The master tapped lightly on the table with his index finger.


“Money and title… So, you’re getting divorced and avoiding remarriage.”


“Why would I want to remarry?”


After hearing only a few pieces of information, I smiled at the master who got exactly what I wanted.


As expected, he is the kind of person I wanted.


I need to appeal so that I can continue to do business with the master in the future.


“As you deduced, I don’t want remarriage. After building my wealth under borrowed names, I will buy a title and live alone.”


“This mana stone alone is not enough.”


As soon as he said that, I smiled and released the pocket attached to my waist.


“You didn’t think that was everything, did you?”


The master, who checked the inside, could not hide his surprise.


“I’ve never seen such a large number of high-quality mana stones. That’s why you wanted a borrowed name.”


“Yes, that’s right.”


The master remained silent for a moment to calculate the market price and then opened his mouth again.


“I accept the deal.”

‘It’s done!’

When I received the payment for selling the mana stone, a white window popped up in the air.

[The reward is coming]
[<Items over 10,000 gold> has been confirmed]
[Quest <Change your fate and win precious items! (1)> has been completed]
[50 Fate energy will be given as a reward]

Looking at the message that appeared, she reached out to the master.

“Please take good care of me from now on.”

The master somehow held her hand shakily.




I sat at a cafe with a clear view of the street and looked around.

‘What would be good?’

Finally, the gauge bar for changing fate has been filled.

Now, the important thing was the summons.

When she tried to summon yesterday as a test, this message appeared.

[Please designate the item you want to summon]


Immediately, I shouted the first thing that came to mind.

“Gold! Gold bar!”

Gold works everywhere.

The white window fluttered, so I was looking forward to it, but the another message appeared.


[Items higher than the summoner’s level will not be summoned]


‘It means that gold will be summoned when my level goes up.’

It’s good news, but I tried to summon it because I had to have an idea what I can summon now.

“Silver! Silver bar!

“Bronze! Bronze Bar!”

But every time she called, she fails.

‘Even the bronze failed.’

I sang it with significance in the success of the summon.

All of the following attempts also failed.

[Penalty will be applied due to repeated summoning failures]
[You have 23 hours, 59 minutes, 59 seconds left]

Finally, waiting time is over.

57, 56, 55·····

I stared blankly at the number decreasing little by little.

I spent the whole day waiting for the cooldown to be filled.

‘So I can’t fail this time.”

As a romance fantasy novel reader, I don’t like this feeling.

I sat at a cafe with a nice view and looked through the streets.

What items are small and useful enough to be summoned to my level?

Meanwhile, I noticed something.

It is hard to see because a large flower pot is covering it, but noble girls my age were huddled together.

“Did you hear that? I heard they’re going to get divorced eventually. The Scarecrow Duchess is in a bad mood.”

“Isn’t it because she’s embarrassed of getting kicked out and to be in talks of divorce divorce? She isn’t even in the right place to sit.”

“That’s right. It was Lady Bronze’s who was originally supposed to be the Duchess of Palesdon.”

Their voices, which were getting louder and louder, caught my ears.

‘Hold on. Let’s hear it. Isn’t that about me?’

To be exact, they’re talking behind my back.

“No. How dare I say that at the time.”

“Lady Bronze are also humble. Lady is the only one who fits to be the Duchess of Palesdon!”

“That’s right. What kind of evil girl is she?”

A bitter conversation ensued, but I was not very interested in the topic of the conversation. I was rather grateful.

‘Thanks to you, I got a hint.’

The ladies were all wearing rose corsage.

‘People I saw on the way to the café also had one rose item each.’

I remembered that this is a world is crazy about roses.

The people of the Empire were crazy about roses regardless of their social status.

If something had anything to do with roses, the price would have at least doubled.

‘Yes. The answer is roses.’

If I summoned roses of unusual colors that does not exist in the empire and put them up for auction, I might get a good price.

‘I’ll have to go back to the mansion and summon it.’

As I stood up in a hurry, I made eye contact with someone beyond the flowerpot, perhaps because it was busy.

‘Is she one of the young ladies?’

“Oh my god!”

The sight of her left the lady, who was making the loudest noise, startled.


“I, I…”


When another lady sitting next to her pointed at Roselina, her eyes naturally drew attention to her.


‘Ah, I can’t.’


I knew people would recognize me because my pink hair stands out.


Sure enough, I heard a sigh.


“Brighton’s disaster.”


“Th-the villain of Palesdon…”


Ah, I’m doomed.


‘But wouldn’t it be possible to deal with it as quietly as possible?’


It was a while since I dreamt like that.


The lady, who was making the loudest noise, jumped up from her seat and glared at her.


My reputation is so evil that even if rumors spread, it was likely to spread unfavorably only to me.


“Why are you looking at me like that? Did we lie? Are you bragging about getting divorced?”


But I didn’t do anything.


When I didn’t respond, the lady replied in a stronger tone, perhaps thinking I was discouraged.


“Who would handle that kind of temper? It’s understandable you were kicked out of your family and abandoned by the Duke of Palesdon!”


“Hey, Lady. Stop it now.”


I heard a gasp nearby as the lady crossed the line.


Even the young girls, who were secretly sympathizing with me, looked embarrassed.


As if she had realized it too late, she closed her mouth tightly, but it was to no avail.


‘My heart is pounding.’


My remaining affection towards Argention reacted.


Roselina, who loved him no matter what anyone said, was sincere.


‘I tried to move on well, but the insult was too much.’

When everyone’s eyes reached me, I parted my lips.


[Lady Bronze’s POV]

Lady Bronze had been aware of Roselina’s presence ever since she entered the cafe.


Of course, it’s because she hated Roselina.


‘It was mine.’


Argention, and the seat as the Duchess of Palesdon.


But everything was taken away.


‘So, I have to get it back.’


Sneakily, she started everyone talking about Roselina behind her back. They’re covered by a flower pot, but she can surely hear the conversation because the distance is close.


This much was nothing compared to the pain she suffered.


‘Listen well.’


She was short-sighted and hot-tempered, so she urged Lady Hannah, who moved as she wanted, and soon there was a commotion.


‘As always, they’ll make a fuss.’


The more Roselina caused a commotion, the more people will point their fingers at her.


It was Lady Bronze’s joy to look at Roselina’s fall.




“Can you take responsibility for what you’ve said so far?”


Roselina responded surprisingly calmly.


It was a situation where the water has been spilt, but she seemed to want to end the situation gracefully with a simple warning.




Lady Bronze became nervous in a situation that has never happened before.


‘This is why people don’t curse Roselina.’


Now that rumors of divorce are circulating, it’s a great opportunity to bring her to the bottom.


So she quickly whispered to Lady Hannah.


“I can’t believe she said that Lady Hannah lied in front of people. Even though she’s a duchess, she’s so mean.”


Sure enough. Hannah’s face heated up.


“I didn’t lie!”


“Does that mean you only told the truth?”


“Of course!”


Roselina’s pink eyes were still calm.


“If you’re so confident, then prove it.”


“That kind of…”


“Please don’t push Lady Hannah too hard. She doesn’t mean it with a bad heart. Right, Lady Hannah?”


Lady Bronze slipped Hannah in front of Roselina and shifted all responsibility to her.


‘This is it.’


Now Roselina’s fiery anger will only be directed at Hannah.


She will slap Lady Hannah’s cheek and grab her hair.


‘Then everyone will swear at Roselina.’


People will remember this as an incident of Roselina’s, not the gossip of young ladies.


But it was also a short time.


“I don’t need a forced apology. Rather, you have to clarify the facts.”




“Didn’t you say you only told the truth with your own mouth?”


Things went unexpectedly.


“Did you say I was kicked out? You said I was abandoned by my family.”


“You were fluttering with excitement earlier, but now why are you closing your mouth like a shell? I guess you’re not confident in what you said. Did you lie?”


Hannah has been driven into a liar several times because she has a habit of exaggerating her words.


Perhaps that’s why she couldn’t stand a situation where people couldn’t believe her.


Roselina spoke as if she knew that.


“No! I didn’t lie!”


“Then prove it.”


“What? How can I do that?”


Sure enough. Hannah was furious, and Roselina answered leisurely.


‘I’m stuck in the face.’


Lady Bronze clicked her tongue once and gently stepped out.


“What’s the use of that?”


She didn’t want to come forward as much as possible, but she couldn’t help it.


‘It’s still worth a try.’


Roselina is insisting otherwise, but the rumor must be true.


No one knew that she had returned to Brighton’s mansion and was living separately.


It was clear that Duke Palesdon was about to divorce as soon as he returned.


‘Have they ever been a proper couple?’


In Roselina’s social circle, her name was “The Scarecrow Duchess.”


She was famous for having a miserable wedding without a groom.


What about the family?


In the first place, she was called the “Brighton’s disaster”.


No one welcomes Roselina.


“Madam, please prove it yourself.”


Lady Bronze smiled with confidence.


Without knowing that her face would soon be devastatingly distorted.

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