes widened and took the book.


<Anyone can become a perfumer>


When Antonia saw the title, tears welled up.


“Lady Roselina. This is…”


“It’s a pity to just let your outstanding talent rot. There’s also a ticket to a perfumer training school inside, so when you’re done, you can attend.”


“Why are you being so nice to me?”


“I’m investing in your potential.”


This is true.


Later, Antonia will become a famous perfumer.


After Brighton’s bankruptcy, the unemployed Antonia accidentally catches the eye of the mistress she serves.


“A perfume with a daisy scent will be a hit.”


I need Antonia’s talent.


If the Rose Harmony smells like roses, it will feel more real.


“Thank you, Lady Roselina! I’ll do my best!”


“Yeah. I’m thankful to you too.”


Without Antonia’s cooperation, this would have been more complicated.


‘I can’t stand still.’


Roselina was told from a young age that she was Brighton’s disaster.


It started with the fairy tree.


I wanted to hear what happened that day.


I looked at the invitation placed on the table.


The name of the sender.


‘Elizabeth Brighton’


The only person who was at the scene where the Fairy Tree incident took place and who will still remember.


I had one more reason to meet her.


Elizabeth suggested that she discuss the upcoming Duke’s birthday banquet together.


When I received the invitation, the original flashed through my mind.


‘The duke cannot get past his birthday.’


He died after drinking the champagne that Roselina gave him on the day of the banquet.


Roselina charged with the murder of the Duke of Brighton, but she is released when no poison was found in the champagne.


Still, people pointed out their fingers to Roselina, saying she violated the rules of heaven by killing her own father.


‘When I read the original, I also thought Rosalina was the culprit.’


But now things are different.


Because there are people trying to put notoriety on Roselina.


‘I have to find out the truth about this as well.’


Perhaps I had a foreboding that I might have come close to the truth.




Brighton mansion annex.






Elizabeth screamed and threw the teacup against the wall.


Even so, she throws whatever she catches in her hand as if she’s still mad.


“Rosalina, that damn girl!”


Nothing has happened since Rosalina returned.


Dorota is imprisoned in a dungeon, and all her plans went awry.


“Just a little bit more. Just a little bit!”


The maid, who had been silently observing Elizabeth’s rampage, came hastily.


“Madam. Oh my god!”




Elizabeth slapped her maid hard on the cheek, as if out of anger.


“I told you not to come near me when I’m in a bad mood!”




Then, she slapped the maid’s cheek one after another as if to see if her anger will be relieved.


“Why don’t you listen to me! Are you ignoring me now?”


“I’m sorry. Please forgive me just once.”


The maid, who covered her cheeks and stepped back from her, fell flat on her floor.


She begged for her forgiveness, her body shaking, until Elizabeth’s wrath was relieved.


After a while, Elizabeth asked, as if she had finally resolved her anger.


“What’s going on?”


“The Duchess of Palesdon is coming here.”


“What? Why are you saying that now?”


“I’m sorry. I was short on my thoughts.”


“Why can’t you be quick? Why are the only things around me like this?”




Eliza nodded and slapped her maid in the cheek one more time.


“Clean up this place right now and get out.”


“…Yes. I understand.”


Elizabeth straightened her messy hair while her maid, with her puffy face, silently cleared the room.


But her anger never subsided.


“You’re ruining my plans? I won’t let it go.”


As Elizabeth was in the midst of cursing Roselina, she heard her voice outside her door.


“Oh my goodness.”


At that moment, like magic, her expression changed dramatically.


A benevolent smile appeared on Elizabeth’s face, who was wheezing and unable to contain her anger.


“My daughter. You don’t know how long I’ve waited. Come in quickly.”


She greeted Rosalina with a friendly face.


“Welcome. Wasn’t it hard on the way here? I’ll get you the car right away.”


“Hello. How have you been?”


“Yes. It’s been good. I haven’t seen my daughter very often because I was looking after Leodor in the annex. Don’t be too sad.”


“Yes. It’s okay. I know you’re busy with various things.”


Various things?


It’s a meaningful word.


‘Did she notice?’


Elizabeth barely blocked her contorted expression.


‘It’s okay. Because this girl is stupid.’


Besides, she even took a lot of her loneliness.


Thanks to this, she was easy to deal with. Because if she gives her a kind word from time to time, it moves her the way she wants her to.


“My daughter. Why is that? Is it because you are so upset?”


“What do I have to be upset about?”


But Roselina replied bluntly, and she took a seat first.


At that moment, Elizabeth’s forehead wrinkled violently.


‘You dare to sit first?’


She could not dare compare Brighton and Palesdon.


Strictly speaking, it was right for Roselina to sit down first, but Elizabeth couldn’t tolerate it.


‘You are nothing.’


Whether she knew Elizabeth’s stomach is churning or not, Roselina spoke calmly.


“Before the birthday banquet, there’s something I’d like to hear about first.”


Eliza, who was grinding her teeth, barely made up a good-natured face.


“Okay. I’ll tell you anything I know.”


“It’s been a while, but I want to hear about the fairy tree incident. What happened that day?”


It was nice to hear.


Elizabeth’s eyes lit up.


The fairy tree incident.


It was a taboo topic in the Brighton mansion.


As a young girl, Roselina lost her memory of the day as her shock was so great.


Elizabeth sat down with Roselina like that, and she told her about it every day.


“Your dear daughter, Roselina, it’s her negligence that killed her own mother.”


“Don’t you feel nothing when you see Leodor? He became like this because of your daughter, and I feel sorry for him too.”


“It’s all Roselina’s fault.


Roselina was the perfect subject to instill her guilt.


‘It’s just fine.’


Eliza pretended to be faint.


“It’s very heartbreaking for me, but I’ll tell you since it’s my daughter’s request. On that day, you were stubborn despite my disapproval and climbed up the fairy’s tree and cut the branches.”


“Okay. I have a question, can I ask you?”


“Okay. You can.”


But her benevolent smile did not last long.


“Who was there?”


“Eh? What does that mean?”


“I asked if there was anyone else who could testify about that day.”


“What do you mean? My daughter. Are you doubting me? It breaks my heart.”


The story went in an unexpected direction.


“No. You are suspicious of your mother. I take care of Leodor with all my heart, isn’t it?”


Roselina didn’t fall for her emotional appeal as she normally would.


“I rather trust my mother, so I can easily ask her. Am I wrong?”


When she spoke like this, there was no place for her to back down any further.


In the end, Eliza hesitated to answer.


“That’s right. I’m so glad that my daughter believes in me. It was only the former Duchess and Leodor, you and me.”


“So you’re saying that the only one who can testify about it is you?”


Roselina laughed softly. As if the prey she had been waiting for bit the bait.

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