Shanghai R.H kept a clean sheet against Shanghai Thrones in the third game of the regular season. R.H is currently ranked second in the Eastern Division in terms of points, with Hangzhou DSD in first place after three consecutive victories. DSD won all three games by a score of 3 to 0, and their net difference was two points higher than R.H.

The game was played easily and there was nothing to get excited about when they won. After shaking hands with the opposing party, the four of them gathered their belongings and left. Old Tan assigned Qi Xian to be interviewed. Since learning that the opponent was capable of causing trouble, Old Tan has been eager to put R.H’s emotional intelligence at the interview table.

“Who are we going to play against next?” Cheese yawned.

Yu Zhaohan, who had already memorized all the matches, said, “Hangzhou DSD.”

“DSD!” Lu Youshan was confident “Either they end our winning streak or we take over first place in the Eastern Division. Let us face the hurricane challenge!”

No one would be so foolish as to follow Lu Youshan’s lead at this time. Several people were waiting for Qi Xian in the background, and the Thrones came out from the other side, and the two sides simply met face to face.

Although R.H and Thrones were at odds, they were domestic teams competing on the same home court, so they should be polite on the surface. Thrones’ manager took the initiative to greet them, and Caps stood next to him as if R.H had swindled him and owed him a few million.

Yu Zhaohan looked at Caps and nodded coldly.

Cheese curled his lips: “Caps can’t even play and he’s still bothering the captain. Pathetic.”

Jiang Di asked, “Why does he bothering the captain?”

“Don’t you know? Oh, right, you weren’t on the team at that time…”

Cheese told Jiang Di that Caps insulted Yu Zhaohan and was later recorded by Shi Du. After Jiang Di heard what happened, his fist hardened: “Have you insulted him back?”

“Of course! You still don’t know Timeless’ mouth?”

Jiang Di loosened his fist slightly: “Good.”

“If I didn’t curse him back, what would you do, Xiao Jiang?” Shi Du smiled and put his arm on Jiang Di’s shoulder, “Will you curse him back for the captain? Will Xiao Jiang curse?”

Jiang Di placed a hand on Shi Du’s shoulder as well, but his movements were a little stiff: “No.”

Shi Du: “Want to learn? I’ll teach you.”

Old Tan: “No teaching!”

Yu Zhaohan was relieved to see the peaceful harem. Jiang Di had a lot to say today, and if he said two more words, he’d outdo him.

They returned to the base by bus after Qi Xian’s interview. Shi Du sat down with Old Tan on purpose and asked, “Old Tan, the endorsement you mentioned last time…”

A computer company was about to launch a new generation of gaming laptops and wanted Shi Du to be its spokesperson at the time. But he thought it was bothersome at the time and refused without hesitation.

“Oh, what a loss. Do you have any idea how much the endorsement fee was?” Old Tan was distressed “But don’t worry, the club will continue to prioritize your wishes. I’ve already declined it for you. I heard they later approached Archer from DSD.”

Shi Du got up and left: “Goodbye.”

Except for endorsements and live broadcasts, professional players had few options for making extra money. He could sleep for the night after the game. Shi Du declined Qi Xian’s invitation to play mahjong with him and opened his live broadcast room after a long absence.

R.H has no set live broadcast time requirements for players, so fans may not see them for months. Timeless’ live broadcast was the most difficult to see among them all. When the broadcast begins, both fans and haters will rush to tell their friends and join in the fun.

Shi Du broadcast’s popularity has surpassed one million in the two minutes since it began. The barrage was stacked on top of one another. He can’t see anything if he doesn’t turn off the barrage.

[Ahhhh, my little husband is here~ The grass in the live stream room is three meters high, I’ll help you cut it down.”]

[What the hell? The missing person has returned? Grandma, your favorite streamer is live!]

[I can’t take it anymore, my brother’s gray hair and earrings are killing me [nosebleed][nosebleed]]

[Where did this high school student with a problem come from? Come here and let sister kiss you =3=]

[When will Shine start broadcasting? When will Shine start broadcasting?]

[Please, little brother, let me see your brother-in-law. QAQ My request isn’t high, just his back is enough.]

[Why were the comments that criticized Timeless deleted? Repost it, don’t make me lose respect for you]

“Who is my brother-in-law? Is it Shine?” Shi Du opened the game client, and picked a barrage reply, ‘Wake up, sister, I don’t have a brother-in-law.’

The information on the live broadcast rewards came in one after another, and it was hard to thank everyone. The official account of Paiya also came to join in, throwing big five figures, and Timeless’s live broadcast room quickly rushed to the top of the platform’s reward list.

“Minors shouldn’t be sending gifts,” Timeless reminded, “What hero do you want to see me play?”

[Ninja Ninja Ninja]

[Come and take a look! The 18-year-old and 3-month-old Timeless is acting like an adult [smirking face]]

[Am I here to see you play games? I came to see you cook!]

Shi Du played with his second account. He doesn’t look at the barrage while playing games, and he rarely looks at his phone. A typical game lasted about 20 minutes, and a close match could last up to half an hour, but a crushing victory could be achieved in as little as 10 minutes.

Shi Du had three victories in a row and was about to begin the next round when a private chat message appeared in the chat box in the lower right corner of the screen.

[[Private chat] Clownfish is not ugly: Shi Du, can you come and find me later? I’ll wait for you in the room~]

The barrage suddenly changed.


[Holy shit, who is this? My sister-in-law?

[No! I do not accept!]

[Rational analysis, this “waiting for you in the room” means that the person is also at the base, blind guessing, it’s Cheese]

[This ID does have Cheese’s style]

Shi Du didn’t have time to deal with the barrage. When he picked up his phone, Yu Zhaohan had already sent him a WeChat message, so he came to the game to find him because he couldn’t reach him on WeChat.

Shi Du stood up and walked away. He hadn’t even turned off the live broadcast when the barrage erupted.

[He’s in a hurry, he’s in a hurry, he’s in a hurry]

[They didn’t even say what happened, they just told you to come back later. Why are you in such a hurry? You’re so impatient!]

[Guys, I don’t think this is about Cheese anymore.]

[Yes, yes, Cheese isn’t worthy.]

[I’ll probably figure out what’s going on after seeing how long it takes my brother to return [smile]]

Shi Du was well aware that he was not in a hurry. If Yu Zhaohan was truly in a hurry, he would have come to him sooner, and he would never let him go “later.” But he was anxious for no reason, and he felt as if he was committing a crime by failing to respond to Yu Zhaohan’s WeChat for so long.

Yu Zhaohan’s private message to Shi Du was just sent. Countless friend requests rained down on Clownfish isn’t ugly in an instant, crashing the game.

Yu Zhaohan was completely unaware of what had happened. For ten seconds, he was stunned, and a terrifying thought entered his mind: Could it be that someone knew the clownfish is not ugly and was his alternate account, and exposed this matter?

Yu Zhaohan was so frightened that his scalp went numb when he suddenly heard a knock on the door.


Yu Zhaohan opened the door, pulled the boy in, and quickly closed the door. He grabbed the strap on Shi Du’s sweater, his expression was serious, and his voice trembled slightly: “Shi Du, just, just now, a lot of people added clownfish as friends…”

Shi Du panted slightly, “That’s because I was live broadcast when you messaged me.”

Yu Zhaohan didn’t react: “Huh?”

Shi Du bypassed him, walked to Yu Zhaohan’s computer, and set [Forbid anyone to add friends] and [Hide all personal information] for the clownfish. Yu Zhaohan’s brain, which had been frozen, began to work again, and he breathed a sigh of relief: “Why didn’t you say it earlier?”

Shi Du was helpless, “You didn’t tell me that I had to report to you in advance when I was live broadcast. Were you scared?”

“Yes, I was scared.”

Shi Du sat down on Yu Zhaohan’s chair and opened his arms: “Then come here and give me a hug.”

Yu Zhaohan walked over: “How can I hug you if you don’t stand up?”

“Hmm…” Shi Du said in a natural tone, “You sit on my lap?”

Yu Zhaohan imagined the scene for a while, and said hesitantly: “It’s weird for a boy to sit on a boy’s lap, I don’t want it.”

Shi Du was surprised and said, “You still have this kind of awareness?”

Was this the Yuyu who doesn’t find it strange when two boys did a koala hug?

Yu Zhaohan had no idea where this awareness had come from. He didn’t seem to take physical contact with Shi Du for granted after crying on Shi Du’s abdominal muscles the last time. Now that he thinks about it, not only was sitting on the lap but wasn’t a koala hug between two boys also a bit strange?

Yu Zhaohan did not think much about it and urged, “You stand up ah.”

Shi Du stood up in compromise. Yu Zhaohan sent himself into his arms and said, “Please pat me on the back.”

Shi Du laughed and patted Yu Zhaohan on the back before saying, “Don’t worry, I won’t let your other account be discovered. Tell me, what do you want from me?”

As the panic subsided, Yu Zhaohan pushed Shi Du away and said, “I want to show you my new shirt.”

Yu Zhaohan was already wearing his new shirt. It was the most common pure white shirt, with a simple cut that was enough to highlight his waistline. He didn’t wear a tie and the collar was slightly open, giving off a cool and restrained vibe.

Shi Du admired it for a long time, and asked, “What’s the main point? Your face or your waist.”

“Look at the collar inside, there’s a little bear embroidered on it,” Yu Zhaohan said as he turned around in front of him.

It was a fluffy gray teddy bear with a bow at the neck.

Shi Du raised the corners of his mouth unconsciously, and he took the initiative to praise without Yu Zhaohan’s hint: “Cute. Will you be wearing it outside? Aren’t you afraid of being seen by others?”

Yu Zhaohan was very satisfied with Shi Du’s reaction and said, “No, the little bear is hidden very deeply.” Yu Zhaohan remembered that Shi Du hadn’t finished his live stream yet and added, “I’m done sharing, you can go now.”

“I can’t leave now,” Shi Du said, “My live stream is still on, and my fans are definitely waiting for me to go back. If I go back too soon, they will know that Clownfish is from the base. So, I have to delay a bit, preferably until they expand their search to the entire city.”

Shi Du just stayed in Yu Zhaohan’s room like this. Yu Zhaohan entered Shi Du’s live broadcast room using a different account, and the fans were still talking about what had just happened.

[It’s been twenty minutes, why hasn’t my brother come back yet?]

[He should be able to finish walking through the R.H base in ten minutes.]

[Report—the broadcast is on! Come on, brothers, let’s go ask for the situation]

[Report—Cheese is in the base, and he said he didn’t see Timeless! Clownfish isn’t him!]

[To be honest, this nickname doesn’t look like a man, I suspect that my younger brother is hiding a woman in the base]

[Impossible, Captain Yu will not allow this to happen. I think it should be a woman from the outside]

Yu Zhaohan turned his head and complained to Shi Du: “I’m not a woman from the outside.”

“You’re not, you’re not,” Shi Du comforted him, “By the way, how long has it been since you last live broadcast? Your fans have followed me to my live broadcastroom.”

“I haven’t live broadcasting since the regular season started.” Yu Zhaohan said with a hint of pride in his tone, “I’m not short of money, and I bought the house with full payment.”

Shi Du: “Oh.”

Yu Zhaohan asked again: “You’re doing a live broadcast today, is it because you don’t have enough money to buy a house?”

Shi Du: “…”

Yu Zhaohan said generously, “I can lend you money, I’m very rich.”

Shi Du gritted his teeth: “No, thank you.”

“Or I can show up in your live broadcast room, maybe I can make you more money.”

Shi Du raised his eyebrows: “Sure, I’ll put your name on the house when I buy it.”

Yu Zhaohan asked suspiciously, “Is there such a good thing?”

Shi Du half-truthfully said: “If you believe it, there will be.”

Yu Zhaohan was silent for a moment, still not convinced: “Shi Du, you’re like a scammer trying to cheat money. But you’re handsome and my good teammate, so I’m willing to help you, but I have conditions.”

“You said it.”

Yu Zhaohan said: “You have to follow my script when you appear on camera.”

After Xiao Jiang played for the first time, he won many fans with his image of a tough support. Everyone discovered after the match that Xiao Jiang spoke even less than Shine and his expression was also steady, with the demeanor of a world-weary captain. He is even more mysterious than Shine because he does not have Weibo.

Under the request of the club, Xiao Jiang reluctantly applied for Weibo. The first Weibo only had two simple words: [Hi everyone]. And Yu Zhaohan’s first Weibo was: [Hi everyone, I’m Shine]

Yu Zhaohan, who had been compared, experienced a crisis and decided it was time to brush up on his own style.

Shi Du was taken aback: “Script?”

Yu Zhaohan picked up his phone: “I’ll send you a WeChat message.”

Soon, Shi Du received a message from Yu Zhaohan— a word document?

[…A beam of light suddenly illuminated the dim room, and a man with a proud and unyielding spirit walked slowly into it. The man stopped in front of the camera. Under the light, his fair skin gleamed with a faint luster, and his deep eyes were tinged with the cold and aloofness of a god. His lips parted slightly, and his voice was hoarse: “Oh? You’re live broadcasting?”]

Shi Du covered his face in embarrassment: “…Don’t, I beg you please don’t.”

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