Shi Du was very thankful that he was woken up by the phone. Yu Zhaohan would never come for a hug when he was sleeping unless he couldn’t help it.

Seeing Yu Zhaohan’s WeChat, Shi Du woke up in a second, without his shirt or slippers on, and rushed out in a hurry. Then he was caught off guard by the big beauty throwing his arms around him.

Shi Du picked up Yu Zhaohan and walked into the room. Yu Zhaohan was so uncomfortable that he still remembered not being able to be seen like this by others, so he lay on Shi Du’s chest and said, “Shi Du, close the door.”

Shi Du was unable to move his hands, so he shut the door with his feet and placed Yu Zhaohan on his bed. Shi Du had just gotten out of bed, so the bed was still warm. Yu Zhaohan consciously got into bed and wrapped himself in the quilt, revealing only his head.

Shi Du also went to bed and sat cross-legged beside Yu Zhaohan. He looked at Yu Zhaohan’s slightly red eyes, and was inexplicably angry: “Who misunderstood you? He even misunderstood you to the point of you crying.”

Yu Zhaohan stretched out his hand from the blanket and patted the seat beside him: “Sit over here a little.” When he sat down, Yu Zhaohan plopped down on top of him and told him all about, and told Shi Du all about what Splendid had misunderstood.

He almost word by word repeated Splendid’s words to Shi Du and imitated Splendid’s tone at the time. Shi Du’s face grew colder as he spoke more.

“I didn’t ignore him.” Yu Zhaohan buried his face on Shi Du’s abdominal muscles, both angry and sad, “He just talked nonsense without knowing anything.”

Shi Du took a deep breath, suppressed his unhappiness and anger for the time being, and said, “Splendid is just—idiot, why don’t you just ignore him.”

Yu Zhaohan said in a muffled voice: “He is my team member, and the captain is responsible for the team members.”

Shi Du sneered: “Not everyone is worthy to be your team member.”

“I’m really angry. I haven’t cried because of the team for a long time.”

Shi Du smiled calmly: “Really? Then who was it that I killed so many times and cried by me last time?”

Yu Zhaohan said softly: “Not the same.”

Shi Du held the back of Yu Zhaohan’s neck, and caressed gently: “Well, you cry first, after crying we will think of a solution.”

Yu Zhaohan raised his head from Shi Du’s abs and said, “I’m done crying, I want to think of a solution.”

Even if the beauty who had just finished crying was expressionless, he couldn’t look too cold, his brows slightly frowned, and the corners of his eyes were red, even if he looked world-weary, Shi Du could still feel pity for him.

Shi Du suddenly felt a little dry in his mouth.

“So quick?” He smiled to cover up, “No more crying for a while?”

“No.” Yu Zhaohan shook his head. Crying was a way to express one’s emotions. His heart was not stuffed up after crying, so he could relax and consider solutions.

Shi Du asked: “Then can I go and put on a shirt?”

Yu Zhaohan was slightly taken aback, only then did he realize that Shi Du was not wearing a shirt, and his abdominal muscles were wet from his crying. He lived for nearly twenty years, and for the first time he felt embarrassed about the body of the same sex: “Yes.”

Shi Du got out of bed and opened the wardrobe. Although the aunt will clean every room, she generally does not touch the boys’ personal belongings. Shi Du looked like a cool and handsome younger brother, but inside his closet was like a bird’s nest, with his clothes turned into a mess.

Unfortunately, the current Yu Zhaohan does not have the heart to educate his brother. He said with a glum expression: “I can’t let Splendid misunderstand me like this. He can think that I’m cold and intimidating, but he can’t think that I’m not worthy of being the captain of R.H.” Yu Zhaohan said, his tone gradually becoming firm, “I’ll prove him wrong in the right way- I’m a good captain, I never ignored him. I want him to apologize to me.”

“How do you want to prove it?” Shi Du took out a T-shirt from the closet, flipped it over, and put it on, “If you still want to explain to him nicely and tell him that you are the clown fish isn’t ugly, then I will really thank you.”

He was not against Yu Zhaohan getting along with the R.H member with his real personality. On the contrary, he felt that this was good, at least the stupid Yuyu would no longer hide under the covers and cry late at night because it was too uncomfortable to hold it in. But Yu Zhaohan can reveal his true nature in front of Splendid alone just for this matter.

—Why, even Cheese still didn’t know about it, and Splendid also goes with it.

Yu Zhaohan used his brain: “I’ll think about it.” Yu Zhaohan lifted the quilt and got out of bed, “I’ll go back to my room and think about it.”

Shi Du reservedly said: “If you want to spend the night here, that’s fine with me.”

“No. Excuse me, you go to bed early.”

Shi Du watched Yu Zhaohan leave without hesitation with mixed emotions. After serving their bedtime, the ancient concubines could at least sleep with the emperor for one night, so what does he count ah.

The teenagers with Internet addiction go to bed late, most of them wake up at lunchtime and start training at one or two in the afternoon until the early hours of the morning—except for Yu Zhaohan and Jiang Di. Yu Zhaohan also practiced for an hour or two in the morning, and Jiang Di was even more terrifying, he was the kind of person who would get up early and run in the morning. After Shi Du knew that he would spend at least two hours a day on sports, he didn’t bother to worry about his chest muscles being inferior to others.

Shi Du didn’t fall asleep in the middle of the night, and the young master didn’t bother to restrain his temper the next day because of his lack of sleep. After lunch, Yu Zhaohan and Lu Youshan went to a meeting. When Shi Du walked into the training room, he saw that Splendid’s seat was vacant, and asked, “Where is he?”

Cheese looked around and made sure that the captain, manager, and coach were not around, so he lowered his voice and said, “Splendid went to his fan meeting yesterday. He drank a lot, and he probably hasn’t sobered up yet.”

Qi Xian asked, “How do you know?”

“A fan shared a photo of the meeting on Weibo, and a group of people scolded him and his mother, saying he didn’t deserve to play professionally since he went out drinking during training. Some people also slandered R.H., claiming that we mistreated him and turned to alcohol to relieve his grief. I’m not sure if these people are ever tired to push their heads and necks like pigs every day.”

Before Splendid arrived late at four o’clock in the afternoon, the others had been practicing for two or three hours. His lips were pale, his eyes were black and blue, and he was a little slow to turn on the computer. Shi Du only looked at him before withdrawing his gaze.

Splendid logged into the game and saw Shi Du sent him a private message.

[Timeless: Solo? Unlimited heroes]

Splendid was taken aback, then looked up at Shi Du. Shi Du stared at the screen with no abnormal expression on his face. Splendid took a gulp of cold water.

[Splendid: Come]

It was obvious that Shi Du deliberately wanted to show off and would definitely use his best ninja. He should choose a virus to restrain him. He was holding his breath, preferring to pick a ninja to solo with Shi Du, to show Shi Du that he was not the only one in the team who could fight with a ninja.

The solo begins. Splendid controls the ninja to flash out the resurrection point—

[Timeless killed Splendid]

No assassin can kill a ninja with just one shot, and only snipers can kill the enemy instantly.

Timeless didn’t use a ninja, he used a Black Swan— A Black Swan restrained by ninjas. He is humiliating his opponent.

Splendid’s hand holding the mouse was bulging with veins. Timeless specializes in the assassin position, no matter how good he can play in the sniper position, he will lose because he has no defense.

[Splendid: Continue]

Timeless continued to use Black Swan in the second round. Splendid moved much more carefully this time, having learned from his mistakes, to avoid being in the sniper’s line of sight. He circled behind Timeless and was noticed by Timeless the moment he moved. Timeless was sliced to the point where only a trace of blood remained, and the hook was pulled away, leaving Splendid with only a normal attack to kill him.

Timeless’s Black Swan was indeed only mediocre, ten Cheeses behind Shine. But he was all too familiar with the ninja’s playing style and position. He can accurately predict every Splendid operation, and he deals with Splendid using the last trace of blood.

Timeless tried five times to imitate the captain’s instant sniping, but he only succeeded once. But as long as it was done once, it can be counter-killed.

[Timeless killed Splendid]

Splendid gritted his teeth until his gums were bleeding.

[Timeless: Your ninja can’t even kill a sniper like me, who else would you want to kill?]

[Timeless: It is recommended to play what you are best at, don’t embarrass yourself]

Splendid couldn’t care less about decency. He wants to kill Shi Du, no matter what hero he uses, he must kill Shi Du.

He chose Virus without thinking when he saw Shi Du had chosen Gladiator. Virus was the hero he practiced the most during this time, and Gladiator, like the ninja, was an assassin who relied on skill output and was restrained by Virus.

Shi Du even disdains using a hero of his own to test his Virus. He will make Shi Du regret it.

Splendid approached skillfully in stealth without making a sound of footsteps. He successfully released the skill, and he only needs to wait two seconds for Timeless to be restrained. However, Timeless moved out of range of his ability in less than a second.

The virus implant was interrupted, and it was time for the gladiator to counterattack next.

[Timeless killed Splendid]

Splendid’s forehead and palms were covered with sweat, and his hands were shaking when he wiped the sweat with a tissue. Virus is his most proficient hero, there’s no reason why he would lose.

In the last round, he continued to use Virus, while Shi Du… played a support.

The support has no movement skills. Facing the assassin, his only life-saving trick is the sleep gun. The moment Splendid appeared, the support kind voice activated: “Sleep well.”

Splendid was lying on the ground, and the Support alone wasn’t enough damage to kill him. As soon as the sleep time was over, Splendid stood up again and killed the support.

[Splendid killed Timeless]

He finally killed Shi Du, and then what? If he was hit by the sleep gun in the arena, the opposite C position and the tank will undoubtedly come to compensate for the damage, and he will undoubtedly die.

Shi Du didn’t even try to resist as he just stood there and let him kill him.

Splendid stood up unpleasantly and asked, “What do you mean?”

Qi Xian and Cheese took off their headsets and looked at them, only Jiang Di was still focused on training.

Shi Du sat on the gaming chair and turned around: “What do you think I mean?”

“Don’t you just want to play around with me?”

Shi Du readily admitted: “Yeah.”

Splendid was speechless.

Cheese asked: “What’s the matter, what’s the matter, why are you arguing?”

Shi Du was arrogant and contemptuous: “Maybe it’s because he can’t beat me in solo, and a certain substitute broke the defense.”

Splendid squeezed out words between his teeth: “I’m not in a good state today.”

How much better did the hangover feel the next day? If it were normal, other heroes would not have said that, and his virus would never have hit so quickly.

Shi Du smiled: “You also know that drinking can affect your state?”

Splendid was stunned for a moment, then turned into anger from embarrassment: “You are not the captain, nor the coach, for what reason would you say that to me?”

“Okay, then let’s not talk about drinking. Your ninja can’t kill my Black Swan, your Virus can’t restrain my Gladiator, and you can be hit by a sleep gun from amateur support of mine. Where do you get the face to fight me here?”

Qi Xian saw that the young master was serious, and quickly persuaded him to not fight: “Okay, if you have anything to say, wait until the captain and the coach come back.”

Shi Du ignored him and sat down on a chair, staring at Splendid from head to toe: “You’re just below average, and the coach still asked you to sit on the bench, but is there still a problem?” The boy pursed his lips, “Brother, this is E-sports. Your skill is still inferior; all you need to do is try your hardest, understand.”

Splendid’s chest was churning with blood, but he couldn’t refute a single word.

“You’d better pray that I’m sick or injured.” Shi Du said, “Otherwise, as long as I’m here, you won’t be able to play in R.H for the rest of your life, and you’ll always be a substitute.”

Cheese couldn’t help but said: “Timeless, what you said is too harsh, Splendid is our teammate after all. Splendid, please ignore him, the young master words—he has no quality.”

Shi Du said: “You treat him as a teammate, but he may not necessarily treat you as a teammate.”

The disdain in Shi Du’s eyes stabbed Splendid so deeply that he wanted to punch someone. Everyone in the training room was laughing at him, including Qi Xian and Cheese, who was pretending to persuade him not to fight, and Jiang Di, who pretended not to hear anything— no one thought highly of him. What’s the point of him staying in R.H?

“That’s enough, Timeless.” Qi Xian frowned, his eyes slightly narrowed, “Everyone has seen Splendid’s strength in the training match, it’s not as bad as you said, and if he practices again, he will definitely be able to play.”

Shi Du nodded: “I don’t deny this. I watched the video with clownfish, and his virus is indeed good, but if he didn’t drink alcohol yesterday, he wouldn’t play this badly.”

Splendid’s eyes widened in shock: “Clownfish. Who?”

“Do you really think a professional player is willing to train with you?” Shi Du sneered, “The clownfish is not ugly, is a training partner that the captain knows. Every solo match between you and him has been watched and studied by the captain. He will occasionally join you on the clownfish’s account to play double.”

Splendid was so dazed that he had to hold on to the table to get his footing. He heard himself say, “You, you lied.”

“I’m lying? Why don’t you send a message to the clownfish and ask him if the captain asked him for your ninja’s data and videos. Or you can go to the coach and see if he has received the data that the captain helped you sort out.” Shi Du shook his head, “Unfortunately, you are useless yourself.”

Splendid was dazed for a long time, and murmured: “I’ll go to the coach.” He rushed out of the training room and bumped into Lu Youshan. Lu Youshan’s face was very solemn: “Splendid, come with me to the meeting room. The others will keep practicing.”

After Splendid left, Cheese waited for a long time before recovering: “What the hell is going on here? “

Qi Xian sighed softly and said: “I guess, this is probably a story about Du Wei1Irrational fans who only like their idol, hate and hurt other artists around him (from Baidu)) who thought he couldn’t get his idol’s attention, so he grew hatred out of love, took off his love, and stepped back.”

Timeless: “…”

Cheese thought of his substitute and hurriedly asked Jiang Di: “Xiao Jiang, as my substitute, will you be psychologically unbalanced? If so, you must say it, and don’t hold back.”

“No,” Jiang Di said with a stern expression, “We each shine in our way, and we don’t have to blow out other people’s lights.”

Shi Du raised his eyebrows.

Cheese wondered, “Why do I feel like this is something the captain would say?”

Qi Xian agreed with a smile: “Xiao Jiang really looks like the captain.”

Splendid chatted with Lu Youshan for a long time in the meeting room. The next day, Splendid took the initiative to find Old Tan and proposed to terminate the contract with the club.

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    Irrational fans who only like their idol, hate and hurt other artists around him (from Baidu))
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