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A strange figure appeared at the restaurant entrance. He was a large man exuding an intimidating presence.


“Oh my, was there someone like him in the empire?”


His demeanor differed from other aristocrats who engaged in arguments or table discussions.


“Will you please come closer? I’ll assist you with your reservation.”


As the man extended his long legs and moved, a subtle light illuminated his face.


His smooth forehead, visible through his pitch-black hair, the prominent nose resembling a mountain range, and the defined chin formed a beautiful countenance.


“Argention Palesdon.”


“Yes, your reservation has been confirmed. Allow me to show you to your seat.”


The moment the man introduced himself, a silent storm brewed within the restaurant.


“It’s ‘Palesdon’?”


“Look at those eyes.”


“The rumors about his bloodshed on the battlefield leaving no trace of red.”


“But the Duke of Palesdon didn’t return for a long time even after the war ended…”


‘Argention Palesdon.’


He was a hero who led the victorious continental war and a pioneer who discovered new lands. Simultaneously, he embodied fear itself. There were whispers that even the most fearsome demons quivered in his presence, drenched in blood.


“Um, your coat, sir…”


“No need.”




“What? Do I look like a fool incapable of removing my own coat?”


The man, who had established his reputation as undefeated, also possessed the skill to silence others. The nobles, swiftly falling into silence, averted their gaze.


As his indifferent eyes scanned the surroundings, the people hushed. Someone gasped and hastily covered their mouth.


The frozen atmosphere was brief, and the restaurant regained its tranquility as Duke Palesdon advanced toward a certain individual.


It was at that moment,


“Please grant me a divorce.”


Upon Duke Palesdon’s low voice resounding, an immense invisible shockwave reverberated.


“Did you hear that?”


“He’s getting divorced as soon as he returns from the battlefield?”


People’s eyes trembled like during a massive earthquake. However, this was merely the tip of the iceberg.


“I will compensate you with 5 million gold as alimony.”


The alimony offered by Duke Palesdon was unbelievably staggering.


Even for a considerable nobleman, 5 million gold was an astonishing sum.


“I want to marry Duke Palesdon and divorce him too.”


“Me too! Me too!”


The young and naive girls were dazzled and rendered speechless.




A soft groan escaped Roselina, causing the surroundings to fall into silence.


Her slender shoulders quivered as if struck by shock.


“Come to think of it… the duchess pursued the duke relentlessly.”


“I heard she pursued him for years before they married.” 


Given the fame of her courtship with Duke Palesdon, sympathy-filled glances were directed toward Roselina.


Meanwhile, Roselina, soon to be the former Duchess of Palesdon, tightly gripped her hand hidden under the table.


“Yes, this is very favorable.”


Contrary to people’s expectations, she wasn’t taken aback.


Instead, she had to struggle to keep the corners of her mouth from lifting, suppressing the joy that threatened to burst forth.


‘It’s like receiving 50 billion won the moment I transmigrated.’


In terms of 5 million gold, it was equivalent to 50 billion won, a unit she was familiar with.


‘What’s the harm in getting a divorce when you receive 50 billion won? Just let me know when you plan to remarry. I’ll organize everything from the ceremony to the wedding song.’


Roselina gently bit her lip, containing her overwhelming excitement.


If you have a two-year-old child, I’ll gladly be their godmother!!


It felt as though she wanted to leap up and dance right away.


‘I could go through the same thing a hundred more times.’


A slight shadow passed through Roselina’s eyes as she recalled the moment she possessed this body.


  1. Unlock 50 billion won the moment you possess it


I transmigrated to the novel <Tyrant Divorces Because of Me?>. It happened just yesterday.


It’s a unique and outrageous novel where all the male leads are infatuated with the female lead, resulting in them breaking up with their wives or fiancées. It was entertaining to read while cursing at them.


I was exhausted with my current life, having given up college and working part-time to repay the debts left by my parents. Finding solace in web novels set in completely different worlds from the harsh reality.


“I hereby sentence Roselina to death, a wicked woman who sought to disrupt the world and take innocent lives!”


Once again, an incendiary scene unfolded today.


“Finally, the villain is being dealt with.”


The vivid descriptions even made me feel as if I was the one facing execution.


And on my way back from my part-time job, the blaring horn of a dump truck coming from the opposite side of the road was the last memory of my modern life.


When I opened my eyes, I was informed of my impending divorce.


“If you kindly fill out the divorce application form tonight and vacate the mansion, we will take care of the settlement money. I’m sure that’s what you desire.”


Marriage certificate and divorce application. The name written on both documents: Argention Palesdon.


I knew exactly who he was.


In the novel that remained in my memory until my final moments, <Tyrant divorces because of me>, he was the second male lead.


Argention’s request for divorce meant that he and I were married.


I glanced at his name on the document. Roselina Palesdon, the name written solely on the marriage certificate.


‘Awesome! I’ve possessed Roselina.’


Argention unleashed another harsh remark as he observed my appearance. “I don’t know what useless thoughts are running through that head of yours, but they are utterly worthless, Roselina.”


‘Listen to him. Isn’t he going too far?’


Even though I knew his words weren’t directed at me but at Roselina, they were still hurtful.


You only said sweet things to the female protagonist…


For his wife, Roselina, he was a master of gaslighting, constantly undermining her self-esteem with his words.


I couldn’t hold back. I wanted to retort,


‘The alimony is 5 million gold, is that the maximum amount you can pay?’


If 10,000 won equals one gold, then 5 million gold would be… 50 billion won. Insane. You want me to divorce you and then give me 50 billion won? Who do you think I am? Do I look like someone worth 50 billion won?


Then again, it was incredibly accurate. I could get divorced a hundred times over. Amidst the chaos, Argention clicked his tongue as I chewed on the idea of 50 billion won.


“As I’ve repeatedly stated, it would be beneficial for all parties involved to accept the divorce.”


And with that, he swiftly exited.


A halo seemed to radiate behind him.


Of course, I should accept. 50 billion won is at stake!


My heart started pounding.


‘Divorce… It’s been my wish since I was born!’


The undesirable thought had become a reality.


In the original work, Roselina desperately avoided divorce but was ultimately consumed by fear. Thus, divorce was the better option in many ways. I stayed up all night, half-expecting to wake up and find it was all just a possession dream, and now I sat here before the appointed time.




I raised my head, locking eyes with Argention seated across from me. He seemed slightly taken aback as if he hadn’t anticipated my acceptance.


Well, that’s understandable. Just a few hours ago, I was clinging on desperately.


Argention’s eyebrows furrowed as I placed the divorce application form on the table, which I had filled out the previous day.




Ignoring his plea, I stood up.


“This is where our relationship ends.”


And with that, I left the place, oblivious to the words that appeared.


[The course of fate has significantly changed]

[The count for the number of times fate changes begins.]




After leaving the restaurant, I boarded the carriage I had prepared in advance.


Tomorrow, or rather, from this very afternoon, the empire would be turned upside down.


Because it’s Palesdon’s divorce, unlike any other.


Argention was by no means a minor figure. In fact, he held so much significance that some claimed the author’s favorite wasn’t the male lead but the second male lead.


He was born as the sole heir to the Palesdon, the most esteemed family in the nation, known for producing the greatest warriors, and Argention had earned the title of the youngest sword master.


At the tender age of 17, Argention participated in the Continental War and emerged victorious in every battle he fought. However, after a period of resounding triumph, he disappeared without a trace.


Rumors spread that the once mighty Palesdon family had fallen from grace, but Argention eventually returned, having conquered a newly discovered land after several centuries.


He single-handedly propelled Palesdon to unprecedented heights, surpassing any known power. His might had reached a level where no one dared to challenge him, as he had already pierced the heavens.


“So, I suppose he can afford to pay 50 billion won as alimony.”


And that 50 billion would soon become my own assets.


“I’m relieved that you agreed to the divorce as well.”

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