On the next day, Lu Yaoshan took the four starters and two substitutes to review yesterday’s game.

In the three games against TCO, the first game was won by his understanding of the map, the second game was won with Yu Zhaohan always on C all the time, and the third game was won by Shi Du’s surprise steal. Lu Yaoshan focused the replay on the second game, viewing the entire game through the perspective of TCO short/gun. TCO’s short gun has been targeting Shi Du with viruses in this round, and Shi Du has had a difficult time.

Despite its name, the virus is the image of a lively and beautiful girl. She can use stealth to approach the enemy and implant the virus in their body while they are unprepared, limiting the enemy’s attack output to normal. This skill mechanism is best suited for assassins who rely on flexibility and explosiveness to move around, such as Shi Du’s representative hero ninja.

It only takes two seconds to implant the virus, and once it begins to invade, the invisibility effect disappeared. There are two ways to keep the virus from being implanted: First, pull away and jump out of the virus’s invasion range; second, kill the virus within two seconds.

“The goal of Timeless training this week is to counter the virus invasion.” Lu Yaoshan said, “Splendid, you use the virus and Timeless on solo…”

Splendid blurted out: “Why, I’m not a training partner.”

The atmosphere became awkward as soon as these words were spoken. Lu Yaoshan frowned: “Who said you were a training partner? Timeless will practice ninja, while you will practice virus. Isn’t it beneficial for you to practice together?”

Splendid’s tone was still not very good: “I don’t want to spend too much time on Solo.”

Lu Yaoshan frowned even more firmly. It is a taboo for the team to disobey the coach’s tactical arrangement: “You…”

“Forget it, coach.” Shi Du placed his hands on the table, resting his chin on his palms, like a high school student who doesn’t pay attention in class, “after all, rookie virus accompanying practice is ineffective.”

Even Cheese can hear the irony in Shi Du’s words, let alone others. Splendid’s face darkened, and when he was about to speak, Qi Xian smiled and smoothed things over for them: “Why don’t I practice with you? It just so happens that I’m tired of playing tanks, and I really want to switch to the short/gun position.”

Lu Yaoshan was successfully distracted by Qi Xian and shouted: “No way! Don’t even think about it!”

Yu Zhaohan didn’t say a word during this little disagreement. After the review, he let the others go to training first, leaving Splendid alone.

Splendid rarely had the opportunity to be alone with Yu Zhaohan, and the discomfort during the review turned into nervousness in front of his idol. Yu Zhaohan asked him: “Don’t you want to practice virus?”

Splendid hesitated for a moment, then shook his head.

“To be honest.”

Splendid took a deep breath: “I just want to practice ninja more than anything.”

The ninja is the most action-tested and showy hero in the game. The virus is more of a tool, unable to deal excessively high damage, let alone show off.

Splendid used to be a streamer, and his fans all enjoyed watching him play heroes who could show off, while he himself looked down on tool people who lacked ambition.

“You can train more on ninjas, and no one will stop you.” Yu Zhaohan said, “Just before that, you must complete the tasks assigned by the team. Don’t forget, you are a professional player.”

A professional player who can’t play and can only watch the fountains offstage? Just because Timeless is the starter, so he can practice ninja, while he can only be a tool to move where he needs to go?

His complaints can be addressed to anyone, but he can’t speak in front of Yu Zhaohan.

Splendid smiled bitterly and said, “I understand, Captain.”

Shi Du was practicing with a gun on the shooting range in the training room: “Say what you have to say.” Cheese has been staring at him with a curious expression on his face since the first time he saw him today.

Cheese slid to the side of Shi Du on the gaming chair and asked, “Brother, are you okay?”

Shi Du glanced in the direction of the conference room and said absently, “Okay.”

“You were interrogated by the captain alone yesterday, did you end up walking limpingly?”

“I walk limpingly?”

Cheese muttered: “That’s right, the captain is not a man who knows how to fight. He must have tortured you mentally with his cold eyes and cruel words, right?”

Shi Du recalled the narcissistic mermaid last night, showing an inscrutable expression: “Hmm…”

Qi Xian said with a smile: “If you are so curious, you can try it yourself.”

Cheese complained, “I want to.”

The little brother hugged the captain, and Qi Xian was carried by the captain, but he had nothing.

There are three training games scheduled for tonight, and the time is a bit tight. Yu Zhaohan drank a cup of coffee before the game to rehydrate himself. He was debating whether to add a double espresso when he heard someone behind him call out, “Captain.”

Yu Zhaohan turned around to see who it was. He thought he was looking for food in the kitchen and gave a light “hmm” before returning to his own coffee making. Cheese stood aside and looked at him eagerly, held back for a long time, and asked eagerly: “Captain, can I ask you a question?”

Yu Zhaohan said coldly: “Ask.”

Cheese wrapped his fingers together, gathered his courage, and asked, “I, can I hug you?”

Yu Zhaohan: “…”

Cheese didn’t dare to look at Yu Zhaohan’s face right now, for fear of being horrified by the perennial iceberg-weary captain.

“I can’t? However, the little brother was allowed.” Cheese said dejectedly, “Captain, we’ve been on the same team for two years, and I’ve always regarded you as an older brother, even though I’m a few months older than you.” He began to speak incoherently as he spoke, “But you are always far away from us, I dare not hug you…”

Yu Zhaohan interrupted him: “I didn’t say no.”

Cheese looked up in astonishment.

Yu Zhaohan slowly opened his arms: “Come here.”

Cheese came back to his senses, fearing that Yu Zhaohan would regret it, so he rushed over and hugged his captain for the first time, just as he had hugged his teammates after countless games.

“Waaahh Shine, you are the best captain in the world!” Yu Zhaohan was hit by Cheese and took a half-step back, nearly knocking on the kitchen counter. Despite having baby fat on his face and he is a small one in his arms, Cheese’s body is not very fleshy.

“Don’t cry.” Yu Zhaohan’s heart softened, and his tone was still calm. He couldn’t help admiring him, “Can you be tougher.”

Cheese was so moved that he cried, “I’m sorry Captain, but I can’t help it.”

Yu Zhaohan remained silent for two seconds before patting Cheese on the back and saying, “Then cry.”

This was supposed to be a heartfelt hug between boys, but Cheese’s crying turned it into a comforting hug after losing a girlfriend.

Cheese is ten centimeters shorter than him, and his golden head rests on his shoulder, which is unlike the warmth he felt when Shi Du hugged him.

Yu Zhaohan was in a good mood after receiving hugs from two teammates within two days, and he even considered raising these two teammates’ statuses. Cheese not only took the initiative to throw himself into his arms, but he also declared that he was the world’s best captain.

Being a noble concubine was not unreasonable.

As for Shi Du, he must also be rewarded. Shi Du is already a noble concubine, so he should be promoted to the status of imperial concubine.

Cheese, who had been elevated to the status of a noble concubine, fought fervently. During the training match, he walked in front, leading the tank and double Cs into battle, and was then praised by the opponent.

Everyone was exhausted after the three training games; Qi Xian was so sleepy that he couldn’t open his eyes.

Old Tan urged them to go back to sleep. Shi Du sat still: “I’ll practice for an extra hour.”

Yu Zhaohan didn’t move either: “I still have something to do, you guys go to bed early.”

Yu Zhaohan has always been the last one to leave, which the others have grown accustomed to. In the training room, only Yu Zhaohan and Shi Du remained. Yu Zhaohan did not transform into Yuyu, but instead continued to communicate with Shi Du as the captain: “I use virus, you use ninja, we’ll Solo.”

Shi Du smiled: “Are you sure?”

Yu Zhaohan specializes in the long/gun position, and the level of the short/gun should not be as good as the professional short/gun of a first-class team.

“You are late in the industry, you might not know.” Yu Zhaohan carefully selected the virus and a fashion for this beautiful lady. “I used to be a free R.H player who only later fixed the long/gun position because the battle team lacked a handy long/gun—come on.”

Yu Zhaohan only played short/gun when he was filling his position for the past two years, and his operation was far behind the top short/gun players. But Virus happens to be a hero with more awareness than action, and he plays it with ease.

Shi Du quickly entered the state as he was having a formidable opponent. The two practiced until four o’clock in the morning, and it was almost dawn before they left the training room, and Yu Zhaohan was finally able to transform into Yuyu.

Yu Zhaohan had a lot to say after holding it in for so long. He couldn’t wait to share with his brother, “Shi Du, Shi Du, Cheese hugged me today.”

“Oh,” Shi Du yawned, “how does it feel?”

“It was good, but it felt better when you hugged me.”

“That’s right, that’s how it feels.”

Yu Zhaohan said: “Then you carry me back to the room.”


“No one will come out at this point in time.”

“No carry.” Shi Du said with his last stubbornness, “If I hug you, you will think I won’t look you in the eye.”

Yu Zhaohan assured the boy: “I don’t mind.”

“Then still no carry either,” Shi Du said firmly. He finally dared… he was finally able to look Yu Zhaohan in the eyes, and carrying him would make him an idiot for a few more days, so forget it.

Yu Zhaohan said unhappily: “I’m not asking for your opinion, I’m ordering you.”

Why can Shi Du be able to ‘hug when he wants to, and no reason needed,’ but he can’t ‘be hugged when he wants to be hugged’?

What a double standard brother.

Shi Du chuckled: “Why are you so demanding, captain?” The boy looked cool as he said, “You don’t really think I’m completely under your control, do you?”

Yu Zhaohan said frankly: “I didn’t think so. I just thought I had you at least 50 percent.”

Shi Du: “…”

Only fifty percent? Then it shouldn’t be too much for him to continue to degenerate by 10%.

Yu Zhaohan complained again, “I’ve been practicing with you for so long, and you won’t even carry me.”

“How do you want me to carry you?” Shi Du gave up resisting and said, “Hold horizontally or vertically? Princess carry or koala hug?”

Yu Zhaohan knew about princess carry: “What is a koala hug?”

“Imagine a baby koala hugging a tree trunk.”

Yu Zhaohan had a picture in his mind and immediately decided, “I want a koala hug.”

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