Wu Liao’s efficiency was higher than Cheese, who had been held at the bathroom door for a year, and he quickly sent a video of the base’s location. All large villas had a beautiful setting, a swimming pool, and a gym. After watching the video, everyone had the same thought: they weren’t going to spend another second in this crumbling loft.

Old Tan wanted a French-style villa, and Lu Youshan was pleased with the new Chinese-style styling. The two couldn’t stop arguing and nearly got into a fight. Cheese urged them to fight in the training room.

“These places are far away from the busy city,” Yu Zhaohan said abruptly.

Qi Xian said with a smile, “So why not? The base should choose a more quiet area.”

Yu Zhaohan pressed his lips together. Being away from the city’s hustle and bustle meant saying goodbye to his favorite night market snack street, which he disliked.

In the end, Old Tan defeated Lu Youshan in the training room, and R.H’s new base was established in the villa area on the upper reaches of the Huangpu River—a large villa with an area of 3,000 square meters, a construction area of 1,200 square meters, and a price of approximately 100 million RMB.

Cheese developed symptoms such as hypoxia and palpitations after hearing the price: “100 million…a small price…”

“The price is small,” Yu Zhaohan said indifferently, “think about the prize money of the Destination International Invitational Tournament.”

Every year, the prize money for the Destination International Invitational Tournament is crowdfunded by players purchasing skins in the game. It was as high as 200 million US dollars last season, with the champion team receiving half of it. Cheese calculated the exchange rate and suddenly felt that 100 million was not bad; they could win the championship twice and earn it back.

The new base has four floors, three above ground and one underground, as well as a garden of 1800 square meters. Only five R.H residents moved in, and each could be assigned three or four rooms on average.

Wu Liao stated, “There will undoubtedly be an increasing number of people in the follow-up base, but a few main players can still have a room per person. First come, first served, you can choose as you like.”

Cheese thought the small room was cozy, so he chose a small chic bedroom near the bathroom, but the little boss informed him that it was the aunt’s room. Lu Youshan lived next to the conference room on the first floor so that he could go to review at any time. Old Tan volunteered to live next to Lu Youshan, which in his words meant that when the coach went crazy, he had to be first and let the others run first; Qi Xian’s room has its own south-facing balcony, which is suitable for planting some flowers and plants.

And Yu Zhaohan has the best room in the villa. The master bedroom was fully equipped, including a cloakroom, a large bathroom, a small living room, a safe, and floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the back garden.

Others don’t mind because the great beauty deserves the best!

The bathrooms in the loft were all public showers, and Yu Zhaohan hadn’t taken a bath in a long time. When he noticed the large bathtub in the bathroom, he immediately went to Taobao to place a few orders but also did not forget to note: please pay attention to customer privacy and confidential packaging.

After moving the base, there was still a lot to do. Old Tan was in charge of finding cooks, personal trainers, masseuses, and drivers. Lu Youshan focused his efforts on signings and invited a large number of people to the base for trial training: professional players, national server players, well-known streamers, and so on. There was only one that he was happy with.

“It’s an anchor from Pai Ya, his name is Splendid, he specializes in short guns, and ranks in the top ten of the national server in solo queue,” Lu Youshan explained to Yu Zhaohan, “I have read all his statistics, maybe he can try playing with you. Double c.”

“Then let’s try.” Yu Zhaohan said, “Let him play double with me at night.”

Splendid is a famous streamer who has traveled the world. He could talk and joke with beautiful female streamers, but when he faced Yu Zhaohan, he turned into a fool.

He noticed the captain of R.H sitting in the gaming chair, eyes closed, his skin pale and cold in the light of the screen. He had a distinct difference because he was so beautiful. Knowing someone was approaching, he opened his eyes and fluttered his long eyelashes slightly: “Splendid?”

Splendid showed a silly smile: “Shine, I…I’m your fan, I’ve liked you for a long time.”

“Thank you.” Yu Zhaohan put on his earphones indifferently, “Let’s get on the game.”

Both are in the top ten of the national server rankings, and they can hit one or two duties in each game. Splendid operation barely passed the test, but the team works were lacking. He was always trying to show himself alone and frequently lost his way.

After another round of detours and failure to return, his team was destroyed, and he looked anxiously at Yu Zhaohan’s cold side face, saying, “I’m sorry, I won’t do it next time…”

Yu Zhaohan said casually: “One more game.”

They lined up the tank and support on the Chongqing River for this game. The opposite was even more exaggerated: the four IPL starters. “Xu, the other shore…” Splendid couldn’t stop himself from exclaiming, “There’s Timeless!”

“Do you have the confidence to compete with Timeless?” Yu Zhaohan asked.

He must have no confidence, that’s Timeless! But the idol is in front, how could a man say no. Splendid took a deep breath: “I’ll try my best.”

The players on the team will be displayed in the game. Shi Du looked at Shine and Splendid’s avatars and asked, “Who is playing double with Shine?”

“Splendid, a streamer, I heard he recently went to the new R.H base for trial training,” Xu says.

Shi Du said thoughtfully. “Oh.”

Both teams had eight players at the professional level, but Yu Zhaohan’s four players were improvised, with limited cooperation, making it difficult to play tactics. IPL successfully won point A and used the victory to set up a formation at point B.

When he saw Xu’s location, splendid exclaimed, “I found the support, I’ll kill him!”

“You found him so easily, it may be a trap set by IPL,” Yu Zhaohan said.

Splendid: “Then what to do?”

Yu Zhaohan made a decision in a fraction of a second: “The opponent’s advantage is too great, even a trap is worth fighting for. Go, I’ll cover you.”

Splendid is playing an assassin who can be invisible but appears when he shoots. He approached Xu quietly, confirming that no one else was pulling the trigger. However, as soon as he appeared, there was a sound of double-jump footsteps in the earphones- only Shi Du’s heroes can double-jump.

Splendid shouted, “Damn, it’s really a trap!”

“Don’t worry,” Yu Zhaohan said, turning on his sniper scope.

Shi Du was about to begin when he vaguely sensed the danger approaching from behind. He shifted to the left instinctively, and the bullet flew past his head and into the wall.

Someone else would have died if he hadn’t died.

“Good,” Yu Zhaohan said, lifting the corners of his mouth slightly.

Splendid looked at his own corpse with a bitter smile. He knew that Yu Zhaohan was not complimenting him.

This momentum fight destroyed the small group, leaving only Yu Zhaohan, and IPL took over the target point. Even if he was alone, Yu Zhaohan had to stand at the target point and halt the progress of IPL’s occupation.

The tank planted the flag inside the target point, the support guarded him, the sniper was stationed on the watchtower outside the target point, and Timeless, whose location was unknown, was the biggest variable.

Yu Zhaohan landed with a grappling hook, stood up, and set up his sniper. After removing the head sniper, his aim traversed the majority of the screen in a second and shoot at the support’s head.


The support and the sniper died in seconds, and Yu Zhaohan aimed at the tank again. IPL’s tank was on the other side. The most powerful thing about IPL’s tanks is that they can “lose weight”, so a heavy tank can be as light as a support in his hands. He put a shield on himself, immune to Yu Zhaohan’s headshot damage, and then cooperated with Shi Du, who came back in time, to take Yu Zhaohan’s head.

Yu Zhaohan was killed at the target point.

The IPL won in the end, but the best scene in the game was Yu Zhaohan’s double headshot at point B. “Shine has done his best, but his teammates are too stubborn, and the Protector God sniper can’t carry it alone,” Bi An sighed.

Shi Du nodded in agreement: “You are right.”

“The assassin can play, and the operation is not wrong; just his awareness is a little lacking.”

“Forget it, don’t you think that kind of short gun is also not suitable for double-c with Shine?” Shi Du raised his eyebrows.

Bi An joked: “Are you jealous?”

“I’m not jealous,” Shi Du said, “I just hate to see C position being held back, the sense of substitution is too strong.”

Bi An was cheap: “You are jealous, you are jealous, you are jealous…”

“I said I’m not jealous if you slander me again, the lawyer’s letter warns will come to you,” Shi Du said impatiently. He then stood up and left the gaming chair.

Bi An and Xu exchanged glances, unsure where the young master’s unprovoked rage had come from.

The IPL manager’s face was full of attentive smiles in the conference room: “Timeless, have you considered it? Do you want to renew your contract with the club?”

Shi Du supported his chin: “Well…”

“As long as you are willing to renew the contract, just mention your conditions.” The manager said, “We came close to winning the championship this year, despite owing primarily to tactical errors. To address this issue, management intends to spend a significant amount of money to hire a data analyst from Lawman. But don’t worry, the players will always be Chinese—the IPL will always be an all-Chinese player.”

Shi Du changed his hand to support his cheek: “Well…”

His parents requested that he only sign a one-year contract with the IPL. His parents believed that if he won a world championship this year, he would not have to struggle any longer, and it would be the right thing for him to return to finish his studies early.

The two-year career is already the maximum he could get from his parents.

Shi Du suddenly remembered how the streamer’s operation just now.

“It really makes my eyes bleed.”

Manager: “What?”

“Not renew it, I want to play somewhere else,” said the boy who had made up his mind.

Shi Du left the moment he said it. He invited the whole club to a big dinner and then flew to Shanghai the next day.

Except for Lu Youshan, the others were thrilled when they learned Shi Du was willing to come for trial training. R.H’s face-obsessed member can’t refuse the beautiful captain or the handsome brother. Yu Zhaohan didn’t object this time because it was just a trial training. Shi Du’s strength was there; he had no reason to object, especially since Shi Du had helped them.

Cheese wanted to buy firecrackers, Old Tan said he would set them off, and Qi Xian suggested installing a red carpet. Finally, Yu Zhaohan’s cold eyes convinced them to retreat, and they all fell silent.

In any case, Shi Du was greeted warmly by the R.H members. Old Tan showed him around the entire villa. Then Cheese asked, “Brother, which is bigger between our new base and your home?” Cheese asked as

Shi Du thought about it and said, “It seems to be my home.”

Cheese said frantically, “No, I Don’t believe it!”

When they passed by the training room, they happened to see Yu Zhaohan coming out of it. “Shine,” Shi Du took the initiative to greet.

Yu Zhaohan said coldly: “You are here. Thank you for the last time.”

“Then why didn’t you come to welcome me.”

Because he had to hold it, or Shi Du would most likely become his team, who would not listen to him.

“Welcome,” Yu Zhaohan said after a brief pause.

So simple.

Shi Du laughed, “Thanks,” and took a small gift from his backpack on the spur of the moment, “This is for you.”

Yu Zhaohan’s eyes widened slightly and Cheese stared at him blankly.

It was a fluffy bunny holding a carrot.

“I came in a hurry this time, and I didn’t particularly prepare any gifts; I caught this with a doll machine because I was bored at the airport,” Shi Du explained.

Cheese tugged at Shi Du’s t-shirt and reminded in a low voice, “Are you crazy? Does our captain look like someone who likes this kind of thing?”

Shi Du couldn’t help but laugh as he looked at Yu Zhaohan: “Why not?”

Cheese said, “You are courting death.”

Yu Zhaohan returned to his room with a cold face after dropping the word “boring” with his intense concentration. He leaned against the door and squatted down slowly as soon as it was closed.

No boy has ever given him a doll, never, Shi Du was the first. Shi Du… Shi Du looks so tall.

Although he did not accept it… Yu Zhaohan covered his face with his hand, revealing only a pair of reddened ear tips.

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