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“Umn… what’s going on here…?” 


When I was walking around town holding hands with the Demon King, he suddenly hugged me and used teleportation magic. 

The destination is at the foot of the mountain, a little far from the city. 


When I opened my eyes, there was a long white staircase in front of me. When you look up, you’ll see a majestic stone temple. 

It was so splendid that I opened my mouth.


“Ershtorian religion—the head temple of the temple dedicated to the goddess of the demon world.” 


“Ershtra religion…” 


“You humans certainly believe in God Sephinata.” 


Sefinata and Elshtra.

These two gods are said to be the husband and wife gods who gave birth to the human world and the demon world. 

However, we humans should never believe in Elshtra as a god. 


This is because we must worship Sefinata as the one and only absolute god, and we have been taught that Elshtra is a female demon who has fallen into lust.




I was confused when I saw the temple. 

Do the people of the demon world believe in God Elshtra?

If that’s the case, I feel like I shouldn’t be here…


“I thought I’d show you the inside of the temple, do you want to go?” 


The Demon King looked at me and tilted his head. 




It may not be a very good thing to enter the headquarters of a religion that should normally be in a hostile relationship. 

But why?

I didn’t dislike this place.


On the contrary, the air here was cool and very comfortable. 

It’s like I’m being called into that temple.

I didn’t reply to the Demon King and started walking.




When my hand was grabbed, I suddenly came to my senses. 


“Stairs are dangerous” 


Saying that, the Demon King hugged me.





There was no one inside the temple. Today is the closing day of the palace, so it is normally forbidden to enter except for those involved. 


However, with the privilege of the Demon King, I was specially allowed to enter the prayer room. 

It was a very beautiful space during the prayer. 

Sunlight pours down from the elaborate stained glass that is inlaid near the ceiling. 

It was the statue of the goddess that shone in the light.


In the human world, because of the belief in the god Sephinata, Elshtra was often portrayed as ugly. However, the statue of the goddess here looked very beautiful and sublime. 

What kind of gods do the people of the demon world worship?

I wonder what’s different about the gods we humans worship. 

I suddenly thought about that.


“Is it rare?” 


The Demon King, who was sitting in the pew with an arrogant attitude, asked me. 


Oi oi, are you okay, Demon King-sama? 

You’re in front of God.

Isn’t your attitude too big? 


“Why are you doing that?” 




As if he read my mind, Demon King-sama said troublesomely. 


“I’m asking why you’re on your knees.” 




Startled, I hurriedly stood up. 

Before I knew it, out of habit, I was trying to get down on my knees and pray to God. 

The habit of praying for ten years must have become ingrained in him. 


“In the human world, everyone prays like this…”


I am giving a good excuse. 

What should I do if he finds out I’m a saint?

My heart fluttered, but in the end the Demon King didn’t pursue it any further.   


“I wonder how much the world creation myth is different between your world and the demon world.” 


“… What kind of myths are there in the demon world?” 


When I timidly asked, the Demon King closed his eyes and explained.


──They say. 

A long time ago, the two creation gods joined hands and created two worlds. 

The “human world” is a place where humans are weak, but when they cooperate with each other, they create tremendous power. 

“Makai” where demons live, each of whom is strong and possesses an energy called magical power.


A long time ago, this demon world, created by a goddess, was a terrible world of constant conflict, where individual powers competed and killing broke out. 

The demon world was a terribly desolate world, and weak races with no power had no choice but to flee to the human world. 


However, in the human world, discrimination against demons was intense. 

Humans can get along with each other as long as they are of the same species, but once a race different from their own appeared, they recognized it as a threat and did not recognize it as a companion. Also, humans never accepted magical powers as something different.


Once upon a time, the goddess lamented over the desolate world, chose demons one by one from each of the four continents, north, south, west, and east, and gave them their own blood and flesh. 


This is the so-called “demon king”.


Demons living in the demon world have an instinct to respect nature and the god of creation. 

Therefore, the demons came to respect the “demon king” who was endowed with the blood and energy of the goddess. 

And the demons stopped fighting each other, and followed the “demon king” who reigned over each continent, and began to do their best. 


“Eh, wait, wait, wait, stop.” 


I was confused when I was suddenly told a story I had never heard before. 


“what’s wrong”


Seeing me confused, the Demon King tilted his head. 


“Are there four demon lords?” 


“Oh yes” 


“You weren’t alone!?” 


The Demon King let out a sigh. 


“There’s no way I can manage the world alone. I’m the demon king who manages the western continent.” 


“Eh, eh eh~! ? 

I wonder if you’re the only one who can rule the demon world…


 “Then there are three more demon lords?” 


The Demon King nodded.


“The north and east are ruled by women, and the south by men.” 


“Is that so? The four of you managed the world together?” 


“… It’s not like we’re on good terms. I don’t like the one in the south.” 


Hey, did you get into a fight or something?

Only when I said the north did the Demon King look displeased. 


“Each continent has a different climate and culture. I like the east because there are many interesting things.” 


“Interesting thing…?”


“Shall I take you next time?” 


The Demon King laughed and said. “! For real?” 




I jumped up and down like a child (no, I’m a child…).

I feel like the world has expanded all at once.

I really didn’t know anything about the demon world.


“Demon King-sama inherited the goddess’ blood, right?”


“Yes, but” 


Don’t take it for granted!

What am I supposed to do if I’m a descendant of the goddess here?”


“Well, since you have the blood of the goddess, will everyone obey the demon king?”


“That’s how it’s supposed to be.” 




“…In the past, it wasn’t this peaceful.” 


The Demon King kept his mouth shut as if thinking. 

Then he glances at me and speaks with hesitation. 


“Since the birth of the first generation Demon King, it took a long time to stabilize the security of the continent.”




“…Because there were those who opposed the reign of the Demon King.” 


Things that oppose…


 “Well, the people who were against it are gone now, aren’t they?” 


“… Well, what do you think?”


It’s kind of disturbing. 

As expected, both the human world and the demon world have similar concerns.


 “Maou-sama is amazing.”


I was so interested in this that the Demon King made an exasperated face. 


“You call me Demon King because I’m the Demon king of this world.” 




“I’m not a creature called a demon king”


Maou-sama said while looking away. 


“I have a name too” 


“Oh, come to think of it!” 


I’ve never heard of it before…


 “You are not interested in me” 


“That, that’s not true.”


It’s the demon king who helped me. 

Well, I’m curious too.


 “What’s your name?” 


“don’t tell you” 




“Because it’s a very ordinary, common name. You probably aren’t interested anyway.”


What is that? 

Demon king-sama is sulking…?


Seeing Demon king-sama’s attitude for the first time was a little funny. After that, no matter how many times I asked him, he wouldn’t tell me his name.

Fine, I’ll ask Tiara later.


“But as expected, it’s completely different from the history taught in the human world.”


I sat down in the pew and said so. 


“In my world…” 


When I said that, I suddenly ran out of words.


“In my world… the demons, the Demon King, are cruel…” 




“So, we saints…” 


The saint must keep a barrier all the time.

Otherwise, the demons will attack.

Because the miasma is invading the human world.


“…Demon King-sama, do you want the human world?” 


I asked him timidly.


“Is that how it is in your world?”


“……is it wrong?” 


The Demon King seemed to be choosing his words. 

Why are you so muddy like that?

I’m getting scared to ask any more.


──The Demon King should be ruthless and cruel. 

For humans, they were supposed to be bad creatures.

 However, the Demon King who was actually in front of me didn’t do anything bad to me. 

Rather…I feel like the people around me in the human world were more ruthless…that’s how I feel.


“Shall we go?” 


The Demon King cut off the conversation and suddenly stood up. I also nodded and followed.

Demon king-sama

firmly held hands with me.

That hand was very warm.

I cling to his hand and walk after the Demon King.


It’s a little scary to think about that. 


Just, just in case.


What if everything I’ve been taught for ten years is all wrong.




What am I for?


My 10 years, what is…

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