Shi Du continued to use his money power despite Yu Zhaohan’s taunts. At the cashier’s counter, Shi Du said something to the boss’s wife. The boss’s wife’s face changed from doubt to shock to ecstasy, and she then ran into the back kitchen to discuss it with the boss.

“Has he always been like this?” Yu Zhaohan asked Xu as he sat on the small bench.

“I think so?” Xu affirmed enviously, “Anyway, Timeless has always done whatever he wants. Managers and coaches in the IPL call him as the young master of the evil capitalists.”

The young master’s title was quite appealing, which made Yu Zhaohan a little unhappy. For so long, he has followed the male protagonist’s pretense rule, and no one has ever called him as a young master. Except for his face and background, Shi Du has nothing in common with the novel’s protagonist. The male protagonist in the novel was all about his ability to use the money for the sake of the female protagonist, to get a diamond for the female protagonist, to buy a company, or something, whereas Shi Du was only interested in his own pig’s trotter noodles.

Laugh to death.

Shi Du sat down again and smiled smugly: “It’s done, but it seems like it will take a long time. Do you want to eat it?”

Xu had been craving pork trotter noodles for a long time and readily agreed: “Yes, I want two bowls!”

Yu Zhaohan said coldly: “No. I’m going back first.”

“Then Captain Yu, wait until I finish eating and then go to the base?” Xu says. Xu informed Old Tan on WeChat that he would be staying at the base of R.H for two days before going to pay his respects to Wanfeng with them the following day.

Yu Zhaohan nodded: “Okay.”

Xu thought about where the young master was staying at night and asked: “Timeless, do you want to book a hotel or?”

Shi Du casually said: “My parents have a house in Shanghai, I’ll pick a nearby one. You don’t have to worry about me.”

Yu Zhaohan: “…”

Laugh, laughing to death, the house was not even his own. He couldn’t drive a car, he couldn’t drink, and he was just an underage little brother.

Just as Yu Zhaohan was about to stand up, the phone suddenly rang. It was Old Tan’s call: “Shine, are you finished with your date?”

Yu Zhaohan was stunned, and said sternly, “What nonsense are you talking about.”

“Wasn’t it you who said something about ‘a man’s walk is a date with the earth’? Have you finished your walk yet?”


“Then hurry up, New York PPZ has scheduled a training match with us.” Old Tan then said helplessly, “Wings isn’t here, and there are few of us, so I didn’t want to agree. But PPZ is now in special training in Hawaii. Old Lu said that it was a rare opportunity to play a training match with a team in the western region team, and with the knife on my neck, he forced me to agree…”

Usually, players in online training matches must endure long network delays, which is extremely inconvenient. Hawaii was the closest to Asia, with a billion-dollar cable connecting it to Japan. PPZ is training with the Asia team in Hawaii, and the latency can be quite low.

Yu Zhaohan asked: “Who’s going to fill Wings position?”

Old Tan said: “I’m going to Guangzhou ZC to borrow a short/gun.”

“Don’t bother,” Yu Zhaohan’s eyes fell on Shi Du, “I’ve found one here.” Then he hung up the phone.

“What’s the matter, Captain Yu, why are you looking at me?” Shi Du asked, meeting Yu Zhaohan’s gaze.

“Do you not want to play double-play with me?” Yu Zhaohan wanted to “speak condescendingly,” but he wasn’t as tall as Shi Du, and it was too silly to stand up on purpose, so he could only try to say in a condescending tone, “I can give you a chance.”

Shi Du said respectfully, “I’m honored, you carry on.”

“PPZ is in Hawaii for special training and has a temporary appointment to play a training match with R.H. Wings is not here, so you can try,” Yu Zhaohan explained.

PPZ was full of Europeans and Americans who were arrogant towards the teams in the eastern region. Shi Du has been unhappy with them for a long time, but they rarely get the chance to play together. He agreed without hesitation: “Okay, when?”

“Now, so there’s no time for you to eat noodles,” Yu Zhaohan said.

“The boss should be able to deliver the noodles to the R.H base.” Shi Du called the boss’s wife, “Do you have a delivery service here?”

The boss’s wife: “We have takeout, but we don’t usually deliver.”

Shi Du asked again, “What if I give you money?”


Xu offered to help Yu Zhaohan in carrying snail noodles and candied haws back to the base.

Old Tan had no idea that Yu Zhaohan’s ready-made short/gun was Timeless: “A rare guest! How could Timeless possibly be in Shanghai?”

After hearing Shi Du’s explanation, Qi Xian smiled and said, “The pork trotter noodles are absolutely delicious. Except for the captain, we all enjoy eating—so Coach Lu put your wolf-like eyes away and don’t scare the younger brother.”

Lu Youshan stared at Shi Du and asked with a low tone: “Timeless, how long do you have left on your contract with IPL?”

Shi Du was about to respond when Yu Zhaohan interrupted, saying, “Now is not the time to talk nonsense, go online when you’re ready.”

As soon as Yu Zhaohan opened his mouth everyone in R.H quieted down and prepared for the match in a tense and orderly manner.

Shi Du felt strange. Every club has a captain, but no captain of any club has such prestige as Yu Zhaohan. It can be seen that R.H’s managers and coaches respect Yu Zhaohan very much, and often rely on Yu Zhaohan’s wishes.

R.H does not have a dedicated training room. Five or six computers and gaming chairs were placed in the living room. It looks a bit crowded, but it was neat and tidy.

“This is Wings’ computer, you should use his first.” Old Tan said, “If you are not used to using the keyboard and mouse, I have some, but it is definitely not as good as your usual.”

Shi Du tried the mouse and keyboard and it was indeed a little uncomfortable, but it wasn’t a big problem: “I’m not picky, so I’ll use this one.”

Lu Youshan looked at the four people sitting together: Tank Qi Xian/Clown, Long/Gun Yu Zhaohan/Shine, Short/Gun Shi Du/Timeless, and Support Xu Lanzhi/Cheese- these were literally four starters of his dreams.

The PPZ team saw Shi Du’s ID, deducted a few rows of question marks, and spoke in English for a long time.

Cheese, who failed English in school, asked, “What are they talking about?”

“PPZ asked us why we called Timeless, and whether we couldn’t afford to lose,” Yu Zhaohan said indifferently.

“They have really thick faces. Then let’s say that Timeless was temporarily pulled in and did not have a tacit understanding or cooperation with us.” Cheese noticed Shi Du responding with a paragraph, and the other side became anxious and sent a [F**K], which he understood. “What did Timeless say again, Captain?”

“He said, if PPZ thinks this lineup is unfair, he can switch positions with me—heh.”

Shi Du smiled as he looked at Yu Zhaohan’s side profile: “Captain Yu seems to be eager to evaluate my statement.”

“I just think arguing with words is pointless.” Yu Zhaohan calmly put on his headphones, which did not hit his nose this time. “But it’s understandable; after all, you’re still young.”

Shi Du had something else to say, but the game had already begun. The four became serious and stopped talking about anything other than games.

On the map, there was a random castle. The target points for both sides were the castle’s library point A, the restaurant point B, and the highest viewing platform point C.

[Countdown 3,2,1—Target point A is unlocked, occupy target point A]

Shi Du led the way in front of the four, walking in the direction of the path.

Yu Zhaohan’s voice sounded in the earphones: “Timeless?”

“I’ll go around the back,” Shi Du says. His usual play style was to go around the back to cut the C position and support.

Zhaohan, Yu: “The PPZ is unlikely to be separated; you can’t find anyone who is alone. I’ll go around while you follow the group.”

Shi Du paused: “The library and restaurant are indoors, there are many obstacles that restricted the vision, so you can’t play well.”

Qi Xian smiled: “Let’s just listen to the captain, trust him.”

Shi Du’s concerns were not dispelled, but not trusting the captain during the game was a big no-no. The three met PPZ with all four members at the library’s entrance, and the first wave of team battles began immediately.

PPZ likes targeting support and cutting off the enemy’s supply. The hungry wolf charged over as soon as they saw Cheese.

Cheese screamed: “Protect me, protect me! Xian, Xian!”

Qi Xian raised his shield in front of Cheese to block bullets/shots, Shi Du shot the assassins on the opposite side, and even cut PPZ’s support to residual blood in the hail of bullets. But in the head-on team battle, they were three against four, and they soon fell behind.

Cheese said anxiously: “Captain? Captain, where are you!”

Yu Zhaohan: “Coming.”

The graceful female sniper quietly appeared behind the enemy. She stood on the flat ground, pulled down the goggles on her forehead, and set the sniper on the spot-

Ding- This was the satisfying sound effect of the system’s notification of a headshot, and the PPZ full-blooded long/gun instant death.

For the first time, the PPZ tank reversed the direction of the energy shield in an attempt to block the sniper’s bullet/shot, but this exposed its back to Shi Du. Shi Du moved forward in the third stage without hesitation, emptying the support’s residual blood.

They successfully captured Point A, and the two sides converged on the restaurant to seize Point B. The PPZ assassin attacked Cheese at a critical juncture, sending Cheese back to the resurrection point.

Cheese wanted to cry: “May there be no assassins in heaven…”

Cheese’s resurrection time difference was caught by PPZ, and they were always in a less staffed position. When Yu Zhaohan saw that the PPZ’s occupation progress had reached 90%, he said emphatically, “Give up point B and go to point C- Timeless.”

Shi Du: “Yes.”

Yu Zhaohan: “Go around the back.”

Shi Du raised the corners of his lips: “Okay.”

Point C has a wide field of vision and little cover, so it’s easy to be seen from the opposite side. Shi Du discovered the enemy support on the stairs leading to the castle’s highest point: “I found him.”

Yu Zhaohan: “Be careful, the support’s anesthesia/numbness/gun still has bullets/shots.”

After being hit by the support’s anesthesia/numbness gun, the enemy will enter an inoperable sleep state for five seconds.

As soon as Yu Zhaohan finished speaking, the PPZ support turned around and took out the anesthesia/numbness gun, and then Shi Du saw his hero fall asleep on the ground.

Shi Du said with a ‘tsk’: “It’s too late, this is mine.”

Soon after, a masked assassin came in through the window. It was the PPZ assassin who got news from the support and came to collect his head.

Yu Zhaohan’s mouth unconsciously curled into a light smile: “It might not be too late.”

Ding-, a headshot rang out, the sleeping Shi Du was still alive, but the assassin in front of him screamed and collapsed to the ground.

The kill message appeared on the top right of the screen: [R.H. Shine killed PPZ. Brown]

After five seconds, the anesthesia wore off, and Shi Du stood up again, he tracked down and killed the escaped support.

Shi Du jumped to the tower’s window and noticed Yu Zhaohan on another tower.

Yu Zhaohan was a long distance away, the view was obscured by the tower, and the only flaw was the window on the stairs. And Yu Zhaohan’s shot/bullet passed through that window, killing the PPZ assassin in a single shot.

Shi Du couldn’t help but chuckle.

Bking in the game didn’t even need to pretend at all. His every move, every aim, and every trigger pull was a feast for the eyes.

They defeated PPZ 3:0 and 3:1, respectively, in two BO5 games.

Cheese took off his headset and threw himself into Qi Xian’s arms when he saw the big [Victory] on the screen: “It’s so cool, so cool, I haven’t played this cool in a long time, woohoo…”

“You didn’t say that when you were targeted,” Qi Xian said, rubbing Cheese’s mushroom head.

Shi Du’s slightly playful voice sounded beside Yu Zhaohan as he looked at the two teammates who were hugging each other: “What are you looking at? Brother Zhaohan, do you want to hug too?”

Yu Zhaohan’s cheeks heated up on both sides, the left due to “brother” and the right due to “hug.” He took a calm sip of water and said coldly, “Boring.”

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