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It was 6 p.m. on Sunday, an hour before the “Destination” International Tournament semifinals began. In an e-sports venue in Shanghai, the staff was in their respective positions, making the final preparations.

Yu Zhaohan sat quietly on the sofa in the dressing room, waiting for the makeup artist to do his makeup. He appeared as a guest at the commentary today. His team, R.H lost to the defending champion in last week’s knockout round and was eliminated in the quarter-finals, so they finished the game ahead of schedule.

Losing the game was the same as losing the bonus, and the entire team has been in a deep depression. Yu Zhaohan was not in the mood to participate in the commentary, but he was deeply sorry because the government had given far too much.

The male makeup artist was putting on makeup for a female commentator, and he wouldn’t be getting his turn anytime soon. Yu Zhaohan took out his phone and logged in to his Weibo. He glanced at the hot search. Except for the first hot search, which was a sadomasochistic romance drama, the rest were topics related to today’s game:

#IPL vs TCO#

#The five domestic teams have already Four out, IPL is the last hope of the whole village #

#IPL Come on#

#R.H. Shine is the first on the commentary panel#

Yu Zhaohan swiped the screen slowly, and the conversation between the makeup artist and the female commentator occasionally drifted into his ears.

Make-up artist: “Your eyes are a little swollen. Didn’t sleep well yesterday?”

Female commentator: “Don’t say, woo woo woo, yesterday I was watching the drama, and the female lead died in the arms of the male lead, she is also still pregnant with the male lead’s child. The male lead’s child… I’m about to cry again- please give me an extra layer of concealer.”

Makeup artist: “Hey, I know this show, the young girls around me are watching it, it seems to be very popular.”

The female commentator’s makeup artist turned to Yu Zhaohan, stunned for a moment, and hesitated: “Captain Yu?”

Yu Zhaohan put away his phone: “Yes.”

The makeup artist asked, “Why are you wearing sunglasses indoors at night?”

Yu Zhaohan took off his sunglasses: “The lights are blinding.”

When the makeup artist saw Shine’s long and dense eyelashes and smooth chin lines, he understood why Shine had so many fans.

But why were this beautiful captain’s eyes also red?

The makeup artist asked curiously, “What’s wrong with Captain Yu’s eyes…”

Yu Zhaohan brought out the reason he had prepared earlier: “I was awake all night last night.”

The makeup artist started to do Yu Zhaohan’s hair: “Were you preparing for today’s game??”

The guests in the commentary panel had to comment on the previous game after each game and predict the situation of the next game, so they always had to do some homework – this reason was fine.

Yu Zhaohan: “Umm.”

At the same time, the female commentator approached him and asked, “Captain Yu, who do you prefer in today’s match between IPL and TCO?”

Yu Zhaohan said, “IPL, the premise is that TCO doesn’t mess up. “

TCO was a team from Seoul, South Korea. There were often some inexplicable accidents as long as it was their game. Yu Zhaohan has been fortunate enough to have seen it several times and has a thorough understanding of diversity.

The female commentator: “I also hope that the IPL wins. There was nothing to say about each player’s individual operations in the IPL, but TCO has an advantage in tactics and teamwork.”

Yu Zhaohan: “Indeed.”

The female commentator said worriedly, “There’s also IPL’s support Xu, who has been in an unstable state and easily gets upset by the opposing team. By the way, I remember Xu as a former Captain Yu teammate.”

Yu Zhaohan: “Well.”

The female commentator: “What does Captain Yu think of him?”

Yu Zhaohan: “Not bad.”

… How can we continue talking today?

The female commentator pouted and looked at the makeup artist helplessly.

Shine, his face was really good-looking buts his personality was really cold.

It was very easy to put makeup on boys, especially beautiful boys, just get a hairstyle and eyebrows. Five minutes later, the makeup artist straightened up and said with a smile, “Captain Yu’s lips are brighter than ordinary people’s, so I won’t put lipstick on you.”

Yu Zhaohan nodded and put on his sunglasses again, “I’m going to the toilet.”

The toilet was located in the stadium’s backstage area, next to the battle team lounge. Yu Zhaohan came out from the toilet, looked in the sink mirror, suddenly thought of something, and opened his phone memo: [Necessary rules for high-cold male protagonists.]

Yu Zhaohan had just turned seventeen when he was appointed as the captain of the new R.H two years ago, making him the league’s youngest and most junior captain. Just when he was worried about how to convince his older and more experienced teammates, his enthusiastic cousin spent the summer vacation reading a hundred romance novels and gave him this memo.

“Brother, as long as you follow this, you will be able to overpower anyone -trust me!!!”

This memo, which condensed the wisdom of countless predecessors, became Yu Zhaohan’s rule of conduct from then on.

Yu Zhaohan looked at the tenth rule: when wearing a suit, you must pull the tie, but only until you can see the collarbone, and remember to keep it casual.

Casually, the most frequent word on the rule. People with high coldness should be casual in everything they do and do it with ease, or they will go out of style.

So Yu Zhaohan made a cold face, raised his hand, and “casually” tugged his tie.

It was a rare occasion for Yu Zhaohan to wear a suit, so he took the opportunity to practice a few more times. Outside the door, the sound of footsteps from far to near came suddenly, accompanied by the voices of two boys talking.

“What’s there to worry about?” a boy said, “If you’re nervous, so is the other side, everyone is the same.”

Another boy smiled bitterly: “Of course you don’t have to worry, because you will always be the C one anyway.”

They were two boys in IPL uniforms. One was tall and the other was thin and short. They were seventeen or eighteen years old, and they were still in high school if they didn’t play professionally.

The short one was Yu Zhaohan’s former teammate, the current IPL support, Xu.

Xu suddenly met Yu Zhaohan’s cold gaze, and blurted out, “Captain!”

The tall boy raised his head, his sharp brows arched slightly, and looked at Yu Zhaohan.

Distance output assassin position, Timeless, Shi Du.

Shi Du may have thought he would see the captain of the IPL, but when he saw him, the boy raised his eyebrows.

Xu smiled: “Is the captain going to be in the commentary panel?”

Yu Zhaohan: “Yes.”

Shi Du locked his gaze on Yu Zhaohan’s face. The boy put his hand on his lips to block his uncontrollable smile as he noticed the sunglasses on the bridge of his nose and the suit on his body: “It’s wrong, Brother Xu, Shine is not your captain anymore.”

Xu was a little embarrassed: “I got used to it for a while and forgot to change my words.”

Yu Zhaohan glanced at Xu’s pale face and asked, “Are you okay?”

Xu felt a burst of emotion in his heart. He had been away from R.H for so long, but Yu Zhaohan was still the same.

A man with a beautiful face and great accuracy, even though he was only nineteen years old, he has a composure far beyond his actual age. No matter what the situation, he never shed a tear.

Players at R.H can always trust their captain.

In front of the former captain, Xu unknowingly told the truth: “Captain, I, I’m a little nervous.”

Yu Zhaohan was silent for two seconds and said, “Get over it.”

A laugh came from in front of him, and Yu Zhaohan looked toward the boy.

Shi Du stopped laughing and said seriously, “Ah, yes, Captain Yu is right.”

Yu Zhaohan raised his hand and casually adjusted the cuffs on his suit: “If you know I’m right, take the notebook and write it down.”

Shi Du then took out his phone “What if I don’t bring a notebook, can I use my phone to record the words?”

… See a doctor when you were sick.

Yu Zhaohan ignored Shi Du and said to Xu, “Look at the fans’ encouragement for you.”

Xu was an encouraging player, and the more recognition he receives, the less pressure he feels in his heart. When Xu was at R.H, in order to stabilize his mentality, there were still people in the team who went to his Weibo to give encouragement.

Xu was reminded and quickly said: “Okay, okay, I’ll see it later. Captain, do you want to wash your hands?” After saying that, he moved away from the position in front of the sink.

Yu Zhaohan walked over to them, turned on the water, and poured it on his slender, fair fingers.

These were the hands. Once in a game, the opponent was killed by a headshot as soon as he exited the resurrection point, without even seeing anyone. There was no way for the four of them to get together, which had an impact on the entire team’s moving habits.

Shi Du stood there for a moment, then suddenly said, “I’m also nervous. Captain Yu, please encourage me as well.”

Yu Zhaohan washed his hands expressionlessly: “No, you’re not nervous.”

Shi Du smiled and said, “I’m nervous ah.”

Yu Zhaohan pointed to Shi Du’s wrist: “Are you sure?”

Shi Du raised his wrist and saw his heart rate clearly displayed on the electronic watch, which was only 80.

Shi Du: “…”

Yu Zhaohan pressed the corner of his mouth he wanted to raise, wiped his hands clean, and tossed the tissue into the trash can lightly. Then he pulled his tie with one hand and placed the other hand on Xu’s shoulder, giving him a steady encouragement from a mature man: “Fight well, don’t let the opponent win.”

Xu’s confidence suddenly increased: “I will!”

Yu Zhaohan walked out of the bathroom without a glance, not giving a single extra look to Shi Du—very good. This time, he successfully pretended again.

Shi Du watched Yu Zhaohan walk out of the bathroom and click his tongue: “Damn, he pretended again.”

Xu retorted: “The captain doesn’t pretend, he has this kind of personality.”

Shi Du snorted: “Shine is not pretending, yet.”

Xu was anxious: “You haven’t had contact with him, how do you know he’s pretending it? I’ve been on the same team with him for a whole season!”

Shi Du probably thought it was pointless to discuss this issue, and shrugged indifferently: “Okay, okay, he doesn’t pretend, I do. Take it easy, brother.”

Back in the lounge, Xu took out his phone and logged on to Weibo.

Although his fan base was not comparable to Yu Zhaohan’s, he still had around one million. On his latest Weibo, there were constantly new comments, the majority of which were fans cheering and encouraging him.

As soon as Xu refreshed the page, he noticed that a fan had left five or six comments for him in a row, effectively suppressing the comments of others:

[Xu baby, my treasure, you are always the best support! [Cat Tie Tie.jpg]]

[Don’t be nervous, just treat the game as a training match. If you are really nervous, you can watch the stress relief video~ I recommend it to you [Heart]]

Then there were several video links:

[Super stress relief: Let’s go fishing together, the oysters on the isolated island will lighten you]

[Immersive horseshoe repair, the overall stress relief is extremely comfortable]

[The zoo giant panda “jailbreak” success, the zoo: has been brought back to be scolded and educated]

[Must-see for men: The 21-day-old baby seal was choked to tears for the first time in the water]

Xu couldn’t help but smile as he looked at it attentively. He looked at this fan’s avatar, which was a colorful clownfish with the nickname “little fish blowing bubbles.”

Ten minutes before the official start of the game, the coach finally explained the tactics: “Okay, hand over your phone, it’s time to play.”

When Shi Du handed over his phone, the coach specially warned: “No matter how provocative the TCO is, you just need to play your own – don’t swear on the screen!”

Shi Du responded casually: “I know.”

The coach knew that Shi Du was fluent in Korean swear words, and the thought of his “past actions” gave him a headache: “You don’t know shit.” He then turned to the other starter, “Xu, how do you feel?”

Xu took a deep breath: “I’m fine.”

“Good!” The coach was the first to extend his hand, and the players followed suit, with Shi Du being the last. “Three, two, one – IPL, go!”

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