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Old Tan acted quickly and bought the lop-eared rabbit the following day. This lop-eared rabbit has the same color as the panda. It was black and white, with white spots around the eyes. When sleeping on its stomach, its ears will hang obediently on the ground.

While everyone was watching the rabbits, Old Tan solicited a wave of rabbit names. Cheese called it “Duo Duo”, and Shi Du suggested calling it “pig’s trotters,” Yu Zhaohan said “boring” and left. Qi Xian suggested: “The rabbit came from our little brother’s kneeling, let’s call it ‘Little Kneeling’.”

This name was approved unanimously by all R.H members, including Shi Du. Old Tan also purchased a small three-story glass mansion for this new R.H member, which was placed in the living room on the first floor and very close to the training room. Several people always go to rub the rabbit on a regular basis, though the frequency varies: Cheese goes almost every hour, Qi Xian and Shi Du only rub it when they pass by, and Yu Zhaohan doesn’t even look at the little kneeling.

When Cheese came back from playing with the rabbit, he saw that Yu Zhaohan was the only one in the training room and asked, “Captain, where are Xianxian and little brother?”

Yu Zhaohan said, “Qi Xian is smoking, and Shi Du is making afternoon tea in the kitchen.”

Cheese said, “Oh,” and thought it was so easy to be alone with the captain, this is a good time to fight for a favor: “Then we’ll double row?”

Yu Zhaohan glanced at him: “As long as you don’t play C.”

Cheese whispered: “The last time I dared to play was because the captain allowed me to.”

Yu Zhaohan did not deny: “Group me.”

Shi Du boiled a large pot of fruit tea, poured it into glasses, and served it to everyone just as Qi Xian returned from smoking outside. Qi Xian drank the fruit tea and smiled as he said, “My brother is not only handsome but also so virtuous.”

Shi Du smiled and said, “I’m flattered, brother.”

As soon as they entered the lounge, the two heard Cheese yelling: “Captain, come quickly, my support is only for you!”

Yu Zhaohan said calmly: “Who will get your support depends on the battle situation.”

Cheese: “…” Forget it, let’s not argue about it.

Shi Du smiled unkindly. He placed a cup of fruit tea on each table, and when serving tea to the team captain, he said, “Please do not drop the fruit tea.”

Yu Zhaohan was too busy with operations to answer his little brother. He selected the long/gun position. He played ninja, used his big move seven times to get in and out of the crowd, and finally exchanged his own life for the heads of three people on the other side. He had time to respond to Shi Du during the resurrection interval.

[[Private chat] Shine: Thank you (*-з-)]

Cheese’s magpie revived him as soon as the message was sent. He was about to kill the remaining people when a private message popped up in the chat box

[[Private chat] Timeless: Come to my room at night, I’ll steal the rabbit for you to play with]

Yu Zhaohan’s hand shook, he failed the double jump, and he drowned in the river.

Cheese, who had witnessed everything, was stunned.: “Captain…”

Yu Zhaohan’s face was flushed, and easily fooled the silly innocent boy with the word “network problem.”

Shi Du was drowsy in the room after training in the evening when he heard Yu Zhaohan knock on the door. Shi Du checked his watch before opening the door; it was nearly two o’clock. Yu Zhaohan was still dressed in his daytime team uniform, holding the tablet in his hand with a slight nervousness hidden beneath his calm face. He entered as soon as Shi Du opened the door.

“Yuyu is so late, the rabbit is going to sleep,” Shi Du yawned.

Yu Zhaohan said: “I have to wait until everyone is asleep.”

Shi Du laughed and said: “It shouldn’t be, it’s not like we’re having an affair.”

Yu Zhaohan was a little strange: “How can two boys have an affair?”

Shi Du thought for a while: “You’re right——why are you carrying a tablet?”

“I thought that if we were caught sneaking around, I could argue that I was talking to you about new tactics,” Yu Zhaohan explained. He realized he needed to leave a way out in everything after Shi Du caught him wearing dinosaur pajamas to relieve stress.

Shi Du said dishonestly: “Damn, you’re so clever.”

Shi Du stole not only the rabbit but also some rabbit food. Little kneeling was eating rabbit food on the carpet, his ears resting on the rice bowl, and he appeared to be struggling to eat. Yu Zhaohan raised its ears gently with one hand while tremblingly touching the rabbit’s buttocks with the other.

This was the first time he was petting the rabbit at the base. The little kneeling’s tail twitched as it ate, and Yu Zhaohan sighed: “Shi Du, I’m so envious that it has a tail.”

Shi Du sat on the carpet on the bed and played with his mobile phone, and said casually: “What are you envious of, do you want to grow a tail too?”

“It’s fun to have a tail.”

Shi Du pondered, “I seem to know what to give you for your birthday.”

“Do you want to give me a tail?” Yu Zhaohan said smiling, “Then I would like to thank you in advance.”

Shi Du looked at him for a while, and said lazily, “No. You already know, so there’s no surprise.”

Yu Zhaohan thought of a good way: “I can pretend to be surprised by then, I can do that.”

Shi Du said, “You can only fool Cheeses with your acting skills.”

Yu Zhaohan disagreed. He had been pretending in R.H for so long without being recognized; it was Shi Du’s problem, not his. “My acting skills only can’t fool you,” Yu Zhaohan said.

Shi Du smiled smugly: “I’m sorry, I’m too smart.”

Yu Zhaohan looked at Shi Du’s room.

The high-cold beauty captain rarely visited the team members’ rooms, and this was his first visit to Shi Du’s. It wasn’t a tidy room, but it wasn’t too messy either. Yu Zhaohan noticed two rows of sneakers and a basketball on the floor—this basketball had been given to Shi Du by Old Tan. The team jacket was hanging on the gaming chair, and there was a packet of opened potato chips and three small balls on the computer desk.

Yu Zhaohan became interested in those three balls: “Shi Du, what’s that?”

“Oh, this was given to me by a fan. I think it’s quite a stress reliever so I’ve been keeping it. You have your stress-relieving pajamas, and I have mine as well. The stress relieving ball.” Shi Du picked up the three balls and asked, “Do you want to see it?”

“I want to see.”

The three balls are simple to play, which is to keep throwing and catching the balls to ensure that the three balls never fall. Shi Du plays this to relax his wrist and protect his eyesight. He only learned superficially, but he didn’t expect to show Yu Zhaohan.

Yu Zhaohan gazed admiringly at Shi Du: “You’re good at playing the ball, so handsome. Is it okay if I change your WeChat name to ‘playing ball king’?”


Yu Zhaohan had never looked at Shi Du with such a gaze before. Yu Zhaohan’s reaction to his extreme four kills in the game, the sky show to escape, was only indifferent, but Yu Zhaohan thought he was very handsome after playing a ball.

What is the aesthetic of this fish?

The expectant light in Yu Zhaohan’s eyes emphasized his features, and his face appeared to be obscured by a hazy filter.

Here it comes, here comes the beauty attack again. This time, he must not give in.

Shi Du turned his face away from Yu Zhaohan and refused through clenched teeth: “No, it’s too stupid.”

Yu Zhaohan lowered his eyes in disappointment: “Okay.”

After finishing today’s portion of petting the rabbit, Yu Zhaohan was about to walk back to his room when their cell phones began to vibrate violently.

[Cheese: Help! ! ! The base has been invaded! ! !]

[Cheese: The little kneeling was stolen! ! !]

[Cheese: The thief also stole its meal bowl together!]

Little kneeling appeared successfully in R.H’s promotional video, and the aunt has even woven it a small dress with the team logo. The cameraman took a shot at the base, and the rest were taken to the studio.

The studio is located not far away from the base. Old Tan asked the driver to take the member there in a minibus early in the morning. Shi Du looked around the compartment after getting on the bus, and naturally sat next to Yu Zhaohan under Cheese’s admiring and jealous gaze: “Good morning, captain.” He smiled at Cheese after he finished speaking.

Yu Zhaohan’s shoulders tightened in an instant: “Morning.”

Cheese couldn’t help but speak ill of the little brother to Qi Xian who was beside him: “Xianxian, do you think Timeless sometimes acts like green tea?”

Qi Xian said leisurely: “Handsome is called green tea, ugly is called the Hulk.”

“Hulk is also very handsome!”

Yu Zhaohan glanced at the boy’s gray hair under the baseball cap and hesitantly said: “Will you… fall asleep later?”

“I tend to fall asleep in the car.” Shi Du said, “Why do you ask?”

Yu Zhaohan looked around to make sure no one else noticed their side and lowered his voice: “Because if you fall asleep, you might lean on my shoulder.” And he didn’t know how to deal with a similar situation yet.

Shi Du was slightly taken aback: “Have I ever leaned on?”

“Yes, it was on your birthday.” Yu Zhaohan covered his lips with his hands and smiled softly, his voice so soft it sounded like he was whispering a secret, “I also helped you cover up with the quilt.”

Shi Du had no impression at all. He only remembered that day when he returned to the hotel after dyeing his hair, he talked to Yu Zhaohan about a bunch of things and then fell asleep.

Shi Du looked at Yu Zhaohan’s side face and knew that his heart rate must have exceeded the normal range without looking at his watch. But he still let himself smile comfortably: “That’s it. Then do you like me to rely on, or do you like me not to rely on?”

Yu Zhaohan opened his lips but saw Lu Yaoshan approaching from the corner of his eye, he then frowned: “You are too close.”

Shi Du:?

“Timeless,” Lu Yaoshan patted Shi Du’s shoulder, “Go and sit with Old Tan.”

The boy raised his eyebrows: “Why.”

“I have something to talk to Shine.”

Shi Du smiled: “What is it? Ah, do I not deserve to hear it?”

“Shi Du,” Yu Zhaohan said in a commanding tone, “Go back.”

Shi Du: “…” This face change, might as well go to the hot pot restaurant to perform Sichuan opera face change.

After Shi Du left, Lu Yaoshan sat down next to Yu Zhaohan: “Shine, I’m about to submit the roster for this season to the league. Besides the four of you, I want to add two more substitutes.”


“They’re both from the academy team, one is from Spl.”

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